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Fudgestick review

Summary: Fudgestick is an interracial porn site where a black guy fucks various white pornstars, MILFs and amateur girls. The action contains lots of rough blowjobs, ass licking and fucking. Camera work is too amateur though and needs to be improved - the camera is all over the place. A bit expensive compared to its 39 episodes, not all include full-on sex.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Uli, 2008-08-01

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Intro promises

- Always hard, never soft
- 100% Amateur interracial
- 100% downloadable video
- 100% asshole licking
- 100% throat reaming
- 100% Uncle Tom free

There are a bunch of quite explicit video trailers as well as a few pics from different photo/movie series. Both underline the aim of the site: presenting interracial hardcore in rough style.

First impression

Well, at first sight the member's area looks very similiar to the preview. The preview shows all the series available. Luckily all the links to the content (movies and pics) are there and working. The movies are the full versions of the trailers, the few pics just a small excerpt from the accompanying pics of the movie shots, sadly some screenshot-series among them.


$24.95 monthly recurring
$99.95 three month non recurring

Payment processor is CCBill

Our opinion

Let's give the site a closer look: The site's girls can already be seen on the preview parts of Fudgestick. I think you, the experienced adult surfer, will agree with me at least some of these ladies are not pure amateurs but are on the verge of becoming real pornstars or already are. A couple of examples are Tabitha (Totally Tabitha), Lauren Kain or Kayla Quinn - you will find quite a bunch of professional stuff from these ladies around the net. Of course not all are professionals - among the wide variety of models are true amateurs (old and young), some MILF-type ladies, some younger unknown gals type girl next door - after all a great variety of ladies. Sadly the variety of male actors is much smaller.

The site contains movies and pics, taken at the same shootings. At the moment the site presents 39 shootings, both with movies as with pics. The action is, as intended, pure and straight hardcore - licking everywhere it's possible to lick (including anal licking both male and female), blowing everything that can be blown, fucking in all holes available and using all positions you might think of. This is not the typical girlfriend-sex, it is a little bit more rough without stepping over the line. There are a few threesomes (ffm) among the scenes, but no gangbangs or such stuff. Apart from the interracial theme of black men fucking white gals and aforementioned sexual practices, there's no fetish stuff around.

The movies feature the most important parts of the action - partially the whole story, but partially they seem to be cut infavourable or chaotic to me. Altough the movies are done by a (normal resolution) digital camera and the picture quality thus is ok, they sometimes look amateurish to me. Thats due to the cuts, the (sometimes lack of) lighting and the camera conduction. Get it right: the action itself is as professional as can be, but the production level does not keep up with the action. The camera guy simply is all over the place yet nowhere at all zooming in and out and moving around.

All movies are available in four to nine separate parts and two resolutions, both in quicktime and wmv-format. The high-res parts are ~70 MB. They have a resolution of 640x480 pixel and a bitrate of 3.17 mb/s. The video parts have a three-minute playtime, giving the whole movie 12 to 24 minutes to go.

Picture series are partially digital camera shots, partially screenshots from the movies. The resolution of the pics is varying widely, the screenshots have a mere 640x480, whereas the normal pictures range from 1024x768 via 1200x900 up to enormous 2576x1932 pixels. The sizes of the pictures thus also vary from 30 kB up to giant 1.4 MB. While there is already a quality issue among the movies, it's much more evident with the pics. Some pics are quite good, but a lot of them are mediocre and some are spoiled (too dark/light). It's a matter of poor lighting, perhaps not enough photographical experience or professionality or equipment that's not top quality - e.g. you can avoid hard shadows with appropriate lighting.

The site does not contain any extra features, so no cams or anything like that. But you get an admission to the sister site of Fudgestick, This site nearly uses the same concept as Fudgestick and even shares its strengths and weaknesses: Hot ladies in hot action, both in movies and pictures, movie quality ok but not top, pics weaker than Fudgestick (only screenshots), 10 series both in movies and pics, movie sizes and quality level comparable to Fudgestick.

Fudgestick's design is not award winning. It looks like the typical web-design 10 years ago (ok, they didn't use this many pictures in those times). I understand that not much stress has been put into a nice and professional looking site and energy has been put into the content, but get it right: a well layed table increases the pleasure of dining. I recommend to give the site a more nice (and especially more professional) looking design. At least there's some improvement on the site and it's obvious the guys are working on it: The newest picture series got zip-files and there's a sort of rework on a few movies.


The impression left by Fudgestick is as follows: it seems like a couple of photo and video-amateurs hiring professional ladies with a few sex bombs and pornstars among them to do private video and photo shootings. The pros do professional work, but the producers unfortunately don't. Action is good and keeps to the topic of black men fucking white ladies hard though.

The quality of the stuff varies too much. Webdesign is on the same low level. The site needs to consistently work on improving quality, technical and shooting-wise, but the basic idea is ok. The price of $24.95 is a bit high - it would be more appropriate to go for $19.95 or the site has to grow and be improved fast.

Screenshots from Fudgestick

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Total average: 77.5/100 Our score: 65.0/100

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