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Cathys Craving review

Summary: Cathy's Craving is an amateur swinger site going back as far as 1998. This results in an immense collection of swinger videos and pictures on this mega-site. There's a number of sections each with its own theme like creampies, gangbangs etc.

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Fred Lake, 2007-01-08

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Intro promises

One of the largest amateur websites. Nine years on the net. High quality real-life entertainment. The horniest housewife on the internet. Updated every day. Sixty-thousand photos. Five hundred hours of video, DVD quality movies. 210 GB of entertainment. Ten updates per week. Cathy is not a model or dancer, but a regular wife and mom who has a huge sexual appetite.

First impression

You are dazzled at first because this is not just one web site, but six, or maybe ten, or maybe twelve or fifteen. It's hard to say, but there is a lot of content.

At the top is a menu bar for: Home, Updates, Coming Soon, Contact us, Help, and Survey. (They are considering a major site renovation over several months and are asking for input about how to change things.)
Below that bar are some small icons for Updates, News, Store, Bio, Diary, Cathy's ICQ contact number, and Cathy's next live cam show.

Below that is the "content" area, including ten different "departments" or maybe "web sites". It's not really set up as "site plus bonus sites" but more "lots of sites, but they're all about one woman doing lots of things." She's been doing it for nine years, so she's been around the block (not to mention every swing club, orgy, gangbang sites, and sex party there is) more than a few times. These content "departments" include: Cathy Swings (swinger parties), Creampie Cathy (the best creampie pictures from all of the other sites, Cathy just doesn't like condoms very much), Cathy Does Blacks (interracial, mostly gangbangs), Gangbang Cathy (which contains, guess what, gangbangs), Cathy and Friends (sample content from other webgirl sites, plus some parties involving Cathy and one or two other web girls), Craving Video (full length movies), BiSexual Cathy (girl-girl stuff), Kinky Sex (fisting, peeing, feet, stockings, object insertions, and double vaginal), Do My Slut (her husband's stories of watching his wife fuck everything with a dick), Blast From the Past (vintage Porn).

Below THAT is a selection of purchased content and samples from other sites including movies, live cams, photo galleries, E-zines, and dirty stories.

Below THAT is the copyright notice and, thankfully since I'm exhausted by now, the end of the page. WOW, that's a lot of stuff to check out!


One month $24.95 (non-recurring)
One month $24.95 (recurring at $19.95 per month)
Three months $44.95 (recurring at $44.95 for 3 months)

The cost is $24.95 per month. You have the option to sign up for non-recurring or for recurring at $19.95 per month. You can also join for $44.95 for three months (recurring). You can join by telephone, on-line check, mail in a check, or credit card (CCbill).

Our opinion

Every porn dog who has cruised the free sample galleries (MILFs, Matures, Creampies, Orgies, Gangbangs, Swingers) has seen Cathy. She's blonde, middle age, no raving beauty but hardly ugly, curly-frizzy hair, a good body, often wears glasses, and almost always has sperm dripping out of her pussy. She's never going to win Miss America, but she is one horny slut, arguably the horniest slut of them all.

For this review, we will focus on the main "departments" and leave you to explore the bonus and extra content on your own. Let's start with a survey of the ten "departments".

