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Money Talks review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: If you're looking for a site that's as entertaining as it is hot, Money Talks will deliver. The movies here feature people taking dares for cash, and eventually those dares add up to hardcore sex. Public nudity, blowjobs from strangers, glory holes, and bizarre and funny nonsense make up a fun collection of 1080p HD action. With free access to the entire Reality Kings network included as a bonus, it's a fantastic package of content.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-02-27

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game show, public nudity, Reality Kings, sex in public

Intro promises

"You've Never Seen Anything Like This!"

- HD Videos
- Network access

First impression

The Money Talks homepage tries to explain what it's all about through preview images of some of their movies, and it works. This site offers people money to do crazy, stupid or sexy things, adding up the dough until they say yes. In some cases, this is crazy shit like getting MONEY TALKS tattooed on your body or being blindfolded and trying to guess if the finger has been up a pussy or an asshole. Other previews show shy girls flashing in public, giving hand jobs, being fucked, being fucked up the ass, and other hot and sexy activities - lesbian, threesomes, public blow jobs, etc.

Last time at this site I was impressed by how entertaining the videos here were without even getting to the sex - which was a like a really awesome bonus at the end of the scene. I'm back again to see how the site's been taking care of itself since.

I'll talk about the content in more depth below, as well as the media options, the updates, the size of the site and its bonuses. Get all the nitty gritty details you want to know!


Payment Processors:

Our opinion

Money Talks is put together like a TV show. Our cute host and her camera man hit the streets of the city with microphone in one hand and cash in the other. They find guys and girls and offer them money to do something ranging from a little crazy to outrageously stupid or sexy. It's like a dare show but with hardcore sex, usually in public spaces. It's part of the larger Reality Kings network and you get access to all network sites as a bonus for signing up.

Funny, Crazy, Sexy Scenes Unlike Anything Else In Porn
Well one thing hasn't changed since our last visit: these movies are just as crazy and hot as before, only they some how keep finding new girls and guys to pay off, and thinking up more ridiculous things for them to do.

A few of the scenes are more straightforward than others - they get girls to give handjobs in parking lots, then to suck the dick, then to fuck pretty soon after a movie starts - but most have a good deal of entertaining stupidness. Guys eat bugs, girls give blowjobs to cocks in hotdog buns and covered in ketchup and mustard. People get tattoos of the site's name. In one, a guy has a string tied to his cock while his girlfriend - topless - flies the remote control helicopter tethered to the other end around the room. This shit is just weird and funny and crazy! And then it ends with hot girls sucking cock(s), being fucked and cummed on, usually in pretty public places.

Most scenes pick up and convince amateur girls to do things, but some have porn star guests that host and get guys and girls to play with them.

Great Hardcore, Hot Amateurs
There is a lot of great hardcore here, sandwiched into funny or absurd events. Girls give lots of hand jobs and blow jobs to strangers with the crew, for example. Couples will bang on camera, wearing something absurd or under some strange set of circumstances. Eventually the sex just turns into good, hardcore rutting and fucking, ending with cumshots and facials. Only a few of the movies have porn stars hosting, most only work with amateurs picked up off the street in the moment.

1080p HD Downloads & Streams
Since mid-2009 Money Talks has made 1080p HD downloads and streams available. You can save the full length movies in MP4 files with 1920x1080 screens (12 mbits). The quality is fantastic and really, it's as good as it gets online or offline.

Download & Streaming Alternatives
If you don't want to handle the huge 1080p HD files you have a few other ways to save movies. There are two SD options: Windows Media and MP4, both with 768x432 screens (~2 mbits) and great quality playback. An iPod-ready MP4 is ready to be grabbed as well, with a 480x270 screen (< 1 mbits). All movies can be streamed online instantly as well. The resolution of the player is 1025x575 but there are HD settings, too - you just need to put them to full screen to enjoy.

Pictures aren't that high quality here - just 900x600 pixels - but they are professional and look great. You can browse through them online or save galleries in zip-archives.

Great Browsing Tools
The members area at Money Talks is fantastic, and actually it's integrated into the larger Reality Kings network members area, which makes hopping between sites easy. You'll have categories and filters to pile on to your content searches, plus model indexes. Each scene have a good, detailed description of what goes on, too.

Network Access is Free
You have a free pass to all of the sites on the Reality Kings network, an extra perk for signing up. Some of the best porn sites running are here, including hits like In The VIP, Mike's Apartment, and Big Naturals to name just a few. The network updates every day.

Regular Updates to a Large Library
Money Talks gets a new scene once every other week. This is slower than other Reality Kings sites but makes sense. Each Money Talks episode is x2 as long or longer, and takes a bit more logistical planning and editing to make happen. The library is big though, with well over 100+ original scenes online and ready to be viewed or downloaded.

Older Movies Aren't HD
The movies added before 2009 won't be in HD, but you do have the other SD options which still look great.


A totally unique experience as entertaining as it is sexy, with hot girls, fun dares, and great sex (usually in public).

Money Talks proves again that people will do anything for money - so long as the price is right. This is a site with scenes much more like funny, extreme television programs that end in great hardcore sex movies than a traditional porn site. The movies are really long, totally original, available in HD and updated regularly. The site is a great join, especially considering you get an all-access pass to the entire Reality Kings network as a bonus.


It's hard to think of sites like Money Talks. None are exactly like it, but here are a few similar in theme and style that might appeal to you.

Fuck Team Five follows a group of hot porn stars around town until they find guys to fuck them - a surprisingly difficult task. These are long and exciting movies in HD.

In The VIP, another site on the Realty Kings network included free, stars hot porn star and amateur girls hitting the club for sex on the dance floor with strangers.

Can He Score is very TV-like. Ordinary guys get dates with porn stars and make it happen. These are very similar to those old Blind Date shows, but with porn stars. And sex.


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