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X Confessions Review

Summary: Submit your own confessions and have them made into top-quality erotic hardcore by X Confessions. Or, simply join and view the stunningly beautiful movies that cover a wide range of niches, are HD, exclusive and come with images. There's as much interaction as you want, as much variety as you could wish for, and many hot and top stars in front and behind the cameras. If you're looking for top porn and want to be a part of something unique, then you need to join X Confessions.

Score 89 /100
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Luke, 2021-01-03

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Intro promises

- Exclusive and original
- Contribute your own stories
- Excellent quality movies
- 250 + movies in 32 categories

First impression

Erika Lusts presents X Confessions, a community of filmmakers, artists, performers and also viewers who love sex. If you're looking for a new kind of erotic experience, it's on offer here at a crowd-sourced cinema where your fantasies are turned into screenplays, filmed and presented. X Confessions promises to 'push the boundaries of fetish, lust desire and intimacy', but it also pushes members' involvement. These exclusive scenes come with BTS footage, the site is multi-platform suitable, exclusive, and employs many well-known directors and stars.


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Our opinion

X Confessions is all about raising our expectations of porn. It's more than your standard adult site because it offers members the chance to write their own fantasies, submit them, and then see the filmed results. Those movies are HD and startling quality with a cinema edge and professionalism, and they are available for members to stream and download in HD and mobile formats. On top of that, you have 51 top directors at work. Directors such as Erika Lust, Siouxsie Q and Casey Calvert giving porn a female perspective, and men like Hunter S Johnson, Gordon B and Popo Fan directing from the male point of view.

Along with the movies and photos, members can contribute their own ideas, see behind the scenes and get a feel for how classy porn is made. You can also view the known pornstars and talented newbies who appear on the site, guys like Michael DelRay and Natalie Mars, and with 222 models to browse through, there are plenty of familiar and new faces to get to know.

The first thing to say about the content is that it is all high-end, top-class porn. From the models employed to the style of filming, the photography to the sound and playback, you're looking at movies which, were it not for the explicit sex, would be screening in top cinemas and art-house theatres around the world. There are 32 categories of porn here, ranging from your classic couple-sex to trans models, group scenes, all kinds of fetish, gay scenes, lesbians, roleplay and taboo. But also in your list are more specific niches such as squirting, massage and even comedy. There's no one long list of movies, everything is category-driven, and you'll easily find that list from your main menu.

The 202 hardcore movies don't come with a viewing page as such. Select a movie from a category, and you find its description and some details on a page which is more like a banner. There, you find links to the photos and models, a trailer, downloads and a link to the stream. This stream opens to full screen and starts straight away. Movies run for around 20 minutes each and come with four resolution options, as do the Mp4 downloads. The lowest is at 270p for mobiles, and then you have 480p, 720p HD and 1,920 x 1,080 full HD.

Photos open in that first viewing page, and you click through them one at a time. There are no slideshows or zip files, but you can save solo pics at 1,428 x 2,000 px, or 1,825 x 2,738 px as sizes vary but are always large and high-resolution. The quality of these images is as good as that of the videos, and you can expect between 10 and 30 per set viewing in a slider.

As well as the 202 'main' movies, you have 53 behind the scenes movies which are interesting and informative. They don't have downloads, but come with a couple of HD stream options and, like the full movies, has a jump-through and back feature. They are fascinating and improve your understanding of how porn is made and what it means to the models.

As for updates, a Coming Soon feature showed me six new movies slated for the six weeks ahead of my visit.

Movies are found via categories, although your home page will give you a full list if you scroll down, allowing the page to expand as you go. The scenes are shown first with a banner and title, and clicking through, you find the full-screen stream options, the download list beneath the cloud button, and links to any BTS footage, extra info and a trailer, so that's all nice and easy. You can also find movies via the model index where the models have some info, social media links and links to their content. Under 'Contributors' in the main menu, you also find links to the lists of directors, photographers etc., and the artists who illustrate members' confessions.

I had no issues with navigation, though it doesn't work in the standard way. There is a basic search box for keywords, otherwise, you are led by the collapsible menu, and after a minute in the members' area, you understand how it all works, so it's no problem.

Members have the ultimate interactive opportunity here; confessing their deepest sexual desires. There is an area where you can read many confessions as sent in by members, and where you can also send in your own. X Confessions is all about this side of the experience, and the movies are based on what members want to see and what they have always wanted to experience. The Artists mentioned above illustrate some of these stories, some of which are short, others longer, so you can consider this part of the site as an extra.

The icing on the cake, however, is the offer of one year's free access to X Confessions if your personal revelation is chosen to be filmed. You will see how that works in this same area, and you'll also notice that other members can comment on what you write, and vice versa.


X Confessions does indeed push boundaries, not only in the style, class and sheer unbeatable quality of its productions but in the way it invites members to confess their deepest desires. Members do, and if yours is then made into one of these exclusive videos, you get a year's free access. That aside, you also have a large amount of top-quality, cinema-style hardcore, lesbian, fetish and gay porn made by some of the most innovative directors and artists in the business. With HD streams, downloads, images, info, top stars, hot models, and updates, I have to confess this is one of the best sites I've reviewed this year.


Finding it hard to think of other sites that do exactly what X Confessions do (and only coming up with those cheap 'submit your own GF' kind of sites, which don't compare in the least), I could only think of Met Art. This is a large and award-winning site that also gives us classy, cinema-style, high-end and glamour filming techniques with go movies and erotic hardcore. Right now, there are well over 1,715 videos showing you 3,738 models who also appear in 21,000 + image galleries, so you get a huge amount of content for your $14.99 per month.

Actually, the other day I reviewed Penthouse Gold and, because it's Penthouse, I felt I should say that at this site, you will also find top models and producers, directors and movies. It's also exclusive, but it doesn't have that member-involvement theme running through it, but it is a pretty high-end and glamorous site to check out. Also, it's only $19.99 per month.


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