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Naked Sword review

Summary: Naked Sword has a massive collection, so if you're in the mood for a hell of a lot of gay porn for one price you're going to be well taken care of here. However, there are a few downsides. The main one is that if you have a Mac, don't even bother signing up unless you want to bootcamp the site. There is DRM on the downloads, and the streaming videos are not that good of quality (as well as just being odd formats when it comes to the real media files). The quality is also somewhat average, so you aren't going to be blown away by it.

Score 80.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2010-04-29

Hardcore, Hunks-and-Muscle, Bareback, Euro

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Intro promises

1000s of movies

First impression

Naked Sword gets your interest with plenty of hard bodied guys taking on more than enough dicks to make their asses happy. There are many different DVDs plastered across the tour, representatives from quite a few big name studios.

The member's area has a similar style to the tour, with a bright and modern look that looks great. The navigation runs along the top and gives you various ways of going through the collection, with sections such as themes and studios. A latest panel gives you a glimpse at the newest videos, and in general you're getting a hell of a lot of eye candy. It's a much different layout than what you might expect from a gay DVD site.


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At times I do wish that Naked Sword's setup was like the more conventional gay DVD sites, as it can get a bit confusing on the main page there. It's just super busy. If you want to go through the full collection, just hit the new movies link, and you'll see that there are 1,944 DVDs in total (so you're looking at thousands of scenes). You're getting at least one update a day, although frequently you'll see two or more. This is one of the biggest gay DVD sites that I think I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing, so it's definitely wallet friendly.

The video pages look pretty good. You have a description of the video, categories, studios, and models, and then full DVD streams or download options. Usually you don't get a chance to get all of the DVD at once, so that's a nice feature to have. The video options are a bit odd. Streaming is handled with WMV or Real Player (what?) which is an odd departure from your typical Flash offering. These videos are shown at 360x240 and 700 kbps, and they also offer slightly lower bitrates if you're on a connection that needs a kick in the ass.

The download videos have DRM on them that require you to use your username and password with each. This means you're pretty much fucked if you're on a Mac. The download videos are much better quality than the streaming at 720x480 and 1.5 mbps, although they aren't exactly top of the line. The production value varies from video to video (and studio to studio) so overall you're getting average quality videos. There are plenty of niches represented here, as well as your favorite gay porn studios. So you shouldn't have any problem finding gay porn to whack it to, especially if you're in the mood for more general fuckery. You can get a preview of the action by looking at the video stills, and if you'd rather grab the videos by scene you have that option. If you want to see similar videos to what you've just watched, you'll be able to check those out at the bottom of the page.

The extras tab gives you a few third party feeds, the gay porn blog, model interviews, and wallpaper. I wish they would have had this in a page that you can browse through, instead of having to select it right off the drop down menu. It's hard to figure out what some of them are before you hit the actual extra.


Naked Sword is great when it comes to the collection size - they aren't adding 1-3 scenes per day, they are adding 1-3 full DVDs. That's one hell of a gay porn collection, and they make sure to do a lot variety wise so it's not always the same old thing that's getting added. With that said, the quality could use a hell of an overhaul, as well as replacing out the real player streaming. This is especially critical given that they use DRM on their WMV downloads - Mac users are basically fucked here unless they want a really low quality video.


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