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Cuban Kings review

Summary: Cuban Kings is a new and original take on the Latina niche. The site stands out for going out and finding real Latina babes from Central and South America and filming them in high quality, hardcore sex movies. The content is not true HD even though it promised us that. But still it looks well produced and sharp. With currently 30 scenes, the site needs growth but is off to a good start.

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Jerry Fritz, 2010-08-31

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Intro promises

- Full 1080p HD
- High-res pictures
- All scenes in Spanish
- Zip file downloads for galleries
- 100% Exclusive content

First impression

Cuban Kings is a newer site that looks excitingly unique in the Latina category. A lot of sites will just throw together an all-american cast of girls with suntans and dark eyes and call them Latinas, but this site is really going the whole nine yards, scouting not just American cities like Miami, but digging into the fleshy metropolises of South and Central America. Just from the tour you'll spot girls from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia and Cuba! All of these girls are gorgeous, but have varied body types--though bubble butts are pretty much guaranteed. They seem to perform in a range of hard and fast action that includes anal and creampies, and all of this in 1080p HD, if you believe them.

I really want to believe them! I signed up and logged in to feast on this new collection of exclusive Latina porn. Read on for details about the quality of the content, the girls and the site as whole.


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Our opinion

What I think I liked most about Cuban Kings was its personality and how the crew here does things. The site's producers quite obviously have a sincere obsession with Latina pussy, and that love for the girls is translated into a high quality porn throughout the site. It starts with the girls, though.

The crew just knows hot to pick them! Anyone with a real lust for Latina beauties will appreciate the type of talent these guys have scouted out for us. There are some staple Latina porn stars that have been on the site, like Luscious Lopez and Mason Storm, but there were several fresh girls, too. I'm not so sure it is their first porn movie in all cases, but at least two movies I'm pretty sure it was a first for the girls. They are all beautiful, with golden olive skin, dark hair, dark eyes, tight bodies and supple curves. There were some very busty babes in the mix, but big tits aren't a requirement. So long as they are sexy and have proportional, tight curves they're going to make it into the library.

I really enjoyed the style in which they film the porn, which is a sort of reality/gonzo hybrid. They speak directly to the camera, always acknowledging it and making the camera guy's presence a part of the scene. Sometimes there is no acting, sometimes they have a little bit of scenario they work from, like a scene where Mason Storm is a sex therapist to a horny younger couple. Everything is in Spanish and without subtitles, though.

In the scenes you get a mix of everything from anal to messy creampies and group sex. The hardcore is very well done, the girls are played with and fucked well, and in every position you yourself would want to bend their tight little bodies into. Their asses get a lot of attention, and we'll see them jiggle and gyrate as they ride cock or get jack hammered into the floor. The sex goes down indoors and outdoors. Some POV camera work is part of many scenes, at least during blow jobs and interviews.

When I visited this site in the end of August 2010 it wasn't yet all that large. To be honest I didn't notice this right off, as I was pretty drawn into the porn scenes here. Each one is very well done, long (about 35+ minutes on average) and available in a handful of formats--but none are true HD.

I am certain every movie was filmed in high definition, but the files we can download and stream are something just a bit less than that. What happened is whoever resized and formatted these videos confused dimensions. Let's look at the MP4 HD option.

The MP4 HD has a resolution of 1080x606 pixels and a bit rate of 2.4 mbits/s. It looks very good, however, the WIDTH (1080px) should be the HEIGHT of the movie. If it were, the scene would indeed be 1080p HD. The same goes for the MP4 HQ option, which is 720x404 pixels and plays at a 2.0 mbits/s bit rate. If the same aspect ratio was maintained, and the movies had their widths as height they would be much bigger (1920x1080 and 1280x720) and would be HD.

If you got lost in all that don't worry about it. What counts is that they look great in quality, but aren't really big enough to be True HD. Got it? Good.

Your non-HD option is in Windows Media format and it has a 720x404 resolution and a 5.0 mbits/s bit rate. It looks great, too and should not be written off. If you want to stream movies you can do so in up to 1200x700 pixel resolutions in a Flash video player. This is the closest to HD as the movies get. The streams look fantastic but you can't skip ahead until the player has downloaded to that point in the scene. It downloads about double the speed it plays at, but still, sometimes I like to skim through or jump to the creampie ending. I can't with this player, at least not right away.

There were large picture galleries with every scene. Like the movies, these are somewhat less than high resolution, which was promised to us. Again it comes down to resolutions! They were 910x612 pixels at their largest, and though the images are crisp, rich with color and detail and very professional, they just aren't large enough to be high-resolution in my opinion. They still look fantastic, though, and you can download them in zip files that are provided.

There were no bonus sites beyond a blog that just has promotional pics from Cuban Kings on it.


Cuban Kings was just a little off with its HD and high-resolution content promises. It still looked great and came in a number of convenient formats. It is just slightly embarrassing when they really emphasize their true HD video claims throughout their site.

If you take one thing away from this review let it be this: if you really love Latina girls, this site is going to deliver a fresh breath of porn (and models) that is really hard to find in a saturated and often watered down niche.


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Comments from other readers

Mark G.
2010-09-01 02:42:48

I just joined the site, I love Latinas...These guys are bringing Latinas from every corner of Latin America. Like the reviewer said, the scenes have been shot perfectly, the way these guys film the hardcore is great. The video quality is excellent, The site is new , however, I believe the site is very good and if they keep delivering the same quality and bringing more hot Latinas..Cuban Kings will be around for years to come.

2010-10-15 02:59:01

Wow, I like this site. It is not the typical latina you can find girls from all over Latin america.he site is new, however they have right now a decent amount of videos. I would recommend this site to all the latina lover out there.