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Barbis Slutty Adventures review

Summary: Barbi is a platinum blonde MILF who is very much into threesomes and swinging. And luckily she is also into filming it and providing her Slutty Adventures on her site. Overall the quality is good, and updates regular, but the archive is not all that big.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-03-11

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Intro promises

“If you would like to see me acting like a slut, having sex in public, doing threesomes & gangbangs, flashing strangers, receiving cum facials & more, all you have to do is join now! 100% AMATEUR I could be your sexy next-door neighbor, the sexy woman wearing a very short skirt at the mall, or the woman flaunting what I have at the gym!”

First impression

I’m making it a point not to make any doll puns during this review of Barbi’s Slutty Adventures, a site that documents the sexual (or “slutty”) adventures of Barbi, a “one hundred percent amateur” wife and young M.I.L.F. who likes “doing threesomes” and “receiving cum facials.” So don’t expect any references to Ken or Barbie’s Dream House in this review — I’m a professional and I don’t need to make lame pop culture references to keep my audience amused. So! Barbi, with her blonde hair and plastic good looks, is one toy you’ll want to take out of the package and play with! It’s a good thing, then, that Barbi’s husband enjoys watching her play with so many different boy-toys. It’s also a good thing that the couple enjoys sharing their shameless sexual adventures with the public. Barbi brags that “[her] husband likes to watch, I bet you do too,” but is her boast warranted? Or is Barbi completely full of shit? And who killed Mr. Boddy in the study with the candlestick?! Let’s find out.


Monthly: $29.95 (recurring)
Multi-Mo: $59.99 (3 months, non-recurring)
1 Year: $99.99 (non-recurring)

Now excepting VISA as a billing option thru CCBill.

Our opinion

Enter the members area of Barbi’s Slutty Adventures and you’ll be greeted by the latest news and the most recent adventures. All of the exclusive content on the site can be accessed via the navigation menu at the top of the page, which provides links to photos, a bunch of erotic stories penned by Barbi and her man, videos and links to sites Barbi recommends to her members. There’s also an “about me” section, where members can learn some fun facts about Barbi; for example, did you know that Johanne Brahms wrote Barbi’s favorite classical piano piece? You do now, tuff guy! There are also “slut stats” which detail Barbi’s recent sexual activity (Barbi has already flashed twenty-four guys this year!). Anyway, Barbi’s Slutty Adventures is updated every Thursday with new content.

Currently, there are fifty-two photosets on Barbi’s Slutty Adventures. There are roughly fifty normal-resolution photos in each gallery; these photos can only be downloaded one at a time (sorry, no fancy ZIP files or slideshows at Barbi’s Slutty Adventures). The photos look decent enough and document solo stripping, masturbation and hardcore. Most of these photosets are from 2006 and 2007, though there are also a handful of pre-2006 photos taken by an old boyfriend.

Currently, there are just twenty-five videos on Barbi’s Slutty Adventures. These videos can be streamed in two speeds (high and low) in Windows Media. The videos look pretty good and average about ten minutes in length. The vast majority of these videos document hardcore fucking, but there are also a few flashing vids thrown into the mix for variety’s sake.

Sadly, there is no bonus content offered to members of Barbi’s Slutty Adventures. I blame an uncaring God for this latest tragedy. Shaking my angry fists at the sky, I declare, “WE ARE NOT YOUR CHESS PIECES!”


A relatively new site, Barbi’s Slutty Adventures doesn’t have a whole lot of slutty adventures on it... yet. Adding insult to injury, there’s no bonus material to make up for the lack of exclusive on the site. However, if the site continues to be updated every Thursday as promised, then there should be plenty of exclusive material in the archives to warrant a membership to this site, especially if you like blonde M.I.L.F.s. I’m gonna give Barbi’s Slutty Adventures a “wait and see” recommendation for right now, kids. Also, it was Professor Plum who settled the proverbial hash of Mr. Boddy in the study with the candlestick, the dirty birdie. Shaking my angry fists at the sky, I declare, “I’ll see you hanged for this, Plum!!!”

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