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Fake Taxi review

Summary: The girls don't look close enough before getting in this cab! These guys haven't got any license to provide a taxi service, but they have a lot of money and they will use it to get their fares to blow their cocks and have hardcore sex while they tape it. Not every girl is seduced easily, and many put up a hilarious fight and give lots of shit to the driver before being paid off and talked into it. Scenes are totally original and come in HD at this highly entertaining reality porn site.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2015-03-14

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Intro promises

"Get ready for the ride of your life with Fake Taxi - a website where the girls are real but the cab driver only has a license to thrill!"

- Access to 15 bonus sites

First impression

If you just get into any car that looks like a taxi, beware: the guy behind the wheel may just a be a horny dog using the "taxi" gig as a scam to get some action. Fake Taxi has done more than just make another site where amateur girls get tricked into having sex, though; it's a complete entertainment, with the bonus that most of the entertainment is fantastic hardcore sex with smoking hot girls from London and Prague.


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Our opinion

If you watch the video sample on their tour, I challenge you not to laugh out loud multiple times as the cheeky bastards behind the wheel talk their sexy fares around to giving them blowjobs, having sex for money and forgiving them for not taking them anywhere near where they had asked to be dropped off. Great sex, hot girls, hilarious drivers: thereís a lot to like about Fake Taxi!

This site is in many ways the evolution of reality porn. These aren't poorly acted, scripted encounters, they are real - or they at least appear to be very real, and they are put together professionally and offer more than just sex.

My favorite cabby was the London driver and as it happens, heís the one doing most of the driving these days. I also prefer his half offensive, "I'm a dumb ass" act he puts on while driving the girls around to places that are in the opposite direction of where they asked to go. "No, no. This be a short cut. Just wait, you'll see." The girls get hostile at some point, a few threaten to call the police or in frustration ask him to stop and let them out, but change their minds when they look out the window. "I don't have any idea where in the fuck we are!" Eventually the taxi chap gets his way, maybe being a little pushy, and offering a few quid doesn't hurt either. The girls always agree to blow him and end up with their legs spreads and their pussies plunged full of his hard cock in the back of the cab.

The driver in the Czech Republic is a handsome guy and a smooth talker. His girls aren't flipping out and calling him an idiot and threatening to call the cops. They get lured in, smooth talked, and seduced so that when he offers 10,000 crowns for a blowjob, they coyly say no but then a minute later say sure let's do it.

There are a few other drivers as well, and all of them do a real fantastic job interacting with the girls as well as while banging them. A lot of the action is filmed in POV though parts are filmed with a hidden camera inside the car.

Every one of the scenes here comes in four download formats: 1080p HD QuickTime, 720p HD QuickTime and Windows Media, and a Mobile-ready format for iPods/iPads and other devices.

The 1080p HD movies has the best picture quality and the largest screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (8 mbits). These look really great, though of course the parts filmed by the hidden camera are less sharp than the others. The 720p HD movies open to 1280x720 screens (3 to 5 mbits) and look fantastic as well.

Movies can be watched online, streamed right in the browser window. The Flash video has a great quality playback as well. The only thing missing are pictures and Fake Taxi doesn't have any of them. Given the format of the scenes and how they make the content, it makes sense. There isn't exactly time or opportunity to have a photo shoot!

The 211+ scenes here make up what is one very exciting and very exclusive collection. They are constantly updating. They donít put dates on things, but given how much theyíve grown they must be adding new content every 3-5 days, and have been for the last two years.

The site is a simple design and is easy to navigate. You won't find any advanced tools for sorting or searching other than picking the modelís or driverís name from a drop down list.

You donít exactly get access to the Big Z network, though, that seemed to be the case at sign up. In reality, that was an advert to joing, a separate site that pools all Fake Taxi and other sites together into one pass. Your actual bonuses consist of around 50+ scenes from the various sites on the network. They are full length scenes you can stream online but not download, and each site has 3 of them.


Fake Taxi isn't the first site with this idea but it is the first to do such a good job. You'll bounce between laughing out loud at the cabbies and the girls as they get pissed for being driven off in the wrong direction, and arousal as they get talked into hardcore sex for money in the back of the cab. The site is very well done and has great downloads and streams. With a huge library and constant updates, this is a fun site that fans of quality reality porn are sure to love.


Can He Score? is a bit of a different format - average joes get a chance to go on a blind date with a porn star they lust after - but it shares the cheeky humor and exciting hardcore action that make up a Fake Taxi episode. This library is huge though, comes in HD, and includes access to the entire Bang Bros network as a bonus!

