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Hardcore Fiesta review

Summary: Hardcore Fiesta is a hard-core megasite. Images, screen captures and videos of hard-core content accompany 6 other bonus sites.

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Score 75.0 /100
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J., 2004-03-17

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Intro promises

"100% Hardcore," weekly updates, exclusive content, access to 6 other adult sites

First impression

Even the non-members intro page has a lot of previews... pretty nice ones, too. A frantically edited free preview video is a nice touch as well.


Credit Card (all auto-renewing)

3 day Trial: $7.95
30 Days: $24.95
90 Days: $59.95

Our opinion

The opening page is layed out innovatively. Apart from the toolbar at the very top is an update list of
everything on this site and its sister sites. That way, as a member, you only need to go to one to see if they've all been updated. A nice feature! Also listed are upcoming updates and an e-mail list so you can be updated about the updates. They love them some updatin'! The last five updates are listed with preview pics on the front and clicking on the tiny "Next" button at the very bottom brings you the next 5.
At this point, the update section at the top of the page would do well to disappear, but it doesn't. Oh well, I'll get over it. From the video preview pics you can choose High Speed or Low Speed video or Still Pictures and, in some cases, Photoshoot pictures.

The videos come in the following high speed formats (resolutions in parentheses): WMV228 (350X240), MPG650 (312X240), WMV700 (350X240). The higher quality the video, the higher the bitrate and therefore, the higher the size on the hard drive. All of these formats are perfectly acceptable and the WMV700 format hold up pretty well on full screen, with some obligatory pixelation. A DiVX version would be best, especially since the first two formats are so similar in terms of quality. The low speed videos, in essense, aren't worth your time.
A WMV56 (144X96) version looks and sounds like a miniature animated .GIF. A WMV128 (180X120) offeres a superficial increases in size and sound quality and the MPG350 (213X160) version looks and sounds almost acceptable. If you can spare the time, the longer downloads of even the low end high speed videos will save your eyes much squinting. The Still Photos section is simply screenshots of the video and is only good for reference, really, since you might as well watch them move. Unless you want to print them all out and make a flipbook. Good luck with that.
I also didn't see a video set with an available photo set, so all I have to review is video quality.

The content of these videos is, you guessed it: hardcore! Here's the format for all the videos (of which there are about 30 at time of this review): One or two guys fuck a girl on a bed and then cum on her face. Not exactly groundbreaking.

Sometimes they throw a curve like a lesbian video or some anal action, but it's all pretty standard stuff.
The videos are broken up into sections, which is very helpful, though thumbnails of each section would be even more helpful.

The video lengths are somewhat random (between 2 and 5 minutes each section), thought maybe someone's trying to do some editing by cutting the sections where he does. Without a length for each section, it's pretty much guesswork as to how long the video will take to download. But the server moves pretty quickly, so if you're on cable you'll have no troubles here.

Apart from the exclusive videos, you also get access to Hardcorefiesta's sister sites such as ChristineYoung, sweetAmyLee, PeterNorth, Silverstonevideo and ShelbyBell. Each of these sites is layed out almost identically to this one, so you'll have no trouble finding your way around. Apart from the prmium sister sites, you also get access to loads of thrist party pictures and videos (from all the big content providers like Holio), as well as some live sites and games sites. Not to mention a store to buy some DVDs of the girls featured in these and other sites' videos.


Hardcorefiesta is not exactly treading new ground. The suck-and-fuck format is long played out and, fiy uo're like me, you're looking for something a little more interesting. Or at least something with an angle ("Fiesta" couple have meant orgies or latinas or... something!).
I found the exclusive content on hardcorefiesta neither interesting nor angular and, while I understand that the format is still alive and well for many people, I feel that the discerning porn viewer would pass up this content without a second glance. And at $5 more than more interesting sites, they've got a lot of catching up to do to start catching those glances.


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