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The Lucky Man review

Summary: Lucky Man is a hard-core site that's a part of the Brainpass Network. There are DVD quality movies and hi-resolution pics with all content being downloadable, updated daily.

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Score 75.0 /100
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CB, 2005-10-26

Hardcore, Movies, Videos, Mega-Sites


Intro promises

“...these men show you the meaning of luck as they bang 5 babes, or even more! You will see the unique exploits of these hardcore guys as one by one they become The Lucky Man...”

- Unlimited access to all Brainpass Network sites
- DVD quality movies and high-res pics
- Downloadable content
- Updated daily

First impression

Well, this is my first review of a Brainpass Network site. The Lucky Man focuses exclusively on group action with one guy and five or more girls. You also get access to 18 other sites in the Brainpass Network. How much original content will there be? How much of a bonus will the bonus content be?? Kinda hard to tell from the preview, as there are no real numbers thrown around. Brain Pass Network is getting good press in the industry, so it's time to find out what all the fuss is about.


1 month: 29.95 recurring
3 months: 59.95 recurring

Pay by check or credit card via and ccbill.

Our opinion

Logging in to the site takes us not to the homepage of The Lucky Man, but to a page of ads for Brainpass. This is not necessary, as you get access to the entire network with your membership. I also encountered a pop-up that managed to get past Firefox's defenses, which is kinda disconcerting.

The actual homepage (when I got to it) was clean and well designed, no clutter, easy to navigate. The videos are the main attraction, of course, and that's where I headed first. You have the choice of nine scenes in WMV and MPG formats, with both high and low speed options. Each scene is broken up into segments for speedier downloads, but there is no option to download the entire scene. Nine videos are not a whole lot of content for a site, but with an average running time of 40 minutes, and with at least 5 gorgeous women in each scene, there is a lot of variety. Anal, blowjobs, hardcore, toys, cumshots, and lesbian action, it's all here. The videos were quick to download, and the high-speed options (WMA at 700 or MPG at 650) were of a decent quality for the most part. I wouldn't bother with the low-speed options, they just don't look good enough to warrant a download. I really don't know why sites even give you the option of a low quality movie for a faster download...any porn connoisseur worth his or her salt will have a high-speed internet connection, and even if you didn't, why waste your time with something that looks like crap? This is just my opinion...

There is no dedicated photo section on The Lucky Man, the photos on the site are found in the Video section, next to the links for the various movie downloads. All of the pics are video captures, but, unlike most vid caps that I come across - slapped up in a haphazard fashion as an afterthought - these actually look ok, resolution-wise. Which isn't to say that they're great. Definitely no high quality photography here. You can't pay any attention to composition and detail if the pics are just coming right off the video, but at least they are organized nicely.

The Friends section is basically a “links” section, with some affiliated or related sites to check out. The Store section takes you to the Mallcom Mega Store, where you can spend your money on all kinds of adult items, from herbal supplements to vibrators.

Updates don't seem to happen that regularly (if at all) on Lucky Man, and in fact there was no update during the month that I had access to the site. However, there is a “Network Update” section, which keeps you current on the latest offerings from Brainpass. It just so happens that this is the same page I first saw when I logged on to the site. It seems that Lucky Man is more interested in promoting the network than itself. Which brings me to my next point...

Although the site you paid for only has nine videos and some mediocre pictures, you get full access to 18 other sites in the Brainpass Network, featuring sites from Peter North, Christine Young, Cherry Potter, and Lex Steele to name a few. That's right, I said full access. No crappy streaming feeds, actual access to actual sites with real content..

Although the pickings may be slim at Lucky Man, you can always check out the rest of the family.


On its own, The Lucky Man doesn't really hold any water. Nine videos are not adequate content for an adult site, but add the rest of the Brainpass Network and you have a membership that is worth the money you paid. This is kind of a strange situation, where the site you paid for is secondary to the network it belongs to. It seems that this arrangement is specific to the Lucky Man site, as the other sites in the Network appear to be updated fairly regularly and have more original content.

Join for the Lucky Man. Stay for the Network.

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