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Family Dick review

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Family Dick is packed with exclusive content and it updates six times a month. They now have 109 movies in HD and the same amount of high-resolution photo sets. This is a great site for all those into mature/young sex, and its an amazing hardcore site.

Score 82.1 /100
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Summary: The 18 + teen stepsons and the 30 + hairy stepdads at this site know no boundaries when it comes to illicit getting off with each other at home, in the woods, at the Dr's clinic (with doctor involved). You've got exclusive older/younger hardcore here, bareback, believable and boner-making through and through, and it's one of those hardcore gay sites that's going straight to the top of the charts. If you have a thing for step-sex, gay, youth with 'dad' then this is the site you've got to see next.

Luke, 2019-07-16

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Mature / daddy

Older younger, Stepdad son, Hardcore, Teen, Age gap, Anal, Bareback

Intro promises

Dad and Stepson videos
Exclusive content
Updates six times a month
HD and mobile downloads

First impression

There are stepfamily sex sites, and then there's Family Dick. This all-exclusive site started up over a year ago, and already it has a decent number of scenes, with a new one added six times a month. It pushes boundaries to bring you believable scenario scenes where the older man is the stepdad, and the younger boy is the stepson. The porn is bareback and cross-generational, with some hunky porn studs and some incredibly cute 18 + twinks and teens and although none of the models is related if does leave you wondering. And totally satisfied.


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Our opinion

If older guys and younger together are your thing, you're onto a winner with Family Dick. If you crave the whole stepdad/son thing, then you're also onto a winner, but you can also add in bareback, good acting, believable scenarios, decent filming, HD, exclusive and horny youths. Whereas some site go all out for production values and dreamy filming (I'm thinking of Mormon Boyz, which takes a similar older/younger theme), here at Family Dick the scenes have a sense of reality about them. You do, at times, have to remind yourself that these are porn models because the chemistry is often so spot-on, the older/younger guys have genuine passion behind their hardcore fucking.

You find scenarios such as: a stepdad and son on a camping trip, a slow erotic build-up, some experimentation and exploration by the younger guy leads to the two of them masturbating, which leads to 'dad' eating out the lad's ass before ploughing it every which way in the tent. There are a couple of guys you'll see together in many scenes including 'Daddy's Little Boy' and that camping episode, and these two are currently the backbone of the site, though 'dad' does share his boy around with his hunky mates. The bareback is full-on, and the sound is worryingly realistic at times. There are some 'held by the throat' hardcore scenes if you're into older/younger domination, and a few scenes put the boys on top, giving dad a taste of his own medicine.

There are a decent number scenes so far, and that's 33 updates since another review of the site I did six months ago. That shows us that the site updates 6 times a month with a new scene and its gallery, but the upload dates are not shown in the members' area. You can, though, check them on the tour. You find the first of the index pages as soon as you log in, it's a very simple site, and then you just scroll down to find your downloads.

You can take the videos with no problem, and there are four files for each one, all Mp4. The top resolution is at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and you've also got 720p, 540p and 360p which should do fine for your mobiles. Movies run for around 20 + minutes and include a decent build up and scene setting, the tentative 'not sure about this, dad' sections, then stepdad sucking the lad's dick (and they are usually pretty big boys and often shaved to make them appear younger) and then we get onto the hardcore anal. Cum shots are guaranteed, and I can honestly say these are some of the hottest older/younger scenes I've caught anywhere on an adult site.

Meanwhile… You can also stream the movies in HD or SD and jump through them as they stream. They come with sets of pics, with 30 to 60 + images each at 900 x 506 when downloaded. Zip files are also available. The video image quality is fine, and the filming is done naturally which adds to the reality atmosphere of what are, of course, scripted and acted scenes.

Family Dick is a simple, user-friendly site where the webmasters have gone for the basics so as not to clutter up your pages. There are some adverts, but after an entry pop-up, you find them at the bottom of pages out of the way. The top menu takes you to Home where you find the first seven videos and then numbered pages to follow. To open a stream, just click it, to download just take it from the index page, a feature which saves you page-opening time. That's all very easy, and I had no navigation issues, though the site is basic in design.

Members can rate the content and leave comments, there are good descriptions of the scenes to set them up, and you can add them to a favourites area. That's it, apart from some links to other sites of interest with special deals available and a cam site plug-in.

There are no bonus sites at Family Dick, you're on your own, though some of their special offers are worth pursuing if you like the look of the site they are advertising. The sign-up cost for your site is a very reasonable $27.95 per month usually, but we have an offer for you (follow our links), and you can get access cheaper. The six and twelve month options bring the price down, and it is worth considering a longer-term membership because of the regular updates.


Family Dick is one of the most worryingly realistic stepdad and son site you're going to find. It's already caused some controversy and has raised eyebrows, although it is all above board of course. It has also caused many a raised dick because of the heat and passion of its older/younger romance-to-hardcore bareback scenes. Some of the guys appear on other gay porn sites, but all of the movies are exclusive, well made and HD. It updates 6 times a month, totally cute teens and twinks, totally tough and big-dicked dads and great quality playback, it all adds up to an excellent older/younger site at a good price.


It's kind of hard to compare Family Dick to any other site because, although it's not an original theme, it's handled in an original way. However, I do know of one other site that comes as close to the age-gap limits as Family Dick.

Mormon Boyz stands out. Not only do you have older 'Elders' (from the imagined Mormon church of the on-going story/theme) you have younger lads preparing for their 'missions', though it's all about emissions if you ask me. Some top porn guys are here, and even some of the twinks and teens from Family Dick and Mormon Boyz makes incredible movies.

Whereas Family Dick is natural and realistic filming, Mormon Boyz has its eye on dreamy-like sequences with plenty of flowing white curtains, soft lighting, and smooth, gorgeous youths. They soon get their asses banged and cum-filled though, and the hardcore is high-octane, HD and exclusive.


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