Money Talks from the Reality Kings network is worth a punt as well. Here they hit the streets and get people to do crazy things for money - from eating bugs or electrocuting their balls to getting girls to blow guys in the parking lot or have sex for money.

Pickup Fuck forgoes the nonsense and focuses on finding hot Czech girls in the street and offering them cash for a good time. The scenes are filmed in POV mostly, come in HD downloads, and offer some great hardcore. They usually end up fucking in semi-public places like the back of a park, a car, an alley, a stairwell, etc.


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Total average: 79.6/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2013-08-29 23:18:28

I think it's scripted, but I still have doubts. On there is a British woman whose name is Delilah--who also happens to appear on as well. Same face, same name.

It proves that this could be really scripted. However, I'm sure there are women who really do get tricked. I surely hope this is scripted because the risk of spreading STDs become extremely dangerous.

Born slippy
2013-10-14 08:15:06

I think you will find that the London cabbie (face constanly blurred) is none other than Ben Dover so deffo scripted.
Having said that some of the women are proper filthy!
The Welsh bird finishes with a fantastic cumshot

2013-11-12 03:01:40

yes fake taxi videos are completely scripted.models are same used in fake agent uk

Used Sneakers
2014-01-09 21:24:36

Don't get me wrong, I really love, LOVE, watching these videos, but they're DEFINITELY not real! There is no way that any of these situations have actually happened. Did I mention that I still love watching them?

2014-01-15 03:55:32

Well it's not just faketaxi and fakeagent both are all fake and set up
I mean most of the girls I think have arranged and settled before the whole scene is done. few of them are working in porn movies wanna be porn actress or some hookers also.
So if you think and getting excited that those girls are actually being trapped with those horny bastard then I think you're just wasting money for being stupid.

2014-01-15 03:56:12

Well it's not just faketaxi and fakeagent both are all fake and set up
I mean most of the girls I think have arranged and settled before the whole scene is done. few of them are working in porn movies wanna be porn actress or some hookers also.
So if you think and getting excited that those girls are actually being trapped with those horny bastard then I think you're just wasting money for being stupid.

nothing else
2014-01-25 01:30:18

i love this site and the fucking girls

2014-01-25 01:31:08

i like this fucking site

Czech bitch
2014-03-12 23:50:02

its all scripted period

2014-05-31 09:34:04

It doesn't matter if it's scripted it's the thrill that people get from this porn that matters, if it wasn't scripted it would be illegal so good luck finding real birds getting fucked In the back of a taxi without calling the police after

2014-06-02 17:05:47

The best fake taxi driver is the older guy because he eats the pussy.. The new cab driver and the car driver they need to get rid of.. I dont event watch their episode..

2014-06-02 17:10:06

OMG, I cant believe so many comments saying this is fake and scripted.. Do you ppl actually thought this was real real.. lol.. smh.. u ppl need to get a life.. of course its scripted.. omg...

spank me 2
2014-06-17 08:20:31

fake taxi the is best i wish he show what he doing when he giving oral the lady's look like it the best ever when see the lady feet cramp for how intents he doing it please keep up. my favorite clip is the airline flight attendant

2014-09-14 09:36:13

Fake Taxi

Good sight ...easy to sign up to....but impossible to cancel membership if not satisfied

2014-09-19 19:07:07

fake taxi is great series.i agree it needs more scenes 2 freshen it up.but it is 1 of my thedriver coaxes his fares 2 suck before getting 2 fuck them is very exitin.never fails 2 get me hard.often wonder are the models porn stars or just lucky pickups.would love that taxi job myself!

2015-02-18 09:31:40

I think it is pretty obvious the women are a set-up, that is, Fake Taxi is at least somewhat scripted. The fact is, if these were REAL situations forcing women into sex for fare, the cops would get involved so I have no doubt they get women who want to get paid to do porn and "Fake" taxi is the porn scenario. Women who are for real pissed off about being forced into sex don't look this happy about. Many men like to think women want it when they say "No" but that just is not the way it is in real life. Some guys like to think that when they jerk off.
All that said, these are sexy women, it is well filmed and generally well acted, IMO.

2015-02-21 12:07:44

Really like FakeTaxi,
just would love to admire the girls wearing more often nylon sheer stockings or pantyhose...give a bit of space to foot-fetish, footjob, not only boobs fetish...
opening their legs, playing teasing, flashing, their feet in sheer nylons..
For models prefer young with blue or green eyes...

this is my feedback as a FakeTaxi customer