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Is there a more sought after type of exotic woman than a Latina? These amateur and pornstar Latina girls want to bring a little spice to your life with their perfect bubble butts and caramel colored skin. These women just have something the others don't, a womanish seduction in their every move and a sort of thinly veiled, constant sexual awareness, as if they'll strip down and suck you off at any instant, no matter where you may find yourselves. They are forever aware of their sex appeal and move and show off their assets proudly and to devastating effect. In the Latina category all of the sites work with these girls alone, from the USA, Central and South America. You'll get a wide range of hardcore and softcore action in the mix that celebrates the dark-eyed, dark-haired beauty of these ethnic hotties and their sensational curvy bodies.

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Total 19 reviews
  • Now: $14.95 Was: $29.95
    8th Street Latinas screenshot
    8th Street Latinas
    Date: 2021-06-28

    Summary: 8th Street Latinas has 290 movies mostly in Full HD. No new content has been added since January 2019. However, your membership includes full access to 19 sites all from the Reality Kings network. This network has 7,041 movies, and these come from sites such as Round And Brown and MILF Hunter.

  • Now: $9.95 Was: $29.98
    Oye Loca screenshot
    Oye Loca
    Date: 2023-05-31

    Summary: These guys wander Miami looking for the craziest and wildest Latina girls to take home and fuck. The girls show off their perky tits, make their big butts bounce while riding on hard cocks, and let total strangers cum all over their faces in the 1080p HD episodes. They update once or twice a month and as a bonus members here get access to 29 sites within the Team Skeet network, too.

  • Now: $14.99 Was: $24.99
    Mike in Brazil screenshot
    Mike in Brazil
    Date: 2019-10-26

    Summary: Mike has packed his things and headed for Rio, where he can get hands on with all those beautiful Brazilian booties. The girls in Brazil are much more free and open about sex, even if it's with a stranger, on camera, and involves them taking a big cock in their ass! You'll love the tan lines and big butts in the HD episodes here, plus all the bonuses: a network pass to enjoy all Reality Kings sites!

  • Now: $17.76 Was: $29.95
    Latin Adultery screenshot
    Latin Adultery
    Date: 2018-04-21

    Summary: They might be married but if their husbands can't keep up when it comes to sex they'll find men who can. These adulterous fantasies follow the beautiful and curvaceous Latin wives as they seduce their best friend's husbands and their neighbors, sucking their cocks, bouncing their big butts up and down their hard shafts, and swallowing their hot sticky cum. There are hundreds of fantasies in HD here and they update a few times each month. You also get network access as a bonus.

  • Now: $17.95 Was: $24.95
    T and A Latinas screenshot
    T and A Latinas
    Date: 2019-01-22

    Summary: Latina babes are known to be fiery and hot, sultry and sexy, and over at T and A Latinas, you have a good set of videos where the Latina babes show off just how sexy they are. Solos, lesbian scenes, hardcore and groups, it's all here and for a low-cost membership. There are 20 sites included as bonuses, and your access leads you into the Chick Pass Network.

  • Now: $17.95 Was: $24.95
    Ariella Ferrera screenshot
    Ariella Ferrera
    Date: 2019-05-02

    Summary: Ariella Ferrera went from gorgeous dentist to internationally famous porn star MILF seemingly overnight. Here you'll see why as she shows off her beauty, her big fake tits, and her lust for cum in exciting fantasies including gang bangs, lesbian group sex, and erotic solo masturbation scenes. The site is a decent size and comes with some great porn star extras.

  • Now: $14.95 Was: $29.95
    Leche 69 screenshot
    Leche 69
    Date: 2015-05-18

    Summary: Leche means milk in Spanish and these hot babes are doing their best to milk the biggest, hardest cocks in Spain. You'll find a sexy mix of girls from around the world plus local pussy sucking cock and getting fucked hard and deep in fun and original HD episodes. Stream, download and enjoy the constant updates plus an increasing number of bonuses the longer you stay a member.

  • Now: $17.47 Was: $24.95
    Hot Gold screenshot
    Hot Gold
    Date: 2014-09-03

    Summary: Hot Gold is a porn studio based in Portugal, so as you might expect they fuck a lot of hot Portuguese girls in their DVD scenes. You'll find hundreds of them here, and many star Brazilian or American porn stars, too. The sex tends towards the extreme here with anal and group sex common. They have a big library and they update with new HD scenes every other day.

  • Now: $14.95 Was: $29.95
    Mamacitaz screenshot
    Date: 2021-09-19

    Summary: I've just found a treasure trove of Latina porn neatly organised and coming with a mass of bonuses. Mamacitaz comes from Let's Doe It, the top Euro network of porn sites, and it offers five of their channels in one place. That means over 448 videos where Latina lushness is key, and with lesbian and hardcore, threesome and duo sex, it's got a lot on offer. Even our reduced-price membership access allows you to enjoy the rest of the networked content, adding huge value to a very valuable site.

