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Young Perps review

Summary: Shoplifting boys are caught and used for the pleasure of the guards at this exclusive content site that mixes interracial action, the domination fetish (not BDSM), uniforms, big dicks and tight-ass twink niches in a unique and exclusive site. Long slow build-ups to the sex make for horny anticipation, the quality is good, the models do well, and it's believable. It's also HD and easy to use, not expensive but not yet a large site. Mind you, it holds some of the hottest 'go gay or go to gaol' videos I've even seen.

Score 82 /100
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Luke, 2018-06-05

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Hardcore, Fetish

Role-play, Forced, Police, Twinks, Anal, Blowjob, Reality

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Exclusive videos
HD and mobile
Capture, blackmail and humiliation videos
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First impression

The lesson here is never try shoplifting, not unless you want to get caught and forced to suck dick to escape arrest. Young Perps offers us exclusive videos where a cute, usually younger, guy is forced to decide between gaol or gaging on a big dick. The videos are filmed in the security office, so there's a uniform theme, the perps are reluctant at first but give in, and end up getting banged as the guards have their wicked way, it's all high quality and comes from the makers of Mormon Boyz and Family Dick.


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Our opinion

There is one main theme to Young Perps, and it's a kind of fetish one. Wayward or desperate lads are caught by the security officers, brought in for questioning, given a strip search and humiliated. Then, to avoid arrest, he has to suck dick and take some anal, and it's all filmed realistically in HD with hot models. The perps have an amateur feel to them, they are varied and not the perfect and cute guys that the same team use for Mormon Boyz, but they are all sexy in their own way. Where you really get off is in seeing them having to decide between gay sex or prison, and then you get off on the uniformed guys, older and hunky and often in pairs, who use his body and his mouth and ass in particular, for their own pleasure.

Young Perps also offers you exclusive movies and updates, and it has been steadily growing although it's not the largest site out there. There are no bonuses or extras, and no model index, so it's a simple enough site to use. The price reflects the fact that it's exclusive content on a fairly original theme, and there's a special discount on offer at the moment if you want to test drive it and save some money.

These movies are all exclusive, of course, and they run for good lengths of time, up to an hour. This gives plenty of build-up to the action, and that makes for erotic tension. It builds as the scenes play out and the perps (and guards) do a good and believable job, which give the movies a reality edge. The guys they use are a mix of white black and Latino, with the guards also being horse hung ebony men or studly white 'dads.'

You find the movies from the home page, and each one has a good description with it that helps to set the scene. Open each one with a right click in a new tab, or else you have to start again at page one, but with just a decent amount of videos right now, it's not a lengthy process to click through the index pages, not yet. Updates are coming in, and the site has grown by 11 videos in the last three months, with another one marked up as coming soon. Movies are there to stream in HD or SD, and there are four download options in Mp4. You can take files at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, or 720p, 540p and the 360p version should be fine for mobile devices. The quality of filming is good and done in a kind of fly on the wall style with good sound. This makes for a bit of voyeur fetish as well.

Movies come with images, around 20 to 30 per gallery, and these are at 900 x 600 px when downloaded one at a time, or you can take a zipped file of the full set. Like the videos, the quality is fine.

There are good and not so good things about this members' area. On the plus side, it's really easy to navigate because it has numbered index pages and not many of them yet, but on the downside, there are few search and sort options. Content is arranged in date older, and upload dates are shown, but you can't filter out the interracial from the black on black or white on white, and you can't see a model index because there isn't one. You have good sample shots and great descriptions for movies, but no way of doing a more detailed search.

There are no extras here either, but there are some interactive options. You're able to make comments on the pages and also rate the videos and add them to a favourites area. That's it. Again, the price is reasonable for what you have, and it also reflects the fact that there are no bonuses. You are offered links to a cam site and a page where you can find special deals and cheap sign-ups to other sites, and the adverts you see are out of the way at the bottom of pages, apart from a pop-up on your way in.


Young Perps has a great theme and plays it out well. It's a mix of reality and voyeur, with fetish and interracial at times, and if you like rough guys in uniforms using amateur twinks for their asses and BJs, then you're going to get off here with no problem. Downloading and viewing is easy, updates are solid, quality is good, movies are HD, and it's all exclusive, but you won't find bonuses or extras. You will find a reduced-price membership offer though, so don't miss out, and you will also find boner-making reality hardcore with a humiliation and slight domination edge.


I mentioned a couple of other sites from the same producers as Young Perps and here's a bit more about them.

Mormon Boyz holds over 400 exclusive videos that sometimes employ real gay Mormon boys in the excellent movies. Again, we have a theme of younger/older, as we sometimes do in Young Perps, but this site has a different style when it comes to filmmaking. It's erotic and hardcore, it's high class, and high production value filming, and the models are a hot mix of studly older dads and youthful, smooth boys who are initiated into the Mormon church through some very sexy rituals.

Family Dick is a boundary pusher in the older/younger niche because some of its cast are only just 18 years old. Some of them also appear at Young Perps where there is some older/younger action going on. The scenes at Family Dick are also well made and well-acted, and they set out all kinds of very naughty stepdad and son stories.


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