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Teens Reform School review

Summary: Teens Reform School gets mixed ratings from me. While the scenes themselves are very good with a lot of authentic ass play and corporal punishments, the delivery leaves a lot to be desired. It can take months for a scene to be completed with all the video clips and photo galleries uploaded. Additionally, you have to zip download the photo gallery to see the photos. These are definitely major drawbacks. If you can look past this, it is a great site for those into anal and medical play mixed with corporal punishment.

Score 80.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2010-10-08

Butts, 18-23, Amateur, Fetish, Videos, Movies

ass play, bdsm, bondage, butt plugs, caning, enemas, medical fetish, nipple clamps, otk, suppositories

Intro promises

- Intense heavy corporal punishment

First impression

Most online "reform schools" mainly consist of spanking naughty schoolgirls, but spanking is just the warm up at Teens Reform School! Featuring mostly amateur models who are lifestyle pain sluts, the discipline dished out at this special reform school can be quite intense. Will the punishments reform these bratty girls? Only time will tell...


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Our opinion

At Teens Reform School, what you see is indeed what you get. There is no members area login, but you get to see it all as a guest. It is first when you try to download the content that you are prompted for a login. Easy enough.

Each episode offers very thorough descriptions of all the action, letting you know what's in each clip, which is very handy. As noted above, this unique reform school features more than just heavy corporal punishment. While there's plenty of spanking and paddling, there are nipple clamps, suppositories, wax play, gags, butt plugs, enema play, bondage, suspension bondage, and much more. The action can be very intense, and the reactions all seem real. You'll definitely see butts getting redder and redder as the naughty schoolgirls bite their lips, squeeze their hands shut, etc. - all in ways to deal with the discipline being dished out. The girls get shown no mercy as their task masters try to reform their character so as to be polite and respectful. Each schoolgirl brings her own unique personality into play - whether she quickly becomes meek and compliant, or stays defiant and stubborn throughout her ordeal.

As you can see on the site, there's a new episode uploaded every week or two. The site has been uploading since December, 2008. In the beginning, they were updating once a week. Not sure why they're spacing out the updates longer apart nowadays. There are apparently 34 full length "feature films," although I see no ability to download the films in full length; instead, the scenes are usually divided into a few clips. The clip length varies widely, but I'd say the average run time is around 10 minutes. I recommend sorting the list of updates by full films when viewing the site. At any rate, the videos play in a 648x480 (1396 Kbps) sized, good quality screen.

The photo galleries are zip downloadable and usually average around 50 images per set. Some of the scenes have a few sets to go along with them. The problem is, you can't view the photos unless you want to zip download the set. There is no online viewing option. The photos open to various sizes, such as 778x960 and 609x960 pixels and are pretty good quality.

As great as the content is, the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. I felt like I was still missing something. A thing that bothered me about the site is that some of these episodes took a while to complete. For example, one scene was updated 4 months before this review, and there's still a note stating that part 3 will be released soon.

While I understand (and support) the concept of uploading long scenes into parts and spacing them out over a few weeks, I can't see taking months to do so. Members want to know how a scene will turn out, especially if they like a particular submissive or dominant, and if they enjoyed the dynamics and bdsm activities that occurred between the participants. The way this site is presented, you'd have to be a member for months to finally see the completion of some of the scenes. Members will understandably get tired of being strung along and will go elsewhere. This is a shame since the content is good; it's just that the delivery leaves a lot to be desired. Likewise, many of the older episodes - "older" as in released last year - continually have the message: "The photo set will be released at a later date. Stay tuned!" Several months or more is a long time to "stay tuned!" Again, I feel this is stringing the membership along, which is definitely not a good thing at all!

The site seems to overlap somewhat with its sister site Enemas and some of the content can also be found there.


I have mixed feelings about Teens Reform School. The content itself is very good, with lifestyle painsluts taking some of the most intense punishments. The problem is that the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. Scenes take months to complete, with photo galleries supposedly "coming soon," yet that may never transpire. If as much care for quality can be put into the presentation as it is in the actual scenes themselves, this would be a very good site.


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