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The Adult Coalition Review

The Adult Coalition Is No Longer Available

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Summary: The Adult Coalition is a mega-site of hard-core personal/amateur content. 700,000+ pictures, 2,000+ downloadable movies and numerous updates daily.

Uli, 2004-08-23

Amateur, Hardcore, Mega-sites, Personal-amateur


Intro promises

The Adultcoalition says to be the "premier adult amateur network on the net today"

- over 700,000 pics plus over 2,000 downloadable movies
- over 60 GB of the hottest amateur content
- multiple updates every day

Visual impression: gigantic mass of different amateur sites. Every single site has some free pictures in the preview of TAC.

First impression

Indeed, this is a very big site. It's not possible to get a complete survey only of the contained sites (at least not of their contents) at once. Ok, this is not only because of their big quantity but a little bit because of the organization of the sites in topics (TAC G'bangers, TAC Bust, TAC Mature...), where a site might belong to more than one topic. The sites themselves are typical amateur, the ladies, the content quality. The content itself has a big variety, but there is a lot of hardcore among it.


$ 0.00for (NON recurring)

Our opinion

It's not that easy to give a comprehensive and short opinion on such a site (or to be more correct: such a mass of sites). As far as I can confirm the pure facts are as follows: TAC contains more than sixty different amateur sites, more than 30 of them do have their own URLs outside the TAC-system. A "site" in the definition of TAC is a standalone Website (even if they do not have their own URLs) designed and done by one performer (most times a lady, sometimes a couple and a few times a guy). The performers seem to be "something for every taste" to me, ladies from young and slender beauties to old(er) and chubby gals next door. Typical for the site is the very hardcore content of most of the sites, fucking in all varieties, DP, BJ, GBs, lesbian, whatever you want, lots of fetish like strap-on (seems to be a special for some of the girls), bondage, peeing and more. The male performers are dedicated to heterosexual sex; there's no gay action on TAC.

The variety of the content amount and quality is nearly as big as the difference between the ladies themselves: There are sites with big and really good photos - and a big lot of them, and also sites where the pics tend to be in more poor quality. With good digital cameras available everywhere this shouldn't have to be a problem anymore, so I think on some sites there's still some work for the performers to do. The quantity of the sites varies as much as the quality; the biggest sites of the TAC-system easily can take it up just for themselves with many other sites on the internet.

Janey is not the only lady I knew before I subscribed to TAC. There are some ladies which seem to have their "secondary" site on TAC like both Ami and Afton from Southern Charms, Isabel from germanwife, Bonita from Pro Adult, the new member Corina Curves and some other ladies I have seen somewhere else. Please get it right: I do NOT dislike this behaviour. Some of the material on TAC is also available on the girl's other sites, but nevertheless it seems to me that TAC gives you at least a chance to test it out before subscribing somewhere else. For the subsribers of TAC this means that you get such sites as a sort of bonus to all the other stuff if you knew this lady before or as an impression of what these ladies else have to offer - sadly there aren't any links to their main sites. I'm not sure whether this still happens, but a solution like TAC might also be a way to prevent sites from completely disappearing from the net because the performes might not want to care for them anymore.

Although TAC promises individually designed sites, my impression is that all of these sites follow a default appearance. There might be some more room for a single performer to design her/his website than it is the case with Southern Charms, but it can't be overlooked that TAC has a basic design of sites, especially concerning the navigation through the pictures.

I shortly mentioned the TAC overall navigation: You cannot see all sites in one list but find them to be sorted into topics. You can mark single sites as your favorites and there are a sort of charts for the mostly marked sites. Nevertheless I would prefer an additional overall list - I sometimes didn't find it that easy to retrieve a site where I only knew the name and the face of the lady. Besides that, the navigation of TAC is alright. It works well, I didn't have any trouble with broken links and so on. And: Downloading worked well, both with pics and movies.

Like many other big systems TAC offers a lot of bonus content: TAC includes full admission to the cam systems "Homegrown Cams", "Amateur Cams" and "FDCams" (Freak Daddys), where many of the TAC-ladies perform. Furthermore there is a discussion board with the TAC performers named "TAC community" included. And named "TAC Porn" there are some additionals like TAC parties (Party pics and movies from TAC perfomers), and some more picture, cam and streaming video sites included like you can find them on many other sites.


Yes, The Adult Coalition that's a lot of bang for your buck! Remember with one single payment you buy a membership to more than 60 sites. I would consider a nice part of them as fully-fledged, not just as bonus. Just give the preview a try and find out whether you like the girls and the other performers and their action on TAC. Although some of the sites do not have a premium picture quality (something TAC should work on), I think TAC is a system well worth to be subscribed. Since there is indeed a big load of data provided, you need a fast internet admission and should be prepared either to stay subscribed for some time or to concentrate on some of the ladies only. Especially having a look at the price-content ratio I give a good recommendation for TAC!

Screenshots from The Adult Coalition

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