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Red Stripe Films review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Some girls need a strong hand to guide them and punish them when they misbehave. Mr Stern is the sort of man they need, with his firm hand and arsenal of paddles and canes. In these role playing scenes he spanks and canes the naked bottoms of pretty girls and older housewives. After they've been spanked their cheeks are covered in welts.

Score 85.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2014-06-10

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Intro promises

"Bringing you the most exciting spanking films ever"

- Spanking, caning, paddling and discipline films
- "Top quality" videos
- Regular updates
- Wide selection of girls being spanked

First impression

There are girls in the world that just can't cope with the world without a firm, disciplinary hand to guide them. Mr Stern and his lovely assistant are there to provide just that to the lovely girls and housewives that come to them seeking punishment. He gives real, painful spankings to the girls with his hand, paddles and canes and leaves their asses raw and red.


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Our opinion

You've no doubt put two and two together: the 'red stripe' in Red Stripe Films is a reference to the raw, capped skin on these girls bums after they've been bent over and thrown over a knee to get a tough, painful spanking. All of their exclusive movies feature this real corporal punishment action and a little role playing just to make it that much sexier.

Very real spankings that hurt!

You'll see a long line of schoolgirls who have misbehaved and need to be punished in the members area. You'll also watch housewives lifting up their skirts and let Mr Stern pull down their panties so that his paddle can smack their pale soft skin directly. These girls are thwacked and smacked until their cheeks are glowing red. Some girls want it even tougher, ending up with bleeding welts from Mr Stern's canes. You'll see their pussies and buttholes as they are stripped and humiliated for their spankings. As a curiousity a few of the scenes contain the girls giving a blowjob to their boyfriend or something along those lines. That is only a fraction of the scenes though. The vast majority are not sexual aside from the nude shots of their pussies and assholes that you will get while they are bent over.

Not HD, but the original movies look good

You will only get one download option for each of the movies, a Windows Media file with a 960x576 (5 mbits) resolution. These look good but they aren't high definition. Mr Stern produces the movies himself, though, as this is a site rooted in his passion for spanking and not a scheme to get rich. I do wish he would include an embedded video player so we could stream his movies online, though.

His picture sets are similar in their quality. Photographs are hi-res (1040x960) but not as big as they could be, and the lighting isn't always perfect. Also the compression is a bit too high, so some details are lost in the photos. It's a Pro-Am quality production all around but it doesn't take away from the exciting spankings.

A big library to explore

At the time of my visit there are 242 movies and 261 picture galleries to download. The site looks to be growing - it's larger now than it was during our last visit - which is down to the weekly updatere, where new material is added here.

There is a new section called Spanking Mansion with 9 longer movies. These are produced at a higher quality (better costumes, more acting) and offer some fantastic corporal punishment (mostly spanking) action you'll love.

Lacking in search options

The site's content is organized into films and galleries, with around 90 episodes/galleries listed per page over multiple pages. There are no content tags or search tools, so you pretty much have to download a movie or browse a gallery to see the details of what it offers.


These are raw and intense spankings and canings that girls crave. The discipline is firm here and Mr Stern doesn't take it easy just because they cry out! Fans really into tough spankings will enjoy this site and I recommend it to them.


English Spankers is another site produced by Mr Stern. It's all about spankings as well, but there's no sex there, just spankings, and they won't get quite as intense as some of the lashings he gives out at Red Stripe Films. Content quality is about the same.

Dominated Girls stars gorgeous European girls and porn stars tied up, spanked, and fucked roughly in scenes focused on discipline and hardcore action. The library is big and part of an even bigger network called 21 Sextury - and you get network access as a bonus.


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