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Hardcore Smoothies review

Summary: Hardcore Smoothies is an original site that has hot porn star models getting naked in the kitchen, whipping up a tasty smoothie in the blender, then having some help gaping their assholes with speculums and dumping the cold drink into their buttholes. After they squirt it back out into a cup they drink it down! All is shot in 1080p HD movies that look great. Updates are made weekly and access to several bonus sites is included.

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Jerry Fritz, 2010-11-18

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Intro promises

- High Definition movies
- No download limits
- No DRM restrictions
- 100% Original content

First impression

Look as long as you like, but Hardcore Smoothies can't be found on the menu at your local Starbucks or favorite smoothie shop. Oh no, these ones have quite specific ingredients that those corporate chains can't muster together. Namely they require an incredibly kinky pornstar girl, a guy that knows how to finger and gape a girl's asshole, and a girl crazy enough to let him open up that gaped cornhole with a funnel or speculum, pour an ice cold smoothie into her ass, then squirt it back out and, yes, drink it!

There is originality and then there is originality. Hardcore Smoothies has a unique and exciting, if perverse, sort of action to offer and ass fetishists and anal fans should get a kick out of it. We signed up for a subscription to see what members get on the inside, and checked out the media quality of their movies, too. Read on for a full report.


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Our opinion

Hardcore Smoothies is a site well out of step with what you might be used to seeing on ass fetish and hardcore anal porn sites. It isn't every day you see a porn star having an icy beverage dumped into her gaped butthole, after all. The site has a pretty kinky interest in the whole ass-washed-smoothie beverage and has found quite a few models, mostly porn stars, who share their passion.

Some of the girls I spotted slurping up their ass smoothies included Allison Pierce, Jacky Joy, Tricia Oaks, Amber Rayne and Mason Moore, amongst many others. All of these scenes pretty much unfold in the same manner. A girl is introduced, already naked to begin with in many scenes but sometimes dressed. From what I gather the smoothies are happening on porn shoot sets, after the action typically. If she has clothes on she will take them off, and show off her tits and tight body. The camera guy cops a feel, squeezing a plump titty, or spreading bubbly ass cheeks for a peek at her asshole.

The girl will put the ingredients into the blender and set it to mix on the kitchen counter. Next, she is put on the floor and has her pussy and ass rubbed and masturbated, then a speculum is used to gape her asshole. In goes the smoothie, and you'll want to watch their faces here as the cold fluid runs inside of them. Next they get up, squat over a cup or jug or some sort of vassal and let the smoothie rush back out of them. Add a goofy straw, and enjoy! It's bottoms up for the girls.

These movies tend to run about 10 minutes long, though a few episodes are longer. Amber Rayne does a 20 minute episode for example, hanging half naked with the camera, and then masturbating her asshole before doing the smoothie action. All of the movies can be saved in 1080p HD full length Windows Media files. These have a 1920x1080 resolution and a solid 7 mbits/s bit rate.

Other download options include DVD quality Windows Media files that are 640x360 and run at 2 mbits/s, and low quality MPEG downloads that are 360x202 and run at 1 mbits/s. Short 1-minute long clips can also be enjoyed.

Movies can be watched online in a great quality Flash video player. It has a 640x360 resolution, loads quickly and looks sharp.

There were two sets of images with each scene: photos and caps. The latter are stills from the videos, the photos are professional shots taken by a photographer on set. These galleries have images that are large, with resolutions of 1136x852. The pictures are high resolution and look good. You can save individual photographs but not entire galleries.

Updates are pretty prolific, usually one or two are added each week it seems looking over the history of the site. That's a good, fast pace for the site, which is still very new and could use the growth.

Members also get access to the rest of the Fucking Awesome network as a bonus. It includes the porn sites Gagalicious, Spitsters, Tag Team Tranny, Will She Explode, Hardcore Power Tools, So Cal Porn Sluts, and Solo Trannies.


Hardcore Smoothies is a very unique site with exciting content. The scenes are really casual and playful, erotic because of the extreme things the beautiful models do to their round, tight bottoms. Well, what used to be tight bottoms. Fans of ass play and anal sex will get a kick out of the scenes, and enjoy them in their full HD glory. The bonus sites are a nice extra, too.


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