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4 Real Swingers review

- 1st revisit

Summary: One of the leading amateur swinging sites. Anna and Bruce have lots of friends who they like to play with and luckily for us they film it all. Anna is a beautiful woman and a pro when it comes to pleasuring both women and guys.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Uli, 2006-02-20

Amateur, Personal-Amateur, Lesbian, Hardcore, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

In Anna's own words:
"My site is 4 Real! Everything you see inside my site is part of my real life, there is nothing posed or faked inside my site!
I am an average wife next door, but with a high sex drive! My husband loves to let me explore my cravings for sex with other men and women as much as I want! I love to have sex with new people, and I hope to meet many more new people to help satisfy my needs ;)"

"Bruce and I (Anna) started this site in early 1999 as a hobby, mostly as a way to meet other swingers and singles online. In the course of 7 years we have compiled one of the largest most complete personal web sites on the web. We have taken thousands of hard core pictures with people that you will never find on the web anywhere else but here. Remember, our friends are not models, just real people having real fun with us for you!"

What You Get Inside:
* Daily Live Cam Shows!
* 25,000+ Original High-Res Photos!
* Over 300 of Our Personal Videos!
* Downloadable & Full Screen Movies!
* Exclusive Pics & Vids of our Girlfriends!
* Free Personal Swinger Ads!
* Swinger Club Listings Near You!
* Access to Live Orgy Broadcasts!
* Live Video Feeds!
* Hands Free Area ;)
* Plus Much, Much More!

First impression

This is one of the sites I'm having trouble giving a first impression, because I have known it for years and have been a member twice before, last time in 2002. As you might have guessed, this wouldn't have happened if I didn't like this site. It's always interesting to see a site develop and grow, so this return after years was personally a thrilling experience for me. Yes, it has stayed the top amateur site with full hardcore content it was before. And yes, picture quality has evolved. And since all the old content is still available, it has grown a lot. The navigation has been updated. Well, you will agree with me - this site needs a closer description!


1 month $ 24.95
2 month $ 35.95
3 month $ 45.95
Billing service is done via CCBill.

Our opinion

The intro promises state, that this is the personal site of the swinger couple Anna and Bruce. Anna is a nice young lady with brown hair (changing sometimes) and a great body. Bruce is the sportive guy going well with this lady. As they denote themselves, they are classical swingers looking for other couples to swap and have sex with. That's what the site is all about. If you would like a closer description how this all started out, just read the "Meet us" chapter at the member's area.

Swinging means having sex with varying partners, mostly couples but sometimes single girls. This is the issue of this site. Beware it's not talking, it's showing! So you will see not only Anna and Bruce with their great bodies having sex all the time but other beautiful girls and guys in lots of different combinations too. The site doesn't leave much out - from simply stripping to blow-jobs, fucking (vaginal and anal) via all variants of lesbian play (Anna is bi!) up to threesomes and orgies everything is documented well. To give you a more concrete idea, Anna is proud to describe (of course with pictures) she has now had her second double penetration.

There is a double documentation of all the sexual acivity on the site. First there are the pics. I can only say about them that they simply show it all - there's nothing hidden and there are no taboos. It's even quite rare that some faces are blurred out. The pictures are (intentionally) amateur takes and are not artsy or so. Nevertheless they have always been of quite good quality - blurred, too light or too dark shots are very rare. The older ones before 2004 have a resolution of about 640x480 pixel, which is outdated for today. The newer pictures since January 2005 have a good resolution of about 1024x768 and there were some intermediate resolutions of about 800x600 between. At the moment the site has a total of 424 photo series with an average of 30-60 pictures. This number is growing steadily. A grand total of 25,000 pics seems likely to me - didn't count them all!

Secondly there are the videos. They look even more hardcore than the pics to me - there are only a few where just two persons are "active" and nearly none showing only one person. Especially at the newer ones the quality is good (digital camera) although not smashing. These ones have a resolution up to 500x400 pixel and data rates >500 kbit/s. Their playtime is up to five minutes, filesizes are up to 40 MB and more. The older ones are only 320x240 pixel and have data rates of 300 kbit/s. Their formats are WMV (the newer ones) or ASF and most of them are also available as real media (RM). The site has a big number of videos - I counted a grand total of 402 videos which is also still growing.

Well, I've now reached the point where I describe what else the site offers and the "bonuses" it has. Hm, that's not easy to say because I now have to state that 4 Real Swingers is part of a network of eleven amateur sites. Calling the other sites "bonus" might sound like an insult especially for the bigger ones - the Angelique-site (Angeliquexxx) has a total of 357 photo sets and 100 videos, the Joy-site (Joyswallows) has a total of 234 photo sets and 200 videos and the Taia site (Taiatyler) has 232 photo sets and 41 clips. The others are smaller ones with mostly less than 100 sets. All of these sites are fully-fledged amateur sites with a similiar style regarding hardcore level and content quality than 4 Real Swingers. Note that since you do only pay once for all of these sites this is a significant additional value.

Hey well, what else does 4 Real Swingers offer? Since it is a really complete amateur site, it of course offers the access to a cam system. Here it is Sex Cam Central. BTW, quite a lot of the movies are takes from cam shows. There's even some more less valuable content like Jokes, Screen Savers, Games and so on. And of course there are some links to other girls.

Finally there's something to say about the design and handling of the site. For me having seen the site some years ago I felt familiar at once with it, although some face-lifting has taken place. The design is nice, not too pretentious or flashy and handles well. It gives quite a good overview of all picture series and movies. I especially liked the listing of all persons being active at a take - although this could be improved more consequently giving ALL the urls what I found to be very imcomplete at the moment. The picture series are located on a CMS which definitely isn't my friend. You can download all pictures, but you have to open them one by one on a new site thus slowing all downloads significantly down. At first I wasn't able to download the videos at all (right-clicking does not work!), but then found them to be downloadable via the media player. This means you have to open and play each single video until the end before you can save it. Note that the same CMS working on 4 Real Swingers is used for all other sites of the network. Unfortunately there are no ZIP-files. This seems to be a choice made by the webmaster.


I have always been very interested in (hardcore) amateur sites and have seen quite a bunch of them (i.e. I was a member). From this point of view I dare to say the 4 Real Swinger-system (4 Real Swingers and the other ten sites) is the most important amateur-site system on the net and definitely THE point to start for anybody being interested in this kind of sites. Action, quality, originality and amount of stuff are great. These sites are absolutely worth a subscription!

Together with the acceptable price this could make a really outstanding system, if there wasn't the not-so-nice-downside: Wanting to download stuff from the site gives you a pain in the ass. IMHO this reduces the value of the site and of course its rating.

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