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Real Wife Orgasms review

Summary: Real Wife Orgasms delivers 19 video clips of an amteur housewife pleasuring herself to orgasm. The videos contain close-up footage of her climaxing. Unfortunately the site disappoints with lack of updates and poor video quality.

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Melissa, 2007-10-09

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Intro promises

A calligraphy type of effect to the lettering with a sweep of seduction leads you into the tour area of Wife Orgasms. They acknowledge watching a woman climax is the most amazing and erotic thing, and they want to share it with men and women alike. This site celebrates the female orgasm, in movies that are close-up and completely homemade. What makes this concept even more exciting is the pledge this site is created and maintained by a real, 35 year old soccer mom. After discovering she was bisexual just a few short years ago she decided to put this site on her plate, next to being a mother of 2, an upper-middle class wife next door that goes to church regularly and even considers herself to be conservative for the most part. Updates are done in some areas most every day, whenever the urge to splurge strikes her. Some are done in the form of the forum or her web diary. A lot of what weíll see here will be self shots, but she does invite some of her friends to partake in the pulsating pussy action as well. There are three amateur produced video streams offered as well.

First impression

I am so looking forward to getting into the warm wet walls of this site. The concept alone is one that will pleasure many and the way theyíve put out the information through the tour area, something tells me the naughtiness will be brought to us in the form of class here. I feel like Iíve fallen into a puddle of pleasure and I havenít even broken down the membership walls yet.


Our opinion

For this site being designed and maintained by the lady with a love for orgasms, it has a sort of... how do I put this... manufactured look to it. The membership page immediately opens up to show the additional feeds that are offered when you pay the fee to see here, and then it breaks down into the 19 episodes that are offered. Iíve not seen anything that resembles images, so itís the movies that really tug on their heart strings here, when they pull the vibrator from the panties drawer. However, after scouring throughout a bit, you will see some penetration by her husband as well, so itís not all tits and toys here. Some episodes are broken down into 4 pieces each, but most are available as just one file. Running time is around 6-7 minutes. Each video is about 25-40 mb in size.

Ok, I have to interject some thoughts here. The lady you find inhabiting the finger plunging and battery humming happenings is a pretty BBW, with fleshy thighs that youíll enjoy watching her part. However, I must admit, it makes me smile over the fact that she wears dark sunglasses throughout all of the self pleasure she shows on film, a bit of a twist that adds to the mystery maybe? Her expressions and positions donít really change much as sheís taking matters into her own hands, which I would have liked seeing her maybe assuming some other positions to capture a different feeling while she was getting to know herself better, but for the most part, that didnít happen.

What did take place though was some exceptional close up shots of her orgasms. One seems to have been done around Halloween, during this set she has a countdown effect with the orgasm at hand as the camera zeros in on showing exactly what her V area is doing. This was really nice, sort of like an experiment caught on film that went off without a hitch. As if her puffy mound had its own life attainable organs you can nearly see the heart beat of her flower as it begins to bloom, the in and out type drawing as the dampness begins to rush forward. Yes, that part of the videos was well shot and well performed, which makes me still happy to do this review, because the originality of it makes for a nice afternoon of work.

The broken down snips that are offered for some of the sets does come in at roughly 1½ minute per piece with a nice play. I found I did get a 518 Kbps bitrate and a video size of 320x240 when clicking on them. Downloading them is also possible. Personally, I wouldnít recommend the full screen viewing, there was just enough fuzziness to it that it hampered getting to see the tremors from her mid section, and, after all, for me, that was the best part of it all. I will confess that on the episodes that offered the break downs, I bypassed parts 1-3, going for the gusto of the finale with piece number 4, because quite frankly I found myself being a little bored by the foreplay parts.

As I mentioned earlier there is some bonus content of sort offered along with your membership fee. I found three video feeds, Wife Amateur Hour, (100% homemade amateur sex tapes made by husbands and wives), Wives Amateur Bushes (100% amateur submitted tapes of wives and their soft bushes), Wife Cream Pie (Completely amateur produced videos of husbands giving wives delicious cream pies). These are sections of nothing but video content.


Well, well, well, what can I say about Real Wife Orgasms? Iíll be honest and tell you that Iím a bit disappointed after looking at the well presented tour area. They donít hold true on the promises made in the fact that I didnít find daily updates, I didnít find a forum or a diary, the only text was the small write-ups that accompanied the episodes, but the biggest point is, the boredom overtook me through the majority of whatís offered here. Barely any movement shows her excitement and arousal, only the final seconds of real orgasm where her throbbing mound is captured nicely was the best part for me. I got the impression the last update was done months ago, which means you may pay for months at a time with your fee, but how must material are you actually getting for your dollar? Repeat is fine when itís hot and captivating, but the time I spent here was plenty for me.

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