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I Feel Myself Review

Review Update

This site continues updating on a daily basis and it has added 168 videos in the last six months alone, bringing the numbers up to 5.860 vids. The library of top-quality porn is vast, and navigating has been made simple. There are no photo sets, and no bonus sites, but with daily updates, this is more than enough to keep you going.

Score 90.0 /100
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Summary: I Feel Myself provides high quality video content of amateur women of all nationalities masturbating and achieving real orgasms. The masturbation is typically shot from above or from the side following the woman's expressions and body language as she masturbates in intimate settings. Video quality for the latest updates is available in HD and a new session is added every day.

Count Gripsnatch, 2021-04-08

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Amateur, 18-23, Lesbian, Movies, Reality, Softcore, Videos

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Intro promises

"IFM [I Feel Myself] dedicates itself to female pleasure in its myriad forms. We present the female orgasm as a point of focus, and we want to represent it in a way that does justice to its beauty and idiosyncrasy. Too often we are exposed to images of eroticism that ignore or trivialise the female orgasm, and it's our aim to counteract that imagery by providing a confident, affirming, and sexy alternative."

First impression

In all the time I've reviewed, I'd be hard pressed to find an artsier looking site. From the clouds in the background to the lighting of the sets, this site has class and beauty galore. Upon closer inspection, I notice that it is a sister site of 'I shot myself' and 'Beautiful agony.' If you don't know these sites, you best look them up. They'd rather celebrate a woman's sexuality than to exploit it.

The site is beautiful, streamlined and a breeze to navigate through.


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Our opinion

This site has over 5,860 movies and is updated at least five times per week. Newer movies, from early May to the present, are available to stream via flash and to download in high-definition MP4 (1280x720, 5 Mbps), high quality MP4 (854x480, 1.7 Mbps), high quality WMV (854x480, 1.6 Mbps), medium quality WMV (480x270, 1.1 Mbps) and medium quality M4V (480x270, 937 Kbps) formats. Videos made before the first week of May 2009 are available to stream via Windows Media Player and to download in high- and medium quality WMV format only.

Videos are broken down into the following categories: studio, homemade, up close, fantasy & adventure, loose ends and 'lucubrations,' or model interviews. All videos can be sorted by creation date or artist name, in ascending or descending order, in news, thumbnail or text format. I Feel Myself and its content are updated daily. Videos range from 4 to 12 minutes in length.

High definition studio videos look incredible and are shot at wonderful, unobtrusive camera angles. The sound in the videos is tremendous. Combined with the video quality, it's like being in the same bed with these gorgeous models! What a breath of fresh air to see something so professional, beautiful and intimate. Case in point: I had a video playing in the background while doing something else and I heard a tremendous splash. I rewound to see if maybe water was dumped on her or something like that - it turns out it was her squirting. Yeah. It is awesome! Up close videos have all the same positive aspects of regular studio videos, only with the added bonus of the camera being more zoomed in on a model's face and body. The camerawork is fantastic.

Fantasy & adventure videos are just what they sound like. Some girls masturbate outdoors, in all types of outdoor settings, some have lesbians playing in a bathtub and some models are tied up. And that's just a sampling. Whatever the scenario, they are all shot and lit wonderfully, they sound great, and the models exude beauty and sexuality. Even when a model is pregnant or in a tight-quartered closet, she will get off, and you will get off watching her!

Homemade videos are different since they are amateur in nature. Truth be told, most videos are amateur in nature compared to the studio videos on this site! With these homemade gems, you get a peek into models' bedrooms, get to see the posters on their walls, their DVD collection, etc. In short, you get to see more of their personal side than if they are just lying on a bed in a studio. These videos are very consistent in quality, as if the models are given the same high-quality cameras to use.

Speaking of personal sides - that's what the 'lucabration' videos are all about. The videos tend to be longer than the masturbation videos, and you really get to know the models, making their videos even HOTTER when you watch them! If you like a specific model, look for her interview to get to know more! By the way, some models do their interviews in the nude.

The women or 'artists' as they are called on this site are gorgeous - some in the classical sense, some in the unique sense. There is a wide range of beauty showcased here, from redheads to shaved heads. From glamour queens to tattooed punk rockers. Watching them undress and touch themselves is titillating to say the least. Seeing them (and sometimes their 'friends') build up to their crescendo(s) is over the top erotic, and in such a different way than in your average adult site. You're pretty much playing the part of the voyeur while watching these videos. The models do not look into the camera. It's like they don't even know it's there. It's a really wonderful and fresh perspective. I've seen solo sites before, but they've never turned me on. The videos on this site make me want to stop writing this review and start having my own solo session!

With nary a man to be found in these videos, it makes for a slower, quieter and overall more intimate experience. At the same time, I wouldn't say the action is tame. Instead, it's real - with no over the top "OH FUCK YEAH" acting. Not that there's not a place for that, I'm just saying. And you will see some butch women with hairy armpits, but it's all about the celebration and liberation of a woman's orgasm, so deal with it!


What more can I say about I Feel Myself? It's beautiful, erotic and refreshing. I could exhaust all the positive adjectives I know when trying to describe this site. This site will stimulate your mind AND will make your hormones roar. You don't have to be a fan of solo videos - I'll admit that I'm not. But this site will blow you away with its quality.


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