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Video Box Men Review

Summary: Videobox Men has over two thousand DVDs on offer, a great interface, daily updates, and top notch quality. It's one of the few gay sites out there that I can't find a damn thing to complain about, and it's also one of the few that I find myself visiting every day. If you're looking for one of the best deals and one of the best gay sites out there, you need to stop by here and take a look.

Score 89.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2019-08-01

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Hardcore, Bisexual, Black, Euro, Interracial, Latinos, Twink

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Download over 2019 DVDs
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First impression

Ah Video Box they have pretty much one of the biggest straight DVD download sites out there, and Video Box Men is their gay side of things. They did an amazing job with Video Box, so I have to say that I don't expect anything less with the part that has way more cocks than they can handle.

Videobox Men is pretty transparent the tour is the exact same as the member's area, so you can really see what you're paying for. They have one of the most user friendly layouts in porn, although there is so many options that it can be overwhelming the first few times that you visit.


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Our opinion

I might be biased a bit because of Video Box, but these guys have never let me down so I'm running right in to the site. You might not know where you want to start there is literally that many choices. You can go with the latest videos, which are added daily to the site, or wander down the category list. There is virtually every gay category that you can think of, from amateur to wrestling. Unlike many DVD download sites, most of the 63 categories are well stocked with videos, and there are some really obscure niches here like nipple play and sex pigs, so that's quite a feat.

As I mentioned in First Impressions, the site is very well put together, and that extends to the video pages as well. There are 2019 DVDs (consisting of 9271 scenes in total) so they've had plenty of videos to figure out the best way of setting them up. There's a DVD box cover, links to all of the models, directory, categories, and studio. Under that you have the date added, and then a brief description. You can rate the scenes or DVDs, add it to favorites, or even write a review.

After that you have the scene listings Videobox Men is one of the most feature rich porn sites that you're ever going to see, so forgive me if I go on about this a bit. You can stream the video in Flash, or choose between five different types of downloads. There is also a very unique feature called custom clip that allows you to make your own clips and save them. Tired of sitting through a contrived interview before the fucking? Don't just fast forward cut that shit right out and enjoy the scene the way you want it to.

The video quality varies since Videobox Men is made up of non exclusive DVDs from many different studios, but the resolutions are as follows: WMV DVD is shown at 720x480 and 3.24 mbps, WMV High is 480x352 and 902 kbps, WMV Medium is 320x240 and 419 kbps, the high quality MP4 is shown at 640x480 and 2.39 mbps, and the Ipod MP4 is 320x240 and 884 kbps. Needless to say there's a format and size for everyone. I also wanted to talk about the streaming video that Video Box Men has available. Usually the Flash is just your standard video that gets thrown in there for easy streaming, but they've went the extra mile with theirs. Their flash player has thumbnails of different pivotal parts of the scene so you can skip right to the part of the action that you like, and that really stands out in a crowd of standard Flash players.

One note with Videobox Men like Videobox, they offer two different membership levels. The only real difference between them is the top quality video download and the download speed. With the basic plan, you don't get to download the WMV DVD videos (the 720x480 ones) but you do get everything else. With the premium plan, you get that format plus faster download speeds. This review is based on a premium level membership.

The custom clip feature is remarkably easy to use and very intuitive. You can actually click on any of the screencaps to start the custom clip from there, and then it's just a drag and drop process where you pull various screenshots of the scene and it produces a clip from the parts you drag over. It might seem a bit gimmicky at first, but before long you are going to love it as much as I do.

Videobox Men has a massive collection, and as such it can be hard to figure out what to check out next. They make it easy by giving you recommendations based on your video ratings over time it gets more and more spot on to the type of porn that you want to see, with your favorite models and niches popping up again and again.


Videobox Men is one of those sites that you have to experience at least once. It's the biggest gay DVD download site out there, it has so many user friendly features that it will make your head spin, the viewing options are incredible, and they add a full DVD each and every day.


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2012-08-16 00:58:17

The quality of Video Box Men has dropped from good to simply rubbish. They post up a new video each day, and for the most part, they are re-peats and low budget videos, that most other web sites would discard as junk. A couple of video have been repeated over 5 times, sometimes under a new tilte. They quality of videos continues to drop, and I am about to move to another site. Be warned, this site is not what it used to be.