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Electrosluts Review

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Hot lesbians in hardcore BDSM action star in 438 exclusive HD movies here, No new content has been added since May 2020. Full access to 29 BDSM fetish sites from the network is also included in your membership, and they have over 13,023 movies across the board.

Score 84.0 /100
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Summary: This is a great site for those who like extreme bdsm, especially when it centers around lesbian electrical play. The scenes are intense and very high quality, and the site also offers a decent sized archive, bonus access to is included in your membership. The HD downloads are fantastic and have great image and sound playback. The creativity and intensity here is what will draw you in more than anything, though.

Tamesin, 2021-09-04

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Intro promises

"Real girls. Real orgasms. Real shocking."

- Bonus access to all the Kink Unlimited sites
- Discount membership price for our readers
- Monthly special feature shoots
- Member forums

First impression

Electrosluts features amazing lesbian electro sex between many well known fetish and bdsm porn stars. Since the site is put out by Kink you can rightly expect a lot of high quality, and the site definitely doesn't disappoint once you get inside. The orgasms are very real and very intense after all the twisted and sizzling lesbian electrical play!


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RocketGate, Epoch, or DHD Media

Our opinion

Electro Sluts is every bit as shocking and extreme as you expect in a high quality bdsm site. This site is different from most in that it revolves around electrical play with a variety of other s&m activities. The submissives are regularly zapped by all kinds of electro devices in these intense scenes, which are really creative and unique.

Hot, Electrifying Scenes

You'll find hot, electrifying lesbian bdsm scenes inside the members area that will leave your mouth agape. The subs are usually bound up in some way - helpless and at the mercy of the cruel domme or dommes. Yes, some of the scenes feature more than one Mistress ganging up on a painslut. You can imagine the intensity that sub must be going through to be getting it "double!" Pleasure and pain mix quite intensely in all of the scenes, though there's mostly pain. Since each Mistress seems to know just how far to push her prey in how much the sub can withstand the intense shocks, she sometimes rewards her painslut by licking or fingering her sub's pussy or ass. From start to finish there is no let up in the sensory overload that all of the electrosluts are subjected to.

What's also hot about the scenes are the participants themselves. The dominants are very creative, diabolical, and knowledgeable about bdsm and electro-play. A plethora of shocking implements are used - implements designed especially for bdsm play, as well as the foreboding looking (and feeling) cattle prod. The submissives are very masochistic, and you can tell nothing is faked here. Real pain is expressed on their faces and often their bodies are trickling with sweat - both from pain and the anticipation of it. Add this all together, and you really do get intense scenes that are definitely not for the faint of heart or for those who want just a little slap and tickle with their s & m play.

Pre and Post Scene Interviews

One of the many things I like about a site is the interviews they do before and after the actual scene itself. In the pre-scene interview, the sub usually discusses the type of bdsm experience she's had in the past and what she enjoys the most. The post-scene interview usually consists of the submissives talking about what really worked well in the scene and what wasn't as great. Since the participants in scenes usually have amazing chemistry together, it seems almost everything works really well! The subs are always enthusiastic and want to do more scenes with the site in the future.

Multiple Video Formats

Electrosluts offers its members more than one way of viewing the videos, starting with streaming video. You can watch all of the movies online instantly in a Flash video embedded right into the website in Low, Medium and High quality settings.

You can also download the scene in a series of clips, and those come in various download qualities that include 720p HD in Windows Media (1280x720 screens; 7 mbits) and Windows Media (1280x720 screens; 7 mbits). There are also alternative WMV and MP4 download options in smaller resolutions, including for mobile devices.

If you want to download the movie in its entirety, you can do so in 720p HD WMV files (1280x720 screens; 7 mbits) that look fantastic.

Very High Quality Videos

The videos vary widely as to their run time; I saw one as short as 17 minutes, while another was almost 90 minutes in length. The videos usually last between 20 to 30 minutes run time though and they are all very good quality. Of course, you expect that when the format is in HD, but the video formats that aren't in high definition are also very good. The audio quality is good, too, so you can hear whatever dialogue goes on between the dominants and the electrosluts. There might not be much in the way of speaking, though, since a great deal of the sound comes from the screams, yelps, and moans of the submissives.

Great Pictures

Each scene offers zip downloadable photo galleries that contain high quality pictures. These open to low resolution (800 x 533) or high resolution (1200 x 800), and the galleries are also PicLens enabled. The galleries average around 150 photos in each, with some hovering around the 100 mark, while a few are around 300 and more. Sometimes they mix in screen captures with the pictures.

Good Sized Archive but no new updates in a while.

There are over 438 lesbian electro-play scenes inside. Membership, which if you join through us is discounted, also includes access to all the sites. This adds a huge amount of content and value to your membership.

Easy Navigation and Bonus Access

Electrosluts offers very straightforward navigation, with links to the latest updates, Store, Forums (somewhat active), and Kinky Deals. As mentioned above, you also get access to all the Kink Unlimited sites at no extra cost. That means thousands more exclusive scenes covering a wide variety of BDSM.


I really like Electrosluts. Put out by the well regarded, this site is sure packs a wallop, thanks to all the lesbian electro-play. You get full access to and all of its 29 kinky sites.


I haven't seen other sites that deal strictly with lesbian electrical play. The one other site that is focused on the electrical part is Wired Pussy, which is included with all the other Kink Unlimited sites as a free bonus when you join here. So if you want a lot electrical action then this seems the place to go for it.

If your bsdm tastes are more varied, then there are many other sites to explore as well as other producers.

Sites like The Training of O, The Upper Floor and Divine Bitches are all huge and showcase the skills and quality that can put into their productions. These sites are all sold separately, and most offer some combination of weekly updates and live shows.

Wasteland is another bdsm producer that offers a variety of HD downloads and action, including a decades worth of productions that are very high quality.


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Total average: 82.9/100 Our score: 84.0/100

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