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Bang Me Boys review

Summary: Bang Me Boys is a part of the Brainpass Network bringing you gang-bang hard-core movies. A newer site that holds images as well as videos.

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Score 75.0 /100
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J C, 2005-10-15

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Intro promises

"5 Guys + 1 Chick = BANG!"

"Welcome to Bang Me Boys, home of voracious sluts craving cock like no other degenerated creature can.

You'd think they'd have enough with DP, or max with a third dick in their mouth while their ass and pussy gets pounded but... No... It's a GANG BANG or nothing!"

First impression

This company, BrainPass, hasn't steered me wrong in the past.
They have always loaded their sites with content and provided a great membership experience. I can only expect the same from this new venture. From the tour pages, it appears as if this material is being taken from their archives, rather than being shot just for this site. That's not to say this is a bad thing, but the older look may deter some people. Is that unreasonable? Let's see.


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Our opinion

Well, before you even get to the site, you're flooded with ads. The link to continue on to the site you signed up for is visible, but not as obvious or isolated as it should be. I can understand this technique with smaller companies trying to boost revenue, but a major player like the BrainPass people shouldn't have to resort to such things. Just because it's widely practiced in the industry does not mean it should be accepted.

The members section main page gives you all the links (Videos, Bonus sites, Network Update, Friends, Support) and the most recent video. I'd love to see more than one recent addition listed here, and I don't really understand the reasoning for not going that route. The listing for the new video gives a title, description, running time, number of accompanying pictures, the stars, several well sized and varied thumbnails and links to download high and low speed quality video files.

That's also what you'll find when you click on the videos section from the main page. For some reason there is no pictures section, but it's not a big deal in a site like this. The pictures are simply screen captures, which unless you have a slow connection and need this for a personal buffer... should be an instant throwaway. Oh, by the way. If you try to open one of the site's other sections in a new window, you'll be a little disconcerted to find that not only does that section open there, but it'll also have opened on the original page. Yes, here right clicking on the menu will sometimes be the same as a left click. I've never seen that before. It can be a little confusing and definitely a hassle.

The pictures are presented in a 4x4 table of screenshots. There aren't tons of pics, but there are enough and they are quite varied. Clicking on a pic gives you more navigation options. The site design becomes bare, but that's not a big deal. You can scroll through the links ten at a time, do the basic previous/next thing, and you can also do a slide show. Every five seconds, the next pic comes up. It's always nice to see that extra step taken. Unfortunately, the extra step wasn't taken in creating on set photos. I can understand why not, seeing as that would mean subjecting the girl to more gangbang action. Nonetheless, those who demand high resolution or original photo content will not find it here.

The video comes in 6 different styles. The Low Speed stuff consists of wmv at 56 and 128 as well as mpg at 350. The high speed is wmv at 228, mpg at 650, and the mother of them all, a wmv at 700. Even with all these options, what you won't find is an option to download the whole thing at once. It's parts or nothing.

It still amazes me how much of a difference there is between these sizes. The 56 looks like complete and utter ass. It's as pixelated as a Fisher Price camcorder. As you can imagine, the 128 is twice as good. However that still means the video is extremely pixelated. Let's call this the 8mm video tape version. At least now you can tell where her finger stops and his penis begins. Moving on, and the 350 mpg really doesn't look any better (and may actually be worse than the wmv 128). Here the pixelation affects the colors and it becomes more noticeable. So, let's call this the 8mm and the 128 the Hi-8. The high quality stuff does show improvements. The 228 version is still nasty, but things are getting clearer. The 650 mpg gives a slightly better picture than the 228 wmv. The 700 is definitely the one you'd want, but it'll take longer to download and isn't a massive step up from the other high quality versions. I would love to see them really come forward with an incredibly high resolution file. But the 700 should do the trick for almost everyone out there.

The video parts are a decent size, usually clocking in at over 4 minutes. The videos themselves are a little sad. The intro section consists of the girl stripping. That part is fine. That's a reason you pay for the site. But the music they use is so bad and no audio is heard from the scene itself at first. I also don't like how it switches to black and white every once in a while. It's like they transferred a copy protected version of their own tape onto the website. Once you get into the scene, however, you do get to hear the audio. It'll sometimes appear to be dubbed, which is necessary to make a shoot like this flow. The editing is fast and fierce. It bounces around as fast as she does. The camera stays on the action at all times, which isn't really all that hard considering how much action there is to see at any given time.

As for the other sections on the site.... Well, there's the bonus site section, where you can log in to all the other sites in the BrainPass family with your current login info. The network update section is what you see when you first log in. It tells you what sites have been updated most recently. Friends section is just ads. The store leads to just that. And Service leads to all your customer service needs and the company's FAQ.


This is one of the BrainPass' newer sites, and so it doesn't have a whole lot of content yet. The content that is there isn't always the greatest in terms of picture quality, but it's definitely manageable. I really enjoyed the camerawork on this site, which is something I can rarely say with any honesty at all. But the bigger problem I have is that none of the girls were really all that attractive to me. Before you join, check out the tour pages and see if these three-holed wonders are your style. If they are, then you should be able to really enjoy some long videos of them doing anything and everything you can think of.

Screenshots from Bang Me Boys

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