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Dancing Bear review

Review Update

This site has all exclusive content, and they have 120 movies in Full HD, and the same number in high-resolution photo galleries. This is a fun site, but as I canít see any dates, and the numbers havenít gone up in a couple of years, I am assuming that they have stopped updating. But, donít take my word for it, check it out, and watch these girls having fun with one lucky guy in every movie.

Score 79.0 /100
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Summary: Dancing Bear is a CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male) site that follows a group of male strippers to parties where the women get out of hand. The scenes are fun and very authentic, with girls letting loose and sucking cock or even having sex with the male strippers in front of their friends. The movies look good in the streaming player but the lack of download options is a disappointment. A big archive of past updates makes the site worth joining for fans of multiple girls partying with naked guys.

Jerry Fritz, 2019-02-24

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Intro promises

- Real parties with real girls going wild on male strippers
- "Filmed" in HD

First impression

The Dancing Bear isn't exactly typical when it comes to names of porn sites, but knowing that the same team that produces Bang Bros is behind it explains quite a bit!

The story here is that the group of guys run a male stripper service, doing events for Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and other events where dozens of women get together to drink, party and dominate some cocks. The take the cameras along and apparently that doesn't bother the girls at all.

The scenes look long and the site has been around for a few years. I'm a little bit worried about the lack of promises on the tour though--other than a note that they film in HD, there isn't any other information about the site.

We signed up and logged in to investigate!


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Our opinion

The Dancing Bear is one of the costumes that this group of male strippers dons at events, which at this site are usually birthday parties or bachelorette parties. They've also done sorority events and things like that. Other costumes include gladiators and construction workers, etc.

Unlike other porn sites, the guys are the ones showing the most skin the quickest. They'll undress and start to dance around, waving their cocks in the girls faces as they cheer and tease. Hands reach out to grope them, mouths lick to taste them. Each party gets out of control. After dancing around (often literally wearing the bear costume in the previews) the girls start to grow bold. The strippers dance and bounce around the room, giving their cocks to one mouth and then to the next, getting sucked off and occasionally fucking girls in front of their screaming drunk friends.

Girls are flashing their tits, or taking them out for the guys to squeeze. The guys also have a bag of tricks that include whipped cream and other goodies to put on their cocks for the girls to lick clean. Some of the girls were reluctant to let the guys move on, sucking and slurping with lusty desire until finally they have to give up and let the next girl take her turn.

Mix in some games like throwing hoops over a Mandingo-sized black cock, fucking on the floor in front of a crowd, and girls lining up to take a cumshot to the face, and you've got your average Dancing Bear video.

Most of these movies ran an hour but some of the newer ones were shorter, 30-45 minutes, but mostly scenes seem to stick to the 60 minute plan.

One thing that was disappointing was that all of the movies here can only be streamed online. There are no files to download and save permanently. You have to login and view them in the browser window. They play in an embedded Flash video that goes up to 720p HD quality -- if you put it to full screen it looks good still.

The player is convenient and fast (no waiting for a download to finish, just click play and skip around) but it was a bummer to know we couldn't take the scenes home with us and add them to our personal off-line collections.

Every movie came with a gallery of pictures. The images are 1333x2000 pixels, high resolution, and look fantastic. You can look through them in an online gallery and download individual photos manually, but they do not have zip files for saving entire galleries at once. Most galleries average around 1,000 images!

Getting around the galleries and pictures is just a matter of going back chronologically through the updates. They don't have any search tools or categories. You'll have to look at thumbnails and read the lengthy descriptions to get an idea of what is offered then just view the scene if it looks hot.

There were no bonuses or extras included in the site.


You can't fault Dancing Bear's content--these are very hot CFNM scenes that progress into public sex and cumshots. You'll laugh out loud while at the same time you're turned on. The only catch is that there are no downloads, otherwise the library is plenty big enough to make up a lack of extras off site. Overall Dancing Bear is still a favorite in the CFNM niche and a great site to join.


There are a lot of CFNM sites online but only a few are really at the level of Dancing Bear. If you want to get a better idea of what Dancing Bear offers you, sometimes it's a good idea to see what the other top sites in the niche offer their members. Check out our in depth reviews for those sites: Behind the Towel, CFNM Secret, Pure CFNM, Party Hardcore and Cruelty Party.


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