  • Now: $14.95 Was: $29.95
    Carne Del Mercado screenshot
    Carne Del Mercado
    Date: 2021-06-28

    Summary: Latina babes are known to be hot and sultry, sexy and fiery and up for just about anything, especially if there's fame involved. That's why there are so many Latina sites out there, and it is such a popular niche. So, where do you start? Well, I was recently in the Lets Doe it network, and I found at least four sites out of their 43 that were on the Latina theme. Some of them are amateur Latina babes found on the street and simply invited to be in porn; that's the site Carne Del Mercado, and it's a one worth seeing for hardcore Latina reality amateur-babe porn.

  • Now: $14.95 Was: $29.95
    Tu Venganza screenshot
    Tu Venganza
    Date: 2021-06-28

    Summary: Hell hath no fury like… We all know that quote, but you can add like a Latina scorned to it if you want. That's what's going on at Tu Venganza, a site from the Mamacitaz network of sites. Often, these revenge sites are all about silly girls posting silly videos to shame their BFs, but this is a professional site with steaming movies. The girls play characters who are bonking their vengeance out on another guy (or a girl), and we end up with HD and exclusive porn movies of a good length, with a hint of 'I'm doing to this to get revenge' about them. Network access is included; take a look.

  • Now: $14.95 Was: $29.95
    Chicas Loca screenshot
    Chicas Loca
    Date: 2021-06-28

    Summary: Latinas are our favourite babes. It's not just the dark skin and the temperament, it's the way that they really get into sex and scream when they are fucked. How the babes at Chicas Loca don't get arrested then, is a mystery. At this hot site, from the award-winning Lets Doe It network, the babes are filmed banging and blowing out in public places. It's a great mix of outdoor sex with Latinas and general hardcore and comes with network access.

  • Now: $14.99 Was: $29.95
    Latina Sex Tapes screenshot
    Latina Sex Tapes
    Date: 2018-08-24

    Summary: Latina Sex Tapes is stocked with the best sort of "home video": porn! Hot latin girlfriends let their boyfriends film them stripping, sucking cock and having sex. The site has been building quite a library, nut no new conent has been added since December 2017. As a bonus, you'll also get unlimited access to the entire Mofos network of sites at no additional cost.

  • Latina Rampage screenshot
    Latina Rampage
    Date: 2017-12-09

    Summary: Curvy, sensual, exotic and sexy, Latinas are irresistible. The Bang Bros are especially addicted to Latin pussy, and at Latina Rampage they go all out. Hot girls from all over South and Central America are brought over to enjoy the monster cocks of Bang Bros, fucking wildly until the messy finales. There's a great buffet of carnality to dip your cock into here. Updates are made every week and you also get free access to the entire Bang Bros network as a bonus.

  • Now: $14.95 Was: $24.95
    Operacion Limpieza screenshot
    Operacion Limpieza
    Date: 2020-09-20

    Summary: Latina babes are often type cast and chambermaids, and maids are often typecast as girls who will do anything for the boss. Well, that's exactly what we have at Operacion Limpieza, a site from the Mamacitaz network of five Latina sites. It's exclusive content, HD and comes with mobile downloads plus some images, and easy access to the rest of the network. Check out the offer prices and you'll see you're getting a good deal on a decent set of Latina porn when you sign-up.

  • Exposed Latinas screenshot
    Exposed Latinas
    Date: 2019-08-17

    Summary: Who can resist a Latina babe when she's fired up and ready to go? None of the hung guys who appear on Exposed Latinas can, that's for sure. This site we've just found and looked at comes with a small but hopefully growing set of videos and galleries, currently offering 83 in HD, with mobile files too. It's a generic and mixed site with everything from auditions to threesomes and amateurs to some returning girls on their way to becoming Latina porn stars.

  • San Diego Latinas screenshot
    San Diego Latinas
    Date: 2009-02-24

    Summary: San Diego Latinas features hot latin girls aged 18-25 in mainly solo masturbation videos. Some videos include hardcore action and interviews. Content is available in good quality photo galleries and low quality videos. The low video quality is one of the few negative aspects about the site together with slightly unfriendly navigation.

  • Now: $19.95 Was: $29.95
    I Want Latina screenshot
    I Want Latina
    Date: 2005-07-13

    Summary: I Want Latina is a hard-core Latina site featuring pornstars, and it's part of a megasite. There are hard-core Latina movies and screen captured images along with bonus content.

  • Chicas Place screenshot
    Chicas Place
    Date: 2010-05-13

    Summary: Chicas Place is dedicated to the amateur Latina MILF Chica. She and her husband Dave have been filming their sex and uploading it to the net for almost a decade. This hot and busty MILF does it all, from posing and teasing to girl-on-girl to hardcore anal sex and warm cum facials. The collection is large, offers true 720p HD downloads and many other options as well. Updates seem frequent and Chica appears on a weekly cam show.

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Total 19 reviews