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Money Talks review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Money Talks proves that people will do some crazy things for cash, some more than others. You'll get an entertaining, hour long show every other week here, plus access to the 50+ episodes already online. You'll see everything from guys and girls eating weird bugs or shaving off their eyebrows to four college girls getting naked, having lesbian sex, then sharing Havoc's big dick. With access to the entire Reality Kings network included free, this is a really great site to join.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-08-27

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Intro promises

- 1080p HD Content
- Daily updates
- Fast downloads
- Unique/Exclusive content
- Full access to Reality Kings network sites (24+)

First impression

Money Talks wants to find out just how far people will go for cold, hard cash. The answer is unsurprising: about as far as possible! To be fair it doesn't seem like all of the random amateurs and real people they stop on the street get too crazy but everyone has a price point to do something. The site is a bit of a game show or entertainment show that you might catch on TV, only babes get naked, suck dick and do hardcore in some of the episodes. The concept is a great one, and with pornstars occasionally joining the fun it's even more thrilling. Then there's the promises of HD video and an all-access pass to the Reality Kings network, too.

We'll have to sign up and get inside to see how good the full scenes are, so let's get to it. I'll meet you on the other side.


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Our opinion

Money Talks is not your conventional reality porn site. In fact, for some of the scenes I'm not even sure 'porn' is what I'd call it. Sure, in just about every long episode here you'll see some boobs flashed for cash at a minimum but hell, I can see that on the Public Access stations these days! I say this only to point out that this site seems to have two interests: to entertain through comedy and to entertain through naked, hardcore amateur action. Most scenes deliver both.

I was reading over an old colleague's review of this site from 2007, which is about three years old, and he was none to impressed with the site's platform. I really think he missed the point. Money Talks is a deviation from the norm in porn, offering more than kinky scenarios and hardcore sex. Humor is the staple in the scenes, and the sex is what wraps it up, and is always hanging there teasingly in the balance. The more people they ask to do crazy things as the show goes on, the farther they go, until finally you're dying of anticipation towards the end when you know this cute college girl that walked in the door is SO going to suck Havoc's big dick for $100! That build up is priceless.

To give a clearer picture I'd like to layout how most scenes work at Money Talks. First, they are shot all over the place, and spend lots of time outdoors, on the streets or in parks. They have a host, a cute female, who shares her duties with Havoc, a funny guy that's the one that usually gets to benefit from the dares-for-money scenarios. They'll stop people and ask them to do things for cash. Sometimes it's innocent - - guys shave off their eyebrows or eat pubes. Sometimes it's a little more than that - - college girls going in the backroom to soak each other in milk while wearing tight wife beaters and cotton panties. Sometimes it's way more than innocent. Most scenes will have some cock sucking and even hardcore sex and it's almost always with real amateur girls that they've literally picked up from the street or ran into and offered money. The scenes with hardcore sex are usually built up. For example, the girl may agree to touch Havoc's cock for $20. Now that her hand is there, another $100 to suck it, and she goes for it. Once she's in this far it's much easier to get her to keep going. It may run up a $1000 tab sometimes, but the pay off is huge: watching real girls whore it out for cash!

I think the scenes are a really fun balance of humor, sexuality and hardcore action, and this is one of my favorite sites out there. For those worried that it won't have enough fucking and sucking for your tastes relax: you have complete and total access to the entire Reality Kings network, which includes more traditional hardcore reality porn sites that are among the best in the industry, like MILF Hunter, Cum Fiesta, In The VIP (my favorite), 8th Street Latinas and Mike in Brazil.. and I'm just getting started.

Unfortunately there were some bumps along the way in this review. The tour promised in huge letters and flashy graphics "Full 1080p HD". Getting to these is tricky, and once you do you'll find they aren't really HD either. The downloads you notice first have at most 768x432 pixel resolutions. The Windows Media files had a 2.2 mbits/s bit rate and the MP4 (H264) formats had a 1.5 mbits/s bit rate. Both looked very good, but nowhere near what a 1080p HD option would look like. There was a streaming video that had about a 1024x576 resolution. You get to this by clicking on the HD tab in the Flash player. While it's loading you'll see a link "Loading..." - - if you click that it will start the download of the MP4 file that has a near HD playback. It is an MP4 file with a 1024x576 resolution and a 4 mbits/s bit rate. It looks amazing, but it's still short of being HD.

Confused? Yeah, it's a bit of a mess. Just know that the main formats are WMV and MP4 and are easy to grab in the 768x432 resolution. The "HD" can be streamed in MP4 format, or downloaded in MP4 format, but though it looks fantastic, it falls short of being HD.

You'll have plenty of media options. You can grab full-length scenes, big clips and short clips. You can also stream the movies instantly online as mentioned. The Flash video player that has a cool feature. You're able to see thumbnails for moments in the movie, like every 30-60 seconds, which you can click on to jump to that moment in the movie. It's a nice way to skip right to the parts you want to see right away.

Scenes had huge galleries of pictures but these weren't high resolution, though they were professional and well done. The photographs have 900x600 resolutions. You can browse through the hundreds for each movie online or download them in zip files that are provided. You also have screen cap galleries.

Most of these episodes run over an hour long, and new ones are added every other week.


The scenes at Money Talks are long and really unique in the porn world, offering entertainment, comedy and exciting reality hardcore. Though it doesn't really offer a true high definition option, it's still one of the best deals in porn. The content looks fantastic and comes in a ton of formats. With all of the Reality Kings network included at no extra cost, it just makes a great pick.


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