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4 Real Swingers review

- 3rd revisit

Summary: 4 Real Swingers follows the lifestyle of Anna and Bruce. This site has been a part of their lives for more than a decade, and they update it daily, with new videos and pictures coming once a week. With HD videos of their swinger sex parties, of Anna teasing and masturbating alone, and of Bruce getting his dick sucked and balls milked dry by his wife or other wives, this large and vibrant collection is one of the best true amateur swinger sites on the internet. They also throw in weekly live cam shows, a live house cam you can watch all day, and free access to other couples' sites.

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Jerry Fritz, 2011-09-28

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Intro promises

"Hi, my name is Anna Miller, welcome to my site! I should say our website, as this site is based around my 4Real swinging lifestyle. My hubby likes to share me, and I love to be shared! Inside you will find all our personal on demand downloadable High Definition full screen videos."

- High definition videos
- More than 500+ video scenes
- 132 different girls, and 49 different men!
- No actors, only real swingers
- Live webcams and regular updates to videos/pictures

First impression

4 Real Swingers are absolutely 'for real'. This site promises an adventure along side hosts Anna and Bruce, an attractive married couple who love and live the swinger sex lifestyle. On their site hubby Bruce shares his busty, sexy wife with other men, wives, and often jumps into the mesh of naked, sucking bodies himself. The previews show lots of great foursomes with two couples swapping and fucking in different positions and pairs, and the list of promises is long and detailed: HD Videos, real swingers and amateurs, regular updates, and even live web cam shows.

The site definitely lived up to its promises and is going to be very exciting for anyone that wants to see real wives and husbands mixing it up in all types of hardcore action with other couples. Read the full in depth review for details of what 4 Real Swingers has to offer you.


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Our opinion

4 Real Swingers isn't about four different people, it's actually about one couple, Anna and Bruce Miller, who are real swingers. The site has been a part of their lives for over 12 years at the time of my visit, and they've definitely learned some things over that time period running things. The site of today is neatly organized, with a left-column command-center that links you to EVERYTHING the site offers you on the tour, to the right the content is displayed in a neat design with labels, descriptions, and very clear links.

You won't get lost surfing for action with Anna and Bruce.

As the title of this site suggests, a great majority of the porn at 4 Real Swingers is made at swinger sex parties. Anna and Bruce have a few couples that they've been hanging with often the past few years, but there are new faces throughout the library. I'd say about half of the scenes or more star 4 or 5 people, usually more girls than guys, doing all sorts of hardcore fucking. Sometimes they just pile on the hotel bed together, the girls taking turns with the different cocks, or licking pussy or suckling the breast of another of the girls as she's fucked by someone else's husband. They are extremely open and fun loving, and as they fuck and share hot cum with each other you can see they absolutely love what they are doing.

Aside from these exciting group scenes, you get a lot of footage of Anna sucking on Bruce's big cock in POV and letting him cum on her face, sometimes outdoors and in public. She also masturbates alone or archives cam shows she's done. There are some one-on-one scenes with Bruce and Anna, and Anna is always trying out different stockings and wardrobe items. Positions and locations of sex are also constantly varied. Anna and Bruce are always on the hunt for new, more exciting ways to enjoy each others' bodies.

One thing I particularly enjoyed about 4 Real Swingers is that they are real people, amateurs that love to swing. They are also above average in terms of attractiveness. The girls are fit and most have big fake tits. They don't quite look like porn stars, but they aren't overweight housewives, either -- they take care of themselves.

All of this action comes in both videos and picture galleries. For the videos, downloads come in up to 1080p HD resolutions. These are in WMV files with 1920x1080 screens and +10 Mbits/s bit rates. There are also 720p HD downloads in WMV and MP4 formats with 1280x720 screens and 5-6 Mbits/s bit rates. These HD options are available for a good number of episodes going back a good time in the library. There are still other options available for these movies as well. They range in size from 800x480 to 320x180 screens. There are multiple sizes and quality settings in both the WMV and MP4 format, even some optimized for phones or PSPs.

If you like you can just stream the video instantly online as well. It will play in an embedded Flash video right in the web page. It has a 640x360 screen a great quality playback.

Older material will not be in HD or streaming formats. As you go back, quality does get worse, which is more a result of the technology available at the time than anything else.

Picture galleries often have different content than the movies. You'll get pics of Anna masturbating or tied up in bondage, or just posing and and stripping out of different costumes and outfits. Most sets average around 80 pictures each at resolutions up to 3000x2000 pixels. They are 100% high resolution shots and they look great. You can download any picture in your choice of resolution, but there weren't zip file downloads for saving entire galleries at once.

In terms of updates they are adding a new video and photo set each about once a week. You also have live cam shows and other features, though.

The live cam shows are scheduled in advance, but Anna also has a house cam that's on all the time you can watch. Sometimes it's dark because they are sleeping, other hours they might be doing a photo shoot and you can watch. She does live interactive shows with members at regular time slots. It looks like every Wednesday night she gets on for her members. For extra cash you can schedule a private show with her, or even with her swinger friends. Be a part of their orgy sex if you like, but this costs extra.

Other things to do on the site are reading members questions to Anna, or submitting your own, checking out her daily pic, reading her diary or twitter feeds, grabbing wall papers or finding other swinger clubs near you. It's a pretty full featured, interactive experience with Anna and her husband at 4 Real Swingers.

And if that isn't enough, you still have more to explore. You have network access for free, which gets you into a few other swinger and amateur sex sites. For example, one of the girls Anna is always fucking in swinger parties, Ava Brookes, has a site on the network with cam shows, videos, and more that you can enjoy for free. There are over 1,200+ videos in total on this network.


4 Real Swingers delivers a full swinger lifestyle experience and a lot of value. HD Videos of swinger sex action, picture galleries, live cam shows, 24 hour house cams, a diary, and much more provide a true swinger sex lifestyle experience. If you're into amateur swingers, don't pass on Anna and Bruce. They are the real deal.


There are a number of swinger lifestyle sites out there, and though 4 Real Swingers is probably one of if not the best among them, here are links to the full reviews of other sites you might like: Naughty Allie who is also one of their swinger friends, Kristen Cameron is another well known swinger, Tampa Bukkake, Housewife Kelly, Barbi's Slutty Adventures, and the Chick Pass Amateur Network.


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2011-10-08 03:57:11

I love this site, I've been a member for a VERY long time, back before they had many videos on the site! Always a pleasure to purchase memberships, and when I have canceled in the past, it was quick and painless.

2012-09-12 16:38:13

Awesome content. There is many aspect to understand from you content. Thanks for publishing such useful website :)
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