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Naughty Allie review

Summary: Naughty Allie is the home of tall, blonde, busty and sexy Allie. She loves to share her swinging adventures where she and her husband get into some hardcore playing with other well known internet swingers. Video quality is good and pictures are average.

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Score 69.0 /100
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Uli, 2006-07-03

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Intro promises

"I'm pretty much your average girl next door except for one thing, my insatiable appetite for sex. Seriously, I cannot ever seem to get enough action no matter how often I get laid. Guys, girls, dildos, whatever!"

"I've got tons of hot pics of me alone, with other girls, with guys, with groups of girls, with a couple guys, in orgies, taking hot sticky facials (mmmmm my favorite!), you name it I've probably got photos of me doing it!"

"my live web cam shows. This is where I really get to meet and interact with my members. Whether I'm getting off sliding one of my huge dildos deep into my soaking wet pussy, having one of my guys shoot a thick sticky load of cum all over my eagerly awaiting face, or having my pussy eaten by one of my sexy girlfriends it just makes my orgasm so much more intense knowing that you're there watching and cheering me on."

"All of my videos are full-length, action packed fuck flicks!"

"If you don't see exactly what you're looking for in my member's area just send me an e-mail with your request and the odds are that I'll do it for you and post the photos to my site."

Beyond the promised pics, movies and camz there is quite some bonus stuff Allie calls "Naughty Treats" (mostly content from Amateur Camz), a journal, a nice personal introduction ("about me") and a shop for buying Allie's videos.

First impression

I had two main impressions seeing the preview: Honesty and lots of words! To explain that: there's a detailed description of what's in the member's area, both in type of content and quality - too detailed and too easy checkable to be a lie or complete exaggeration. It's obvious that this is not a small site. Reading her introduction it's also obvious that Allie is a big story teller. So the promise that all of her photo series would tell a story appears likely to me. Well, to sum it up: if I run into such a real promising preview by such a hot lady I give this site a try for sure. Let's have a closer look!


Our opinion

Time to care for the main actress - Allie herself! Well, as you could see in the preview Allie is a great slender blonde with impressive tits and the body of a goddess. She says in her preview statement that she resembles the average girl - well, life would be great if the average girl would look like her - she's in my opinion far beyond average!

And that's not all: You will see this hottie having sex in all variations. Just by overviewing her photo series there is a clear emphasis on lesbian sex and gang-bangs. Her different partners appear to me like the who-is-who of amateur swinger sites of the net - many well-known actresses and actors from other great amateur sites "play" with Allie. The sex action is hardcore in every thinkable variant with nothing hidden. There are of course some soft nudie-pics, but that's not what it is all about. Only the extreme sex like hard bondage or pissing is not present.

At the moment the site contains 73 photo series with a grand total of more than 7000 pictures (including stills from the movies). The pictures have an amateur style and are not artsy. Their quality is good, crisp and clear, and there are no spoiled, blurred or wiggly pics. The resolution is from 800x600 (newer ones) to 640x480 older ones, file sizes are between 50 and 150 kB. There's a small story about the background for each shoot. It's not like the stories that porn mags are telling about their action (which is 100% pure fiction), but indeed more the real history leading up to the shooting.

There are quite a lot of picture series and movie shots which were done at the same shooting. So you can quite often see pictures and movies showing the same action. The site now has 77 movies. Each of them is availabe in high quality (for broadband) and low quality (for dialup). Unlike the pictures the older movies got reworked so they now have (nearly) the same size and quality as the newer ones. The average "high" resolution is 720x480 (=full widescreen tv) with a bitrate of 730 kbit/s, filesizes between 50 and 150 MB and playtimes between 5 and 30 minutes. The low-resolution files have a resolution of 360x240 and 286 kbit/s bitrate with much lower filesizes between 10 and 20 MB. The high-resolution movies have a real good picture quality, the lower are just acceptable - in my opinion better quality is not possible with the limitations that the smaller files are bound to have.

An important criteria for a good amateur site is the availability of cam systems. Allie has two: Amateur Camz and Sex Cam Central, which as far as I know are the biggest cam systems on the net. Of course she performs there. Sadly I didn't see a show - Europeans live on the wrong site of the pond for most cam shows - well, nearly, because Allie is also a member of Housecams. Want to see her shower? You might be lucky, there's a cam looking into her shower cabin from above!

There's some more stuff on Allie's site: A bio - of course, no good amateur site without an introduction of the lady. The bio is telling the story how Allie and her hubby got swingers. The "extras"-site has links to 14 other swinger and porn ladies like Allie with pics and movies. These are not the complete collection of links on Allie's site - all shoots performed with other ladies of the net have links too. The "naughty treats" is mostly material provided by Amateur Camz, prerecorded shows and pictures. Allie's store sells her videos.

The site design looks nice and tastefully done. Although it's not something extraordinary, it works well, does not give you any hazzle and never gets you lost in unclear sub-sites. Photos and movies are organized in a long main page with links to the content. The pictures each open in new windows. They can be watched one by one or as slideshow. The movies are directly linked from the main page - low, high and DVD (= a link to the store - honi soit qui mal y pense! (shame upon him who thinks evil of it)). They can be streamed, but are mainly meant for download like the pictures are downloadable too. The site has no zip-archives.


As you already might have guessed I'm a fan of amateur hardcore sites like Naughty Allie's. Action, content quality and amount of content is good and definitely worth a subscription. So if you like this girl, I encourage you to go for this site.

The quality of Allie's movies is real good. She obviously uses them as appetizer for the movies in her store, but don't panic, they are not crippled like the typical porn commercial simply leaving the best out. Her movies for sale are just more comprehensive.

I'm not all that satisfied with the pictures. Although their quality is also ok, their size does not have a state-of-the-art-level. Actual photo series should not be below a resolution of 1000x800 pixel, better would even be 1200x1000. Allie, what about reworking your picture series like you did with your movies? Ah yes, while complaining about the pics - zip-archives as a download help would also be nice.

The price is not a bargain, but alright. This is after all a marvellous site with a lot of effort put into it which deserves a fair price.

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