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NIP Activity review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: NIP Activity is dedicated to cute amateur girls taking off all their clothes and walking around in very public places in Germany. The public nudity is completely authentic and always at places with tons of random people watching. They shoot in high definition and have high quality content. Fans of real public exposure will have a great ride as a member.

Score 87.5 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2016-12-03

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Intro promises

- 100% Full public nudity.
- 100% Real amateurs.
- High Definition Video.
- Hi Res Pictures.
- Zip Files for galleries.
- 100% exclusive.
- Unlimited downloads.

First impression

NIP stands for Nude In Public, and that's what NIP-Activity is all about. The site does not mix sex into episodes. The girls are entirely nude, but they keep things playful and softcore. What I found most interesting was how the tour claims members get to vote on what girls do in the next shooting: want to see a naked girl get on the train? Sure. How about stop in and order an ice cream cone? No problem! In the previews there are throngs of tourists and pedestrians gawking at the beautiful nude bodies of the girls, whose faces are just a bit red with embarrassment. They smile and laugh nervously as they strut boldly through the middle of small towns, parks, famous sites and more.

This looks to be a very legitimate and exciting site for surfers who enjoy the thrill of nudity in public. The site claims high def amongst other perks. I signed up to see what it's like as a subscriber. Read on for the full report.


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Our opinion

NIP Activity has been running their show for about three years. The libraries are brimming with exclusive footage they've taken, and most of that footage has been shot at the behest of member fantasies and requests. But let's be clear right out of the gate: the site is sexually thrilling, but does not include sex, penetration, even simulated sex. All of the content thrives on the thrill of seeing these real amateur women undressing and walking around very public locales and being seen by thousands of pedestrians.

The length of an outing really varies, and it's hard to tell since they are broken up into clips, and usually contain multiple galleries. But there are many hours of footage in total to dip into, and a good selection of real amateur girls that have walked the naked mile, so to speak.

The undressing is done in the first moments. The girl might be sitting on a street bench then stand, wiggle her dress off of her shoulders and past her hips, step out of the pooled fabric at her feet, and set off strolling. The camera generally leads them, and the response is instant to their undressing -- cat calls, old men in shock, old women dismayed, and tourists snapping pictures, even following along. Surprisingly, most of the denizens seem to go about their business, after a few quick takes, of course.

The nude strolls and outings take place in Austria or across the border in Germany for the most part. The girls will do what members vote for them to do -- like taking public transportation naked, walking through a festival or monument, or just going into a grocery store to pick up a few things. Whatever your ideas are, vote on them, and if enough of your brethren are of the same mind it'll happen.

What I liked best about NIP Activity is its singular focus. It doesn't mess up the content with anything other than nudity in public, and it's one hundred times better off for keeping this strict focus.

Each outing usually comes with a google map of the area, and an array of galleries and video clips. For video you are spoilt for choice. There are two high definition options. The WMV one comes in 1280x720 and has a 5 mbits/s bit rate. The MP4 option brings in 1920x1080p videos at 8000kbps, which is just awesome quality

The picture galleries that come with the outings are voluminous and high resolution. The images have a large 1338x2000 pixel resolution, or variation of that. They look fantastic, and even in the variable outdoor lighting the detail is rich and tones on spot. You can browse through sets online or save them in zip files.

New outings are taken four days a week, and each outing has a pile of clips and galleries.

The one area I felt the site needed some work was with its organization. Only the last few days of updates are listed with thumbnails. The older updates are fed in a long list of text links. There is no good way to browse or search besides weeding through that list, or browsing by model.


NIP Activity is one of the best public nudity sites. For those that want authentic public nudity, not just faked sex tapes outdoors and the like, the site is an ideal pick. Its high definition movies look fantastic and they just have a constant flood of new high quality footage to share. Add in their generous attention on members and it's a winning pick.


What's that you say? You want to know about more sites that offer cute amateur girls getting nude in public? Well, NIP Activity is probably one of the best but there are some other great sites in this niche as well. We've reviewed all of them here. To get more info, just click on the site's name: Nude in San Francisco, Girls Out West, ALS Scan, EroBerlin, Money Talks, and Cuties Flashing.


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Total average: 83.5/100 Our score: 87.5/100

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Comments from other readers

2010-12-04 04:50:57

i have seen similar concept sites based in / with UK models, though they seem to verge into gonzo type stuff.

The NIP models are fabulous, especially the tall blonde Maria.. not sure where she's from, bit would love to see more!

I took a cheapskate 2day trial m/ship, and got decent length vids of her, and a few others on the streaming part of the site (vod.nip-activity..?)

mainly just walking about- so wish i was theres, when filming!