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Hardcore Sweethearts review

Summary: Hardcore Sweethearst features traditional boy/girl sex. There is both movie and picture content and especially the pictures look good. The videos are mediocre though and navigation is poor. The price is simply way too high.

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Mads, 2006-02-03

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Intro promises

100% exclusive full length xxx movies
Only the hottest teens
Intense hardcore action

First impression

“This is hardcore” is a song by a Britpop act named Pulp. Well... this site screams hardcore AND pulp. In other words; this looks like a classic stroll down hardcore lane. Fortunately it looks like a pleasure ride if one is to judge from the preview pictures and the neat graphical interface....


$4.87 For 3 Days Trial
$39.73 For 30 Days Membership

Payment by credit card, check, phone, mail or per minute
Credit card processor: Prolast

Our opinion

I think I just said “neat graphical interface” didn't I ? Well, I meant it, and this is also the case when you get to the members' section... at least that is the first impression you're left with. Along however with the way it seems that simply too many things are going on here content- as well as designwise... the members' main page is in fact great as it provides a great overview, and the movie section has a great dual feature of showing the pictures and video clips in the same window.

However, once you go deeper the logic gradually falls apart e.g. clicking a picture thumbnail takes you to the relevant picture section, but the link depth is flawed and doesn't necessarily bring you to the picture in question but only to the surface level of the pictures... this means a lot of unfriendly and completely unnecessary clicking on the visitor's part.

History unfortunately repeats itself when one tries to make use of the left bar navigation. Basically the design changes completely when moving to another section. Everything turns to popups and the navigational menus are lost which make you end up asking “Where the heck am I, what am I doing here and how on earth do I get back?” This is tremendously annoying and for most sane people this will be a frequent source of frustration as navigational logic is a necessity to 99,9% of all websites.

Turning to the content of the site it turns out that there're not that many hardcore sweethearts here yet. As far as I can tell the site currently has 10 models, however I must say that these models are indeed all fine looking and I can assure you that they don't seem to mind doing their business here, and on a personal note I'd take quality over quantity any time, so this is fine. But when I call it business I do mean business, 'cause I don't buy into the 'amateur' thing stated on the intro pages. These girls are pro, but whatever they are is fine by me as long as they perform well and enjoy themselves and it seems that they do.

The video clips are quite long (typically 3 clips with about 12 minutes of film each) and they can be downloaded or streamed with excellency. The overall technical quality of the video and picture material is okay. The videos have a bitrate of 866 kbps and they are optimized for 4:3 screen ratio with a 400x300px resolution, which works decent albeit not impressively. Though the clips show reasonably well in fullscreen resolution I definitely wouldn't go as far as to rate these standards excellent.

As far as the pictures are concerned they run in sections of approximately 110-130 pics a session and these are fairly well presented by 125x187px thumbs that are enlargeable to 800x1200px mode. This is well above average for this site (and other sites as well) as is the production in itself in terms of bright and sharp image quality. As such it turns out that the picture quality earns Hardcore Sweethearts a thumbs up!


Currently Hardcore Sweethearts is a site that aims towards serving the classic cocktail of well produced and distinctively hardcore ménage a deux – in other words; classical explicit boy/girl stuff. In this respect Hardcore Sweethearts pulls off a decent job particularly in terms of picture and model quality which makes this content a pleasant experience.

Unfortunately, the site battles a few serious issues in regards to other basic things; particularly the navigation is so poorly integrated that it really is a drawback to the overall feel and experience of the site, which is a shame. Furthermore, basic things such as accurate link depths and designwise consistency is close to non-existant.

Altogether, Hardcore Sweethearts ought to invest some efforts into a serious clean-up which would possibly make this site turn out as a hot prospect for any hardcore fan. As of right not the amount of original content is too limited and the overall quality is walking an awkwardly thin line between relatively acceptable vids and excellent pics which in the end is completely overshadowed by tons of third party material. All this may or may not provide hours of entertainment or frustration (?), but has little to do with original content as it is multisite shareware material.

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