CATHY SWINGS: This has material grouped into categories of 1-on-1, threesomes, orgies, sex with site members, fantasy, solo, orgasms, and stories. Each category has 10-20 "scenes" and each scene has 40-100 photo and 2-5 videos.
CREAMPIE CATHY: This has material grouped into categories of singleload (38 scenes), double take (26), multi-pies (20), sloppy seconds (28), anal pies (21), clean up (25), photo extras (over 100 money shots), and video extras (14 clips).
CATHY DOES BLACKS has material grouped into categories of 1-on-1 (29 scenes), Group Fun (25), Gang Bangs (9), Pictorials (4), Hubby Tells All (6), Stories (11), and a photo album (100+ photos).
GANGBANG CATHY has material grouped into categories of 3-4 guys (12 scenes), 5-8 guys (13), 9-12 guys (7), 12+ guys (8), all black (9), Hubby tells all (2), and Stories (10).
CATHY AND FRIENDS has material grouped into categories of Featured friends (10), Amateur Friends (15), Web Friends (50), Group Fun (5), Other Amateurs (39), and Stories (6).
CRAVING VIDEO has videos grouped into categories of 1-on-1 (26), Threesomes (25), Gang Bangs (30), Group Fun (23), Girl-Girl (34), Member (12), and Bonus (61, most without Cathy). Note that if you are into pictures, not video, each of these movies (except for the bonus ones) includes six sample frames. However, these are in fact longer videos of the scenes in other topics.
BI-SEXUAL CATHY includes girl-girl scenes in categories of 1-on-1 (33), Group Fun (12), Girl Orgies (6), Fantasy Fun (3), and stories (7).
KINKY CATHY includes scenes divided into categories of Fisting (17), Peeing (12), Feet (14), stockings (5), inserting objects (18), gaping (5), Bondage (7), Squirting (5), assorted other (9), and double-vaginal (3) which Cathy calls DPP or Double Pussy Penetration.
DO MY SLUT is stories with photos and videos by Peter (Cathy's husband) where he narrates in real time what other men are doing to his wife. This includes Hubby Tells All (10), Peter's favorites (16), Questions & Answers (with photos, and you do find out if Cathy really likes eating cum), and how to sign up to fuck Cathy.
BLAST FROM THE PAST includes photos and some video that was done before the internet. Cathy and Peter started swinging about 1986 and sometimes documented their experiences. The categories include anal (11), Cum (7), fucking (9), Group sex (10), Interracial (13), Oral (7), and solo (16).

Now, there is some duplication between the sets. The Hubby Tells All versions are different points of view, and many creampies from various departments are duplicated in the creampie department. Also annoying is that some of the files are old content that has been "updated" (whatever that means). Annoyingly, the claimed pace of constant updates is not really happening. I guess they're counting the "other web girls" and "bonus" stuff. As for core content, there isn't a lot of new stuff (a few a month) and half of the "updates" are old content being recycled with a few new photos (or sometimes with larger and clearer versions of the original uploads). Even eliminating the double-counting, however, you are getting a ton of content.

The photos have been done over 9 years (on the internet, the "past" section has some going back a decade further) and vary slightly in size and quality. Most are 900x1200 pixels and spectacularly clear and explicit. When you go down from home page to department to category to individual scene, you are given the option to select video, photos, slide-down, or zip files of the photo sets in two sizes (600x800 and 900x1200). Selecting photos takes you to a gallery of 20 photos, with clickable numbers at the bottom to get to successive groups of 20 photos. (The last gallery could have any number, of course.) One annoying factor is that once you're actually looking at a photo, there are no buttons for "next photo" or "previous photo" or "next gallery" or even "return to gallery". That's something for them to fix in the planned update.

The videos will download (in two sizes as MPGs) or stream (in three sizes as WMVs, and requires you to re-enter the password and user name). Most of the "scenes" come in several short clips (about five minutes) but there is a "department" where the short clips are combined into one huge one.

The action includes everything you see listed above, and more. (There is at least one glory hole scene with multiple cum loads plus fucking, and a couple of scenes with a sex swing.) A lot of cum goes into Cathy's pussy, but plenty more goes into or on her ass, mouth, face, tits, and anywhere else. Other women in various scenes usually don't take creampies (but some do, and hunting through the "friends" files for creampies can be a hoot). Most of the content is exclusive to this site, but some of the content is done in conjunction with other sites (e.g., West Coast Gang Bangs) and appears on both. Then again, you've probably already seen (in a smaller size) a lot of this content on the various preview sites.


Cathy's Craving is an incredible megasite with a huge amount of swinging and creampie content for a reasonable price. As long as you don't mind the fact that the woman you see most is not a drop dead gorgeous fashion model, why would you not be checking out this site?

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