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Fat Tongues review

Summary: Fat Tongues gives you pornstars partaking in hard-core fetish action. There are dildo-cams, toy-cams, thousands of images and also streaming videos.

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Score 50.0 /100
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Tracy, 2005-08-10

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Intro promises

"Welcome to featuring thousands of pics & streaming videos of the hottest girls and guys on the Internet. Cum inside for loads of action!

Dildo Cams. Voyeur Vision. Toy Vision. Thousands of live XXX video feeds. Straight, lesbian and gay XXX action. Hardcore threesomes. Who loves blowjobs and eating pussy! We offer the best deal on the net."

First impression

Fat tongues? In all seriousness, my first thought is that this might be a lesbian plumper site. How wrong I am! The tour page is populated with Playmate looking girls with beautifully large breasts, some dildo-strapping lesbians, and much hope for hardcore. From the promises, it almost appeared that anything might go on this site, but the flashy animated tongue and blinking text is leading me to think this will be a mega site with very little in the way of exclusive content. There's only one way to find out onward!


30-Day Membership: $12.95 (non-recurring)
2-Day trial: $2.95 (recurring at $12.95/month)
150-Day trial: $51.80 (recurring at $12.95/month)

CCBill will appear on credit card (Discover, JCB, VISA, MasterCard) statements. There were no other obvious payment methods.

Our opinion

Fat Tongues is indeed a site where anything goes! Whatever category you can wrap your mind around is located upfront on the member page. Video Galleries include straight, gay and fetish, and photos consist of 36 galleries with everything from hardcore, to teens, through big tits, lesbians and trannies. The downside is that all FatTongues video comes from 2 leased feed companies: AEBN and Pornholio.

Before I move onto the movies and photos, I just want to mention that the site is simplistic. There is no menu on the main page, but it is well organized in layout with concise headings like Video Galleries, Free Live Chat, Photo Galleries and XXX Story Gallery. Only the site banner flashes, and since this is at the top of the page, it is not too intruding.

Like the movies, Free Live Chat gives you a choice between straight, gay and fetish. Initial chat sessions are free, but you will need to pull out your wallet in you want any one on one private time. Additionally, there appeared to be 54 erotic stories, but all the links were dead ends at the time of my review.

Under each photo category, you will be linked to a list of pictures. There are no thumbnail options, so you just have to take your chances and click a filename, which will give you one picture. I checked out the Hardcore Babes category and there were 445 images in total. The TV/TS gallery seemed to contain the smallest number of photos offering 32, and many of the hardcore and model titles carried 100+ photos. All images are professional set ups with a clear image, and a high key lighting style that illuminates the action brightly. Each 800x539 JPEG is downloadable.

The video galleries, while a bit more complex to describe, are very easy to navigate. Once you choose between the categories, you are linked to another page. AEBN and Pornholio have slightly different set ups. Pornholio gives you access to a variety of titles like 'She Swallowz' and 'Holio's Backdoor'. There are 29 titles in the straight category, 8 in the gay category and 12 in fetish. AEBN seemed to offer fewer titles. When you choose a movie, you will then go to a new page with Pornholio, and each title has a different set up as far as I could tell. Considering there are 49 different navigational layouts, I will let you discover them all for yourself. What is common in both the Pornholio and AEBN feeds are the choices of streaming through Windows Media Player, or Real Player and Quicktime, and with speeds including 56k, 140 - 2245k or 512 - 600kbps. With AEBN you can watch clips, or the full-feature, whereas Pornholio only offers clips. Screen sizes in Windows Media Player were approximately 180x136, 240x180 and 320x240. Full-features are one to two hours, and clips varied around 10 20 minutes.

I am sure that watching these videos on DVD offers some great quality action, but streaming was simply ok or good. The Pornholio models were less overdramatic and more real, but there was a music overlay, which just never moves me to cum, particularly when the soundtrack overpowers the moans and sounds of sex. Images were a bit blurry, and while it is obvious that the movies are highly produced with great locations, top notch models, creative camera work and excellent editing, they don't translate to the net all that well. I found them blurry.

How often this site updates is not mentioned, and many videos look dated to me, so I am going to say that no matter how much they update, it's not enough!


If you want quantity over quality, then Fat Tongues may be your ticket, but to be honest I was frustrated with the site because of the seemingly dated movies. Big hair girls in straight videos and Village People style guys in the gay videos always seems to be an obvious indication that the videos are not recent. One benefit, and I am reaching, is that unlike many sites popping up these days, I was surprised to find that they offered movies for dial-up. I mention dial-up because I realize that many people have not yet moved into DSL or broadband, and there are fewer and fewer porn sites offering the option. There are dead links in the XXX stories section, and the photos, while quite good in quality are a bit cheesy from my creative point of view. While I have no doubt that you would get off on all the hardcore action that offers in the video feeds, I am even more certain that you would get off harder, faster and with more satisfaction on a site offering better quality, and exclusive videos. This site is fair at best.

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