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The Upper Floor review

- 1st revisit

Summary: The Upper Floor has gone on to mature and grow since our first visit in 2010. Now it's home to 280+ downloadable videos, an active community of followers, and still presenting new, intense BDSM events broadcast live from the manor on a regular basis. With HD playback and lots of live feeds, The Upper Floor really offers a different experience, one where you get to see the fantasy of BDSM literature brought to life in a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle production.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-07-12

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Intro promises

"Real slave training 24/7!"

- HD Video
- Weekly updates
- Live shows
- Authentic BDSM Community

First impression

The Upper Floor is one of the most intense and full-featured BDSM sites on the network. Here they have created an authentic BDSM community of sexual service, real S&M and hardcore bondage. House slaves pleasure the masters in a strict and hierarchal society that lives within the walls of the Kink palace.

The site is most focused on its live shows, broadcasting long, live events at the house including dinner parties, breakfasts, slave training and much more. For those who cannot tune in live, there are recorded archives to download or stream online after the fact. The tour promises weekly updates, forums, and provides a lot of additional materials that describe the house's organization among other things.

Our last visit left us more than impressed. It has been two years since that day and the site has been very active since. Read on for an in depth review of what The Upper Floor is offering in 2012.


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Our opinion

The Upper Floor is in many ways's crown jewel. After purchasing the castle-like military Armory building in the heart of San Francisco, they had an incredible space and a unique opportunity to bring to life the sort of 24/7 D/s fantasies from BDSM literature such as The Story of O and Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series. The Upper Floor is the site they built to bring that fantasy to life and record it, streaming events live and archiving past events in HD for downloading by members.

Unique & Totally Authentic 24/7 BDSM Lifestyle

Upper Floor Slave girl trainingThe mission is simple: create a space for a 24/7 alternative lifestyle (BDSM, D/s relationships). To that end they've redesigned the top floor of the armory to look like an Edwardian mansion. The lush crimson curtains, mahogany furniture, luxuriant throw rugs and other details really bring this setting to life. It's the perfect environment for the masters and slaves to interact and spend time together.

Some of the masters/slaves have long running relationships outside of The Upper Floor but others do not. In their information they talk about how it isn't a true 24/7 or 24/7/365 contract with the slaves because of how everything is set up. But that doesn't compromise the intensity and reality of the content here. You'll see a wide range of events, many lasting for more than two hours, which feature a mixture of sex and BDSM acts. Slaves are toyed with, passed around, fucked and cummed on, then sent away to bring more wine or serve the next course at the table. There's the use of suspension and toys to torture and inflict pain on the slaves. Other episodes focus on the training of new girls or guys and teaching them what's expected. It's a very real and intense world you'll step into in the members area. With live streaming, the lines are blurred further.

Live Events & Live Cams

The Upper Floor is broadcasting all day every day. There are cams set up in the various parts of the mansion that you can watch whenever you're logged in. These are just static cams in the corner of the rooms and that sort of thing. Throughout the day you'll see things happening.

saran wrap bondage at the upper floorThe real interest is the events, which are also broadcast live but not with web cams. Instead they use real, high quality, HD cameras - think reality TV.

The schedule for the upcoming shows is published well in advance - there are 3 shows in the next 10 days at the time of my visit. "Shows" is really the wrong word to use here, though. They are events, organized, with multiple slaves, masters and guests attending. The action can move from one end of the room to the next, focus on one slave and her master then switch over to another. It isn't a simple, single 'show', but instead the slaves go through various things in the span of the 2+ hours most of the broadcasts usually last for.

In terms of the BDSM action you'll come across everything - bondage, blindfolds, gags, fuck machines, suction cups, electrical play, crops and whips, and hardcore sex.

A Huge Library

There are 280+ archived videos with galleries at the time of my visit. These are edited after the fact, so that you might have two videos from the same event that show different happenings - a slave's birthday party separated between her birthday beating in part one and her birthday fuck in part two. In the span of a month 4-8 videos are added, the result of constant live events being scheduled and then archived after the fact.

720p HD Video & Other Options

You can save the movies here in 720p HD MP4 or Windows Media downloads. The former are the higher quality of the two options. Both have 1280x720 screens but the MP4 has a higher 4 mbits bit rate compared to the WMV's 1.5 mbits.

You can save movies in standard definition downloads, too. There's another Windows Media file to grab with a 960x540 screen (1 mbits). You can also grab an MP4 that's ideal for iPads and iPhones with a 512x288 screens (1 mbits).

Each video can be streamed online in an embedded Flash video with a great quality playback. Each also comes with a large picture gallery to look through online or download. The images are high res.

The BDSM is Intense (so be ready)

live slave training and ass paddlingYou will see real tears, real welts, real pain in these episodes. In the downloads they even include a warning now saying that these are professional, trained masters and slaves and not to try it at home, in so many words. If you aren't ready for such an intense experience, this site can and will overwhelm you.

Site Navigation Could Be Improved

The site lets you browse through past updates by date/views or using categories for ethnicity, age group, hair color and that sort of thing. More tools would be helpful, because the library is pretty large and incorporates a lot of variety.

"Raw" Footage is Streaming-Only

If you want to see the raw footage from the event just like it was broadcast you can. You'll have to settle for viewing it online in an embedded Flash video player, though - there aren't downloads for the raw footage.

The Upper Floor Porn Review Take-Aways:

  • \BBVery authentic 'slave mansion' settings.
  • \BBLive events scheduled regularly, lasting hours, featuring multiple slaves and intense BDSM.
  • \BBPast shows are archived in 720p HD, and the site is very large.
  • \BBMembers area could have more browsing tools/features.


A unique combination of live, hours-long shows and downloadable videos of a real BDSM lifestyle.'s The Upper Floor really surprises and delights. Enthusiasts of the lifestyle or just those with fantasies like those in BDSM literature will find the site's content exciting and erotic. The high quality media options and the excessive attention to detail that goes into preparing the mansion, the slaves, and the events truly makes this site something utterly original and unique and worth experiencing for yourself.


There really isn't another site like The Upper Floor out there, so in terms of competitors we'll have to settle for other quality BDSM collections that are available online.

Dominated Girls and other BDSM sites from the 21 Sextreme network are worth checking out, but while they star hot European girls and some extreme fucking, the BDSM elements aren't always as authentic or as extreme as what you see at The Upper Floor.

Check out Shadow Slaves for a very real and very intense BDSM site that includes corporal punishment, bondage, humiliation and genuinely deep bonds between dom and sub.

Wasteland is another large collection of BDSM content on the internet that offers a big bang for the buck.


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