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  • Kink Unlimited screenshot
    Kink Unlimited
    Date: 2017-04-29

    Summary: Not everyone in porn is a porn star, believe it or not. It does seem that every time you hear of a girl or guy who makes porn videos they are a 'porn star.' Well, at sites like Kink Unlimited you do find some, Jaxton Wheeler and Casey Calvert, for example. But you can also find amateurs in 'porn star' sites, girls who are just starting out and who one day might reach the pinnacle, the orgasm of fame if you like. Everyone has to start somewhere and very few actually make it to become true porn stars.

  • Real Life Spankings screenshot
    Real Life Spankings
    Date: 2010-02-19

    Summary: Real Life Spankings is a site dedicated 100% to real ass-reddening punishment. Amateur girls submit to various types of spankings with a wide range of tools and sometimes just an old fashioned hand. The site is large, actively updated and home to a real community of spanking fetish enthusiasts. It's a great spanking site worth joining.

  • English Spankers screenshot
    English Spankers
    Date: 2014-06-04

    Summary: Not all girls are bad, some just like the punishment that comes with their naughty behavior. Mr Stern disciplines bratty coeds and bad English housewives in his exclusive library of spanking movies and pictures. He uses his hand on most of their naked bottoms but he also has a number of paddles and switches he likes to use on their soft sensitive flesh.

  • Spanking Sarah screenshot
    Spanking Sarah
    Date: 2014-06-24

    Summary: Sarah is a tall British girl with a cute accent and a passion for spanking. Mostly she likes having her round bottom smacked, thrashed and flogged but sometimes she likes to be the one holding the paddle for her girlfriends. The site is full of fun short fantasies where chastisement and discipline is doled out with a firm hand. There's also some cock sucking, hardcore and lesbian sex in occasional scenes.

  • The Upper Floor screenshot
    The Upper Floor
    Date: 2017-06-12

    Summary: The Upper Floor of the Kink castle in San Francisco has been converted into a decadent Edwardian mansion. House slaves are trained and punished, used as party favors by guests, fucked in every hole, tied up and tortured, and otherwise dominated and humiliated in lavish events, some of which are streamed live for members here.

  • Divine Bitches screenshot
    Divine Bitches
    Date: 2016-08-06

    Summary: These dominant beauties put their male slaves through multiple trials of pain and pleasure. From CBT and floggings to denied orgasms and strap on penetrations, the men show they are try submissives who will do anything for their mistresses. The authentic productions and HD playback set this femdom library on its own level.

  • Spanked Cheeks screenshot
    Spanked Cheeks
    Date: 2011-06-17

    Summary: Spanked Cheeks contains British housewives and students punished the old fashioned way. Each video will start with a brief build-up telling us why the naughty girl deserves a thorough spanking. The site currently contains around 70 full length spanking films in very good quality - 720p HD for the newest half. In addition to the videos, it also holds photos and is updated three times a week. If you're looking for some role play with your spanking action, do check out Spanked Cheeks!

  • Pascals Sub Sluts screenshot
    Pascals Sub Sluts
    Date: 2015-08-14

    Summary: Pascal has a number of beautiful British ladies eager to play the role of a willing cum bucket and desperate to be used as hard as Pascal can use them. Every girl gives an interview before and after, does some solo masturbation and strip teasing then goes through a long and arduous afternoon of rough fucking and bondage kink play. The site updates every day with new content and shoots all updates in full 1080p HD.

  • House of Taboo screenshot
    House of Taboo
    Date: 2008-10-16

    Summary: House of Taboo offers fetish content in niches such as bondage, spanking, peeing and medical fetish. All content features known glamour models and much of it includes lesbian action. Pictures come in high quality and most videos are available in high definition. A good all-round fetish site.

  • Whipped Ass screenshot
    Whipped Ass
    Date: 2017-02-20

    Summary: Whipped Ass is another site from the people at Kink. This one is focused on Lesbian BDSM with spanking, whipping and flogging thrown into the mix. Quality of the content is excellent and updates occur weekly. There's also an extensive archive of material.

  • Wasteland screenshot
    Date: 2011-06-06

    Summary: Wasteland is highly recommended for all fans of BDSM. The site offers over a decade's worth of intense BDSM content with today's updates available in HD videos and high res pictures. Whether a veteran or a newbie to the scene, this site offers great content and a whole wealth of resources. In other words, you get educated while you're getting off! Who says learning can't be fun?

  • Red Stripe Films screenshot
    Red Stripe Films
    Date: 2014-06-10

    Summary: These girls need Mr Stern's tough discipline to keep them in line. They come to him to have their skirts hiked up around their hips, their panties pulled down around their ankles, and their naked asses paddled, caned or spanked so that they learn their lesson. Mr Stern is the disciplinarian and he deals with cute coeds and older housewives. Mostly it's about the punishment, but there is plenty of nudity too.

  • Men in Pain screenshot
    Men in Pain
    Date: 2017-02-10

    Summary: Men in Pain revolves around BDSM - femdom BDSM to be exact. This fetish site also features hardcore sex action amongst its S&M activities. Such activities include, but certainly are not limited to, CBT, strapon play, heavy corporal punishment, flogging, erotic degradation, bondage, pet play, sounds, urethral play, sensory deprivation, orgasm denial and quite a bit more. The library is quite large and really encompasses a lot of what makes femdom so interesting and arousing. Unfortunately this site is no longer updated, though. The library is huge, however, and access to a similar site called Divine Bitches is included as a bonus and that makes sure members have plenty of reason to sign up.

  • Mighty Mistress screenshot
    Mighty Mistress
    Date: 2015-12-15

    Summary: Mighty Mistress is a high quality site with exciting mistress/slave BDSM action for you. Their models are all beautiful European girls and their Mistresses are ice-hearted and deliciously cruel. There was plenty of bondage, torture, masturbation and orgasming in each drawn out scene but they are no longer producing new movies. You'll have to settle for the large Full HD video collection they already have online to enjoy plus a free pass to all 21 Sextreme network and bonus sites.

  • Spank That Brat screenshot
    Spank That Brat
    Date: 2010-04-06

    Summary: Spank That Brat covers amateur girls Abigail and Audrey's girl/girl spanking adventures. If you're looking for a real life lesbian spanking relationship, you'll be spanking your cock over this site. It has good quality content featuring a beautiful dominant having to constantly discipline her bratty lover. Although I'm not sure how often the site is updated, there's a good amount of over the knee spanking content to stay busy for a while.

  • Bad Tushy screenshot
    Bad Tushy
    Date: 2007-10-08

    Summary: Bad Tushy delivers lots and lots exclusive spanking content where good looking girls are spanked in quite unrealistic scenarios. The spankings themself are full force though. Video quality is mediocre, and pictures look good, but are on the small side.

  • Alice In Bondage Land screenshot
    Alice In Bondage Land
    Date: 2012-07-02

    Summary: Alice in Bondage Land has a library of BDSM and fetish videos made by and starring resident dom, Alice. She's interested in female-led kink and power play in the videos, which star her (mostly male) slaves bound, in breath play, with cocks and ball tortured, and humiliated. The video playback quality is decent but the femdom content in the videos is fresh and real. New videos are added each week.

  • CFNM College screenshot
    CFNM College
    Date: 2012-05-30

    Summary: CFNM College is a small site with a very unique and all-original collection of CFNM fetish porn. There's a very sharp edge to everything here, as the girls are just nasty. They strip the boys, mock them, play with their cocks, make them cum, toy with their assholes and make them bend over to be spanked and fucked in their virgin asses. The site is small but the content is totally unique and worth a look, even if the media options are average at best.

  • MP Fetish screenshot
    MP Fetish
    Date: 2009-01-09

    Summary: MP Fetish is a new site offering BDSM fetish video scenes and pictures. There is so far 23 scenes available which all come in good quality and feature women in different ages. There is a lot of focus on bondage and forced masturbation. A small, but decent BDSM site.

  • Fetish Network screenshot
    Fetish Network
    Date: 2015-01-12

    Summary: The Fetish Network is a large collection of BDSM, bondage, smoking, smothering, fisting and femdom porn sites. There are several dozen sites on the network and together they offer members over 5,000+ scenes to explore and download. They update regularly though not as prolifically as promised on their tour. The only real sticking point here is the quality which overall isn't the greatest. It still offers a lot of fetish porn and a good mix of niches, so for those looking for that sort of quantity and variety it can be a very nice pick.

  • Bars and Stripes screenshot
    Bars and Stripes
    Date: 2007-12-17

    Summary: Bars and Stripes is a spanking site themed around a prison with female inmates behaving badly. The models are British amateurs and the exclusive content is available as pictures and videos. The quality is decent without impressing though. Updates seem to be regular and frequent.

  • Ambers Dungeon screenshot
    Ambers Dungeon
    Date: 2009-01-19

    Summary: Ambers Dungeon offers fetish video and picture content of women dominating men by spanking them, forcing them to worship them, fucking them with a strapon etc. The content is a bit hit or miss though with not all of it delivering authentic femdom action.

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Total 22 reviews