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Yanks review

Summary: Yanks focuses on teen babes in an amateur role. Girl next door videos and amateur pictures make for exclusive content, an extension female masturbation site.

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Score 80.0 /100
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CB, 2005-12-10

Amateur, 18-23, Babes, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

"See how the girl next door really makes herself cum"

- Girl next door videos
- Real amateur pics
- Masturbation experiences
- Exclusive footage

First impression

According to the preview info, Yanks is dedicated exclusively to amateur girls masturbating. Everything is unscripted, and the orgasms are real. I like the sound of that. There's so many "amateur" sites where the amateurs are actually quite experienced in the industry... I'm always happy to find the real thing! Hopefully it's not too good to be true...and judging from this li'l preview, I think we're in luck.


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Our opinion

The Yanks main page acts essentially as a huge menu bar. There are headings for each category of the site, a brief listing of the most recent content for each category below the heading, and a link to take you to the main page for the given category. Check out the screen shots of the site to get a better idea of what I'm talking about here.

I found this design to be a bit cumbersome at first, but it is relatively easy to navigate the site. I do think that it could be streamlined a fair bit, though. For instance, there is a News section that has a brief blurb about the most recent updates, but no links to the updates. There are also two Most Recent sections, one with standard text links to recent updates, and another featuring a thumbnail link to the latest update on the site. These three sections could easily be amalgamated into one, reducing the clutter on the main page and combining all update-related material under one convenient heading.

Nonetheless, sorting through the content on Yanks is made easy... just go to the appropriate category! The main sections of the site are Yanks Girls, Photo Sets, Videos, Stories, and Audio Clips.

The Yanks Girls section is the main attraction. Here the content is organized by model, and presented as thumbnailed links to each model's (or group's) home page. On each girl's home page, you will find some personal information and links to photo sets and videos. There is also a ratings bar where you can vote for your favorite girls. A nice personal touch is added with the inclusion of an interview video for each girl featured on the site, as well as a "masturbation biography". This is a form with a list of questions that each girl fills out before their shoot, which is then scanned and included with the photo galleries. The photos all look very good - crisp and clear, presented as 800x600 or 640x481 JPGs. For each shoot there are usually 2 to 6 pages of photos with 15 pics on each page. With 269 shoots at the time of this review, that's a lot of pictures! You won't see any fancy sets or lighting, but this is some nice amateur photography.

The Stories section is quite extensive as well. Nine different categories offer you a lot to read, from actual accounts of sexual experiences, to tips and techniques, to straight up fiction. Good bedtime reading.

Videos are presented in an interesting way. On each page of vids you have the option of both high and low-band WMV and Quicktime videos. Clicking on a selection will take you to a page where the video is streamed within your browser. How odd. You don't often find the exclusive content of a site offered as a stream. Never fear, you can also download the videos by clicking on a link that appears below the player. Although I prefer to use an external player for videos, I can see how some people would appreciate the streaming option. It loads almost instantaneously, no need to wait for a download. The screen size is pretty big for a stream, too. However, you can't full-screen or fast-forward a stream, so the download still wins with me. File sizes for download are quite reasonable, most are about 15 to 25 MB. Both the WMV and Quicktime options are 550x412, and the WMV vids stream at 312 kbps (I couldn't figure out the bit rate for the Quicktime movies). I thought the WMV vids looked considerably better than the QT, so perhaps the QT version has a lower bit rate. Although the movies look fine, it might make more sense to go for a higher bit rate and smaller screen resolution... for instance, a WMV video at 320x240 / 700 kbps would be better than 550x412 / 312 kbps, and still give you pretty much the same file size. The deluxe solution would of course be high resolution AND high bitrate.

The Audio Clips section left me wanting more. The clips are presented as MP3s or WAV files. Neither of them sound very good. The WAV files have a sample rate of 22.05 KHz, and a bit resolution of 8 bits. This is half that of CD quality audio. The MP3s are coded at 256kbps, with a sample rate of 44.1KHz. This should sound ok, but unfortunately does not. I can only assume that an inferior MP3 encoder was used to make these, possibly with settings for a "fast" algorithm rather than a "quality" algorithm. I can see where audio might be compromised for the sake of file size in the case of download-able video. After all, quality picture is the main goal. However, I do think that a bit more care is in order when audio is the focus.

There is also quite a bit of bonus content offered here, and much like the Most Recent sections I mentioned above, I think that it could all be organized a little better. There are a wide variety of streams available, but like I always say: if I can't download it I don't want it.


The content at Yanks is all right on the money. This is one of the most extensive female masturbation sites I've seen, and lives up to its claim of providing only amateur content. The girl next door theme is strictly adhered to, and everyone is having orgasms! Orgasms with vibrators, orgasms with fingers, orgasms with shower heads, and orgasms with pillows. There's even some mutual masturbation going on. I'm happy to see a positive attitude put forth here. Everyone is relaxed, feeling good, and having fun. I would, however, like to see things organized a little better. The audio section could use improvements, and the video format could be adjusted to provide higher quality, but on the whole this is a great site.


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