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My Dirty Hobby review

Summary: My Dirty Hobby is a German website but it connects real amateurs from all over Europe and the world. The members here share their videos, pictures and live webcams with each other, and use the site's currency of 'Dirty Credits' to pay for clips and live streaming interaction with each other. You can upload your own stuff and make money, or just use the site to sate your thirst for real amateur content, direct from the source. They have a lot of it here and a good variety, but the site is a little bit messy to use and the videos are streaming only.

Score 78.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-09-13

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Intro promises

"...straight from the amateur source!"

- Users Online: 4,486
- Videos: 266,218
- Pictures: 2,897,660

First impression

My Dirty Hobby is a German site that aims to connect amateurs around the world in a community of video, photo and webcam sharing. Not quite a dating site, it's more like a porn site where you buy video clips and pictures directly from the amateurs that make them. You can also use the site's messaging and other social media tools to contact the amateurs and who knows, set something up offline as well. There are also live webcams, for a fee, that let you connect directly with amateurs online for live sex chats as well.

The site is a bit untidy but I'm quite excited to dig into it and make myself more familiar with the dirty hobbies of these hot amateurs! Read on for an in depth review.


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Our opinion

My Dirty Hobby is based in Germany and so as you might expect, there are lots of Germans here! The site is translated in to English as well as Dutch, however, so language is no issue here so long as you speak at least one of the languages. The site is built entirely around hobbyist porn stars - these are real amateurs that have fun making sex videos and pictures alone or with couples and friends. They upload them here as part of their profiles where other members can pay to stream them online. Likewise, the real amateur members also make use of a live webcam system, with per minute fees to connect and interact.

A Large Community of Adult Singles & Couples

The community at My Dirty Hobby is very large. With any site with a community/dating element to it there are a fair number of 'bogus' accounts but I didn't really notice any here. At least none stood out. What did stand out is a real mix of people interacting, making movies and pictures, hosting web cam shows, and connecting online.

The site does have some adult dating aspects to it - you can follow, message and communicate with other members and form friendships, hookups or whatever else you might be interested in (assuming they're interested as well).

One thing that really caught my attention was the number of female users, and attractive ones at that, who are making use of the site as a place to share their hot bodies and their passion for making homemade porn. You can see top lists of the members who are most popular or see the most popular member videos and galleries.

Mix of Hardcore, Lesbian, Solo Girl Videos and Pictures Submitted by Users

The site may be amateur but it is pretty diverse. Some of the girls here really put a lot of work and energy into their profiles and collections of videos. I saw lots of solo girl masturbation and showering clips and plenty of blow jobs, cum facials and hardcore penetrations. There were also more creative episodes with group sex, swinger sex, double penetrations, lesbian sex, outdoor sex and sex in public to name just a few variations.

PPV Format Can Get Expensive, But You Can Make $$$ Too

The way things work here is that you buy credits to use for viewing movies, pictures and webcams. Once you buy a video clip though you can return to watch it again and again as often as you like - there's a special area when you are signed in where you can view all the clips you've bought. It looks like the price is either set by the amateur or determined by the length and content. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but there is a correlation between the three. A short clip of a few minutes works out to being a few dollars worth of credits. Longer ones cost more. A portion of the price goes back directly to the amateur who submitted the content. If you want, you can even submit your own videos and let others buy them and make yourself some money.

Live Webcams Available, But They Are Choppy

You can find 100+ web cams online at most times of day here. Most of the cam models are women, and they come in all shapes and sizes. The prices you see are per minute - they are listed like 99 DC (Dirty Creditrs), 120 DC, etc on the thumbnail preview of the model's cam. Most are between $1 and $3 per minute if you do the math. Most of the cams I sat down on were pretty choppy though.

No Downloads, Streaming-Only

You cannot save any copies of the videos here, they can only be streamed online. You have to log into your account to view them in the members area. I was a little disappointed that after buying a clip I couldn't save a permanent file copy to my hard drive.

Not Really Set Up to Find Dates, More to Find Amateur Porn

The site does have some social media and dating aspects to it but it really feels like more of an amateur market place and club for those who like to make homemade porn or those who like to enjoy it. In that regard, they do a good job of connecting everyone to enjoy the smut.

Most Everything is in German

A lot of the members are German so they describe their videos and updates in German or leave German comments. The site itself is translated but the fact remains that a lot of its users aren't using English, though the girls having more success will usually write up stuff in English too.

Some Clips Weren't Real Amateurs

I did notice, and on one account in particular, that the videos were of British porn star Lara Love. It wasn't her account either. It looks like some members can exploit this system by taking clips from other sites and more or less selling them to other members as if they were amateur clips, when they are not. I noticed this on just one account to be clear and it in no way appears to be a widespread problem, but clearly users should look around before buying anything and be sure what they are paying for.


A large community, mostly of German girls and couples, and some great homemade hardcore action to view online but the streaming-only format isn't ideal.

I think that My Dirty Hobby is on to something really great here - a community of amateurs uploading and sharing their homemade porn and getting paid for it in the process. The girls having real success here are uploading and getting more and more creative every day, and there's a huge diversity of material thanks to the open platform. The cams were a little choppy and I wish I could have downloaded and saved copies of the clips I bought in a permanent file but otherwise the site was a lot of fun.


There are a few other long-running homemade porn communities online. Most of them are subscription rather than PPV based.

Web Watcher's Blue is a good example. A true mega site built in 1998 with thousands of amateurs and their video and picture updates, covering a huge range of sex and kink. The media options here are pretty good, too.

Homegrown Video is an even more established community. They started offline, when VHS Camcorders started coming onto the market, but their website is one of the best in niche. They offer a mix of real user submissions, homemade porn, and pro-am content filmed by pros and starring amateurs.

The last site I'd point you towards is Wife Bucket, which is focused on married couples (women specifically) in their 30s and older. This is a huge site, and it has tons of submissions in both video and pictures every single day.


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