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Hands On Orgasms review

Summary: Hands On Orgasms is an original site with real female orgasms. The amateur girls here are masturbated with fingers, hands, dildos and vibrators, as well as more exotic toys, until they cum. The content quality is very good for an amateur site and there were many viewing options. The site updates frequently. There are no extras or bonuses, but with regular updates and a good-sized collection, the site is a nice pick anyway.

Score 80.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-04-26

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Intro promises

"A Real Erotic Touch!"

- Camera man giving women orgasms with sex toys
- Unlimited access to all scenes (both DVDs and other shoots)
- Exclusive
- Flexible pricing plans

First impression

Hands On Orgasms stars real amateur girls and ladies having their tight pink masturbated like never before. The camera men are literally 'hands on' with the models, using magic wands, sex toys and anything else at hand to bring these girls to screeching, intense orgasm. They promise scenes where the girls are "genuinely aroused" and "really cumming".

The samples were exciting and I was roaring to get inside. Read on for an in depth look at membership, including the amount of content available, members area features, updates and the quality of the movies and pictures.


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Our opinion

Today we visited a site called Hands On Orgasms - an interesting title and as it turns out, one that is very apt. In each of the scenes here, an amateur girl is having her pussy played with and teased by the camera man (or girlfriend), who is armed with an arsenal of sex toys - magic wands, mostly. Mostly exclusive and fairly priced, it's a unique site worth visiting for fans of female orgasms and ejaculation.

Intense and Real Female Orgasms
The tour was pretty adamant about these scenes being 'real' orgasms, and you won't disagree with them after watching a few yourself. The girls are into it, and that's very obvious. The guys using the toys must have good skill when it comes to using pressure and placement to pleasure the girls, because they illicit very excited responses. The girls are often howling and whimpering, thigh muscles clenched and trembling as they are made to cum. Pussies are pink, swollen and slicked with juices when they finish. The Magic Wand is a favorite but they use everything here to get the girls off - dildos, vibrators, fingers, hands, etc.

Great Content Quality
For an amateur site, Hands On Orgasms had very nice media options for each scene. You can download a movie as a full length, single file episode in four formats. The two best options are the Windows Media file with 640x480 screens (2.5 mbits) and the MP4 for iPad/Mac with a 720x540 screen (1.5 mbits). There is also a special MP4 for iPod with a 320x240 screen (1.3 mbits) and a 3GP download for mobile phones. The playback quality is very good for all of these. Lighting and clarity of image get full marks as well, with only a few exceptions.

Nice Streaming Videos
If you don't want to wrestle with the downloads, you can stream the scenes online instantly as an alternative. They play in a large, embedded Flash video. It is bigger than the largest download resolutions but not as clear of an image - though it still looks very good (especially for amateur). It is a very convenient option if you want to watch something NOW, not after it's done saving to your hard drive.

Average-sized Collection & Regular Updates Throughout the Week
The collection was average in size but not small - I counted about 190+ episodes in total in mid-2012. According to the date of recent updates a new video is added every 3-4 days. That's a steady clip and the site should continue to grow quickly, a big plus for future members to consider.

Simple Members Area
The site's simple members area is both good and bad. Good in that it stays out of the way and is easy to navigate - links are clear, no real advertising, no distractions. Bad because it may be too simple. There are no real tools to use for sorting through movies. You do have tags/categories, but to really make use of them, you need to first find a video you like, then click on one of the tags listed in its description on its download page - this will bring you to a list of all scenes tagged with that same keyword. It works but there should be a more obvious way to make use of the tagging feature.

Model Profiles
Like the tagging feature, the model profiles are a bit hidden. When you are looking at a scene's download page, the model's name is a link to her profile. It is pretty basic - mostly just stats like size of tits and her age - but it also lists the other scenes and content that model has appeared in, which is convenient.

No Pictures
The site is totally focused on videos, so there aren't any picture galleries. You do get screencap galleries with most of the scenes but these really aren't that great in terms of quality and don't compare with true photography galleries either.

No Bonuses Or Extras
The site comes with no extras - not even picture galleries - just the videos and the future videos it promises to add regularly. There was enough content that this isn't a problem, but it is always nice to get something for free - we're a little spoiled with porn sites, I suppose, since most do tend to include access to other sites as a perk. Hands On Orgasms is not in the perk giving mood, though.


Exciting and very real female orgasms at the hands of men, women, and all types of toys, but the site is amateur and content quality reflects that.

Hands On Orgasms has grown quite quickly in the past months and is sitting on quite a nice collection of real female orgasm and masturbation porn. The media options are varied and quite good, but only considering this is an amateur site. The large collection of scenes and constant updates throughout each week make this a nice pick for fans into the niche: amateur female orgasms.


There are several other sites out there dedicated to real female orgasms, but only a few are really worth bringing up here.

The first is The Female Orgasm, with natural women helping themselves to real orgasms with toys and fingers. Daily updates and good quality content make this a must-visit.

The next site to stop by is Yanks. They work with pretty amateurs and, though not every scene is about orgasming, many are.

Also be sure to check out I Feel Myself which is also about amateurs getting real orgasms.

Check out the sites listed under the tags for Solo Masturbation and Female Orgasms for more sites that we've reviewed in depth and to have a look at your alternatives.


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Total average: 73/100 Our score: 80.0/100

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