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Amateur Hall of Fame review

Summary: Amateur Hall of Fame is home to Lynn Carroll and her amateur friends. The site offers some authentic amateur footage of primarily interracial gangbangs featuring real amateur wives. Production value is far from top notch in regards to both camera work and quality, but the content is real.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Fred Lake, 2008-01-31

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Intro promises

"Join famous web lady Lynn Carroll and her friends inside for some real fun.
Featuring amateur interracial action.
You have found what you've been looking for.... something UNIQUE and something REAL!
Want to see how Real People fuck in spite of the camera being there, not BECAUSE of it? You found the place. We fuck because we want to, NOT because of a camera.
These are the amateur women who invented sex on the internet. There is NO comparison between legitimate Amateur from days gone by and what you see today. Digital is great and all, but if you know it's not real, what's the point?"

First impression

The first thing you notice (well, most probably wonít notice) is that you have moved from the site named in the review to The Amateur Hall of Fame is just another entry into this classic site. I mention this only for those who have been members of her site; thereís nothing wrong with a site having more than one front door to gather different market segments.


One month $22.95, recurring at $18.95 for the second month, $14.95 third month, and then 10.95 per month.

I have never seen this kind of pricing, but more sites should use it, as you get most of the value in your first month (when you go through all of those years of uploads).

You can join through CCbill or on-line check.

Our opinion

Across the top is a gold bar with buttons for:
- Photos (this takes you to the update list, most of which are videos, but from there you can get to the real photo archive by a button on the left side of that page)
- Videos (the list of recent updates and the archives, this is in fact the same place that "photos" take you)
- The video Store (eventually you figure out that the entire site is based on selling her DVDs by showing you clips and photos from them),
- About me (general info),
- Live cams (the same pay-for-play stuff a lot of sites link to),
- My Blog (which isnít really her blog, itís the blog for 4realgirls via which a dozen or so web girls offer samples and teasers of their site updates).
- Archives (This goes to the same place that "photos" and "videos" go.)
- Extras (sounds like freebies, but itís not; itís just links to other sites)
- Video on Demand (pay per minute).

Down the left side are the most recent updates, with direct links to the videos clips. This is, in fact, the same information that the Video, Photos, and Archives buttons all take you to.

When viewing the content, you have to keep in mind that these are real amateurs, not playing to the camera but playing for their own pleasure. The cameraman catches the action as he can, and sometimes misses the key shot because the players arenít interested in his camera angle but in their own pleasure. Sure, you miss something here and there but you are seeing REAL sex instead of fake porn, and that has its own charm. Most of the action is good old fucking and sucking; the girls take anal (a lot) and there are creampies (although sometimes lacking the clear photos of the gooey results seen on studio photograph sites).

As mentioned, the primary function of the site is to sell the DVDs by providing sample clips and screen caps from them. Iím not at all sure how much "new" content is being generated; for all I can tell, nothing new has been filmed in a long time, but new clips of the existing DVDs are uploaded every few days. The annoying part about the DVD sales is that half of the DVDs are "not available, being remastered". At least you donít have to be a member to get to the DVD store, so if you see something you like, you can check back until itís ready.

The photos are mostly an afterthought. Some are medium-quality screen caps from the DVDs, some are free sample pages from other unrelated sites such as There are dozens of listed sets, and each has a dozen or two photos. Click on a set title and you get a thumbnail gallery and from there the photos. For the real photos that are part of this site, itís hard to match them to the corresponding DVDs or video clips. The photo size for the actual photos varies but is usually around 400x600. The free sample stuff varies widely, but is usually better (digital) quality, but then, you have probably seen those free sample pages all over internet.

The videos are mostly (if not entirely) clips from the longer DVDs in the video store. Check out the video store as each DVD has a synopsis of the action, allowing you to find the material you want most. The DVDs are in WMV format, although some older ones are still in MPG format. Screen size is medium but the clips are huge and even on DSL can take a while to download.

There really arenít any bonus sites, although the Blog has a lot of free sample content, and there are links to an "amateur magazine" (also seen on other sites) which has some photo sets. If you poke around the menus, you can find some erotic true stories of sexual adventure, interviews with web girls, swinger ads, and other stuff.

Navigation is confusing, as youíre sometimes unsure if youíre still in this site or not, and having multiple paths to the same "update" page makes you wonder who planned the sitemap. At least, when you get to a photo you have buttons for next photo, last photo, and photo index, and most of the links open in new windows so itís not that hard to get back to the menus.


If you are looking for true amateur content, here it is, and Amateur Hall of Fame is worth the money for a month's membership, even if there isnít really much "new" content being produced. The main purpose of the site seems to be selling DVDs, and navigation as well as contant quality is sometimes lacking. But you do get some good authentic amateur content with your membership.

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