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Cuckold Mistress review

Summary: Cuckold Mistress showcases an authentic amateur couple's life where the wife is boss and her husband is the bitch. The good quality videos offered do a good job of showing the psychology and lifestyle behind this fetish. Not a huge archive, but weekly updates.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-11-12

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Intro promises

- Updated once a week
- Real life amateur cuckolding couple

First impression

Cuckold Mistress chronicles a cuckolding marriage where "She is the Boss. He is her Bitch!" To that end, she takes as many lovers as she can while her husband stays home all alone. It is the poor dear's lot in life since he cannot possibly satisfy his hot wife. After all, why should she be sexually frustrated because of his inferiority?


$19.95/30 days, recurs at $18.95 every 30 days
$21.95/30 days, non-recurring

Credit cards, online check, and 900 billing through CCBill

Our opinion

Once inside Cuckold Mistress, you'll find there's not much in the way of a menu, which means you won't have to hunt around trying to find the content. On the main/home page, you'll find the episodes laid out on a couple pages. There are around 50 episodes. There are no dates noted as to when they're uploaded, but the tour promises an update every week.

The episodes are laid out in a 200x150 sized thumbnail that has rotating pictures throughout. Each episode has a very descriptive summary of what it's about. The videos average around 7 minutes in length and open to 640x480 (around 1.10 Mbps) or 720x480 (around 768 Kbps) sized screen in Windows Media. A few also come in a lower resoluation avi file. The quality of the videos are generally good, especially considering these are 100% amatuer videos. The sound is pretty good as well.

This amateur real life couple is very entertaining to watch. You have to enjoy cuckolding to be able to really appreciate the finer points and nuances involved in the videotaped episodes. Bear in mind this is all amateur, so you don't expect perfect lighting and perfect camera angles 100% of the time. Many times the wife or cuckold looks at the camera, which may be annoying to some. While I generally am annoyed when the participants look at the camera, during amateur porn I'm not. I understand this is because they are the only ones filming their exploits, and they want to make sure the camera is running correctly. To me, it adds more to the overall amateur feel of the website.

The videos show plenty of humiliation for the small dicked husband, including verbal and physical humiliation, but it's not just humiliation of her screwing someone else. She doesn't just say "Loser, I'm going out on a date." There's plenty of other kinds of humiliation, like dressing him up as "a girl because her boyfriend wants to have a threesome with two girls!" (Those two videos, by the way, should NOT be missed!) The cuckolded husband oftentimes tells his wife how much he loves her, and she merely responds with "Shut up!" or similar remarks. Exchanges such as these reinforce her dominant position within the relationship and shows his utter devotion to her, which a cuckold needs.

There's plenty of creativity and deviousness exhibited by the Cuckold Mistress. The videos show a thorough understanding of the psychology of the cuckold and what pushes his buttons, humiliating him and arousing him at the same time. The Mistress Wife does a grand job of knowing her cuckie well and just how far to push him. Kudos also to the cuckie who takes it all with humble obedience and deep love for his Mistress Wife. Because of their dynamic, the videos are well done and go beyond just the physical; they clearly are mind fucks for the cuckold and those who fantasize about such a lifestyle.


I give high marks to Cuckold Mistress. It's a site that understands the psychology and lifestyle of the cuckolding marriage. There are no photo galleries, but there are very creative and arousing videos. Since this site is run by the cuckolding couple themselves, don't expect perfect studio lighting or sets. The content is done in their home by themselves. With that in mind, the quality of the videos is generally pretty good.

There's not much in the way of archives built up - around 50 episodes; however, the quality of what's inside is worth the price of admission if you're looking for something unique and with a lot of realism within the cuckolding/hot wife genre.

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