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Teens Legshow review

Summary: Teens Legshow offers a bunch of teens showing off their legs and other body parts in various positions. Both pictures and videos are available. Not all content is exclusive. Unfortunately everything suffers from compression artifacts degrading the picture quality somewhat.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2008-02-25

Foot-fetish, 18-23, Fetish


Intro promises

"Every day, the teens-legshow studio scours the globe for the fiercest leggy teens, then films them for airing ONLY to teens-legshow members. That's right, you can't see these anywhere else. Do you want to be the only one who won't get to see these nasty delights?"

First impression

There are two breed of men, my father often told me, leg men and breast men. If you, like myself, find you're more the former than the latter - this may be the site for you. In addition, it will appeal to fans of the 'teen' niche.

Those who like it raunchy will be pleased to know that feet and legs aren't the only things on display here. I've spotted loads of hardcore action; though, it appears the majority of it is lesbian in nature. All in all, the tour shows promise of a versatile site. But, as we all know, only the member's area can tell the true story. So, off I go!


$19.95 for the first 30 days then $9.95 (recurring every 30 days)

Pay by Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, JCB, Discover) or online check.

Our opinion

Though the member's area is extremely amateurish in appearance (basic HTML and a nasty color scheme), this is merely cosmetic and easily outweighed by the site's functionality. You'll have no problem finding your way around here. And that's all that matters, right? A horizontal menu tops the page, proudly displaying its row of buttons: Home, Image Galleries, Video Galleries, Model Catalog, News, Board, and Support. In the center of the page you'll find links to various niches and, oddly enough, they all lead to their photo gallery counterparts.

I took this as a revelation from God and checked out the image section first. You'll be pleased to know that you get 27 categories to choose from. After all, variety is key, is it not? Whether you're in the mood for 'Hairy Teens' or lesbians, they've got you covered. Each category contained no less than 40 galleries and the 'Exclusive Content' had a whopping 180! The numbers of photos in each set vary quite a bit. They can contain anywhere from 40 to 200 images.

All of the photos are in the JPEG format and you can choose from two resolution options: High (800x1200, 115kb) and Medium (400x600, 150kb). These are well-lit, vibrant photographs. The 'High' quality option is plenty big, but not so much as to be obnoxious on smaller monitors. The Medium are a bit on the small side. Unfortunately all the pictures suffer from too much compression. Compression artifacts are far too prominent and there's no true high-quality option.

If you were hoping for variety in photo shoot location, you'll be sorely disappointed. The scenery does not change much from set to set. Most of these appear to be shot in some sort of studio apartment. Does it really matter? Hell, I don't know about you, but I watch these for the girls and not the 'exotic locale'.

Though some of the girls may appear to look older than 18-19, you've still got to admire the consistency in model quality here. They have a 'Model Catalog' which can be used to browse material by model instead of category. This definitely comes in handy for finding the cream of the crop, but it could have been better put together. I was hoping there would be more information about the girls i.e., short bio, measurements, and most importantly: their age! Unfortunately, we're treated to none of this. Gripes aside, these girls (all 127 of them!) are all real beauties and none of them are afraid to show a little leg!

One girl, in particular, caught my eye. Tonya's barely legal appearance and gorgeous smile are quite seductive. She also has thighs like a god-damn race horse! There's a nice cheerleader themed set with her, which I suggest you check out. It contains some dazzling shots of her long legs and adorable-love-box.

Speaking of which, whoever shoots these does get some sweet spread shots. They should consider renaming this joint 'Teen Spread Shot Show'. Seriously, this cat knows his pussy. He really gets the camera in there and catches each subtle nuance of the pussy. From plump, red, glistening pussy lips to vag spread so wide that you can see the girl's tonsils. I salute you, Sir!

All in all, I'd say each image section held galleries that accounted well for their niches. Together, they surely contain a staggering number of images. When you take this into account, they're, for the most part, pretty evenly dispersed. My only gripe would be that the foot fetish section has the fewest galleries. In fact, it only has 6! This is a shame because the ones it does have are exquisite - awesome sole shots and steamy girl/girl foot play. Why isn't there more? You've got to admit, considering the site's moniker, it is a bit shocking.

The video section, though omitting a few, has roughly the same categories. The number of videos per niche also varies just as much as the image section, if not more. And, once again, I'm saddened to find the foot fetish section to only have ONE movie. I guess it makes little difference... There's plenty of hot legs and feet in view.

The movies have an average running time of a thirty minutes. However, they're needlessly broken up - sometimes into as many as 16 clips. They're all in the WMV format, two minutes in length, have a nicely sized resolution (640x480), a bitrate of 692kbps, and clock in at an average of 10 Megabytes. Hey, breaking the clips is fine and dandy. I reviewed a site that had all movies broken up into 1 minute clips! BUT they also had an option for downloading the 'films' in their entirety. This site does not.

While these videos don't quite have that 'professional sheen', they're not that far off. The editing was pretty smooth and they even managed to throw in some creative camera angles. As with the pictures, the videos are also compressed too hard. This makes for a less than perfect, but livable, picture quality.

Sound quality, overall is good, other than a slight, hissing background noise that seems to plague all the movies. To me, this makes it an even bigger shame there's no option for streaming or downloading these in their entirety. In fact, the few videos I've seen that weren't broken apart were the ones extremely short in length.

The site also has news page, which is scarcely updated, and a php based discussion board where users can discuss site content; unfortunately, in the length of 8 months, it has managed to amass only two threads. So, if you do join, be a sport and make a post or two. Us porn fans gotta stick together, eh?


Teen Leg Show may not be the most polished or well designed site on the planet, but the decent amount of content somewhat makes up for it; There's loads of content to choose from. My main complaint is that all the content suffers from too much compression which makes the pictures appear lower quality than they deserve.

The updates are frequent though, the niches - plentiful and the girls are too young to drink! Oh yeah, and after the first month, a recurring membership is only $9.95 a month! Need I say more?

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