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Barbi's Slutty Adventures Review

Barbi's Slutty Adventures Is No Longer Available

Find another site in our Personal-amateur category instead. We keep the review online for historical reasons.

Summary: Barbi is a blonde amateur MILF with a cute face and toned body. She is a self proclaimed hardcore slut and she displays all of her slutty swinging adventures fucking guys on her website. Content is provided as good quality videos and nice looking photos.

Uli, 2008-07-15

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Intro promises

- "