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Suburban Amateurs Review

Review Update

I counted 757 Full HD movies and 2,446 high-resolution photo sets in this site. It is a huge, but sadly no new content has been added since October 2017. Its still worth checking out though.

Score 82.0 /100
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Summary: A site dedicated to British amateur women getting naked in front of the camera. A great amateur site without any fancy effects, but delivers what it promises and is doing it in great quality content. Recommended for amateur picture lovers.

Uli, 2021-08-04

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Amateur, 18-23, Movies, Photography / studio, Softcore, Videos


Intro promises

"Suburban Amateurs bring you exclusive photos & videos of the hottest, filthiest British babes daily!"

- Real British Amateurs 100's of British Models
- Over 300,000 Photos, over 758 Video Scenes
- Girls in Stockings, Girls in Uniforms
- Slutty Secretaries, Dirty Talking Totty
- Hot Candid Snaps, Behind the Scenes
- Members Forums, Members Fansigns
- 100% Exclusive Content
- Download Photosets in Zips, HQ and HD Video Downloads
- Genuine British Girls in explicit Solo & GG Action

It's nice and a sign of quality that the site does not stick to words and promises only but gives quite a lot of good photo examples. Of course there are no hard nudity shots among them, but even these examples should be enough to water your mouse - in short: This preview definitely does not indicate that the site is going to underperform!

First impression

Entering the member's area a sort of portal design awaits you. You get some actual site news, a survey of the last updates and of course a surfboard to the main contents of the site: the pictures and the movies. The pictures' main page looks like a photoalbum with a sort of bigger (and less accurate) passport photo of each girl. Boy, there are lots of them!


Our opinion

Well, this site indeed seems to have a big choice of girls at hand. More than 311 different girls is a really respectable amount. The girls are mostly younger gals in their twenties, only a few being older. When I checked them out, I had a massive "fresh faces" impression - I'm quite sure they didn't appear on other sites so far. The girls are everyday girls mostly of slender and beauty types - and they are not overstyled or have faked and unreal tits. Beneath that there's of course a big variety in girl types - just give the preview a check to get an impression!

Pics and videos were taken at the same shootings - fine, so there's only one description needed: This is a fully softcore site. You will see complete nudity and you will see that completely, but the action is limited to mostly stripping, masturbation, dildo play and some light lesbian games. There are simply no males depicted in any photosets and the movies. Thus do not expect any hardcore action like fucking and more - there's none in Suburban Amateurs!

As promised there are some "behind the scenes" pictures showing the girls before, at the shootings and after. Although many series and movies are well (and professionally!) done, I see two downsides in the way the photosets are done: The consequent limitation to softcore means a limitation in the variety in action. Second the biggest part of the stuff is taken at only one location meaning many settings of picture series look similiar despite different girls with different behaviour. There are some outdoor series and a few different indoor places, but not enough to give the impression of endless variety. I fear the site thus might get a little bit boring despite the enormous choice of girls.

"Enormous" is an important keyword in the description of the site. I already mentioned that the total number of girls is now 311. Each girl has somewhere between two and 20 photoseries, each of these with up to 150 and more pictures. The grand total of pictures is around the promised 300,000. The quality of the pictures is good, crisp and clear and there are no spoiled, blurred, wrongly lit or otherwise bad shots among them. Picture size is a decent 1280x853 pixel - but updates older than 6 months are all 1024x768. Although I have seen bigger resolutions I consider this to be good.

Many photo series also have an accompanying movie, so 200 is a number I regard as plausible. The movies are done with a digital camera. There's two different types of videos - HDV and regular. Regular have a resolution of 720x576 pixel, a bitrate of 1 mb/s, an average playtime of 15 minutes and filesizes up to 150 mb. HDV come in 720x540 at 1.76 mbps and look way better although still not perfect. Like the pictures, videos are shot well (with the use of a tripod), have a stable picture and are correctly edited. BUT only the HDV videos look good - the regular look horrible for some reason. There's still some room for improvement when it comes to the video quality.

Checking out the bonus stuff of the site leads to the next "enormous". When I looked around I was really surprised: Although the main site of Viv Thomas is not included in the membership, this must be a sort of full or nearly full version of it: I guess, there are photosets and movies of more than 400 girls included, all with 40-50 pictures with a size and quality level as the main site, quite a lot of movies and a bunch of hardcore scenes! And this is not all: In addition to this, the site also offers UK amateur galleries (again several hundred girls, high quality just like above!) and next (and last) the same amount in John Mason Hardcore galleries. Wow! I have no idea how many GB these pictures and movies this is and don't want a glowing hot internet connection, but I think it's not less than the (remember: enormous ;-) contents of the main site (Suburban Amateurs).

Well moving on, the site has a forum. I expected to run into one of those half-way-dead you-need-to-have-a-forum examples - wrong my dear! The forum has substantial activity and lots of postings concerning the british porn scene. Not bad! And as a last point here there's a DVD shop. Well, this of course cannot be regarded as bonus and there's nothing for free (not even a price reduction for current Suburban-Amateurs members), but just as a fact there's a link.

Last point to mention is design and handling of the site. I already mentioned the photo-album style. All pictures open in a new window. The series and the movies can be rated to recognize top series with ease. All the stuff is downloadable without any hassle (pics and movies) and: There are zip-files of all series available. The site starts with a sort of portal site. Regarding graphics and setup the site is alright but not amazing.


Well, if you are into amateur softcore sites, Suburban Amateurs is simply a paradise. Choice of ladies, action, quality and amount of stuff is on a top level and there's not much to complain about. The size of the site is enormous! Especially if dig deeper into the bonus material - be aware there's half of the internet available there ;-) !

The monthly recurring price of $29.99 is definitely worth the content. If you want my opinion: If you like the preview of the site, you can't go wrong. And if you join, join with a recurring option. You might have to stay a little bit longer than you thought at this site - it's worth it!


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bruce hosier
2012-10-01 04:20:52

I just joined Suburban sluts and got 6 "bonus sites". suburban sluts and suburban amateurs are the only downloadable videos and the quality is the poorest I've seen in years. What the site doesn't tell you is that none of the videos on the bonus sites are downloadable, only streaming. I wouldn't have joined if they had mentioned that on the site page. I think it's a rip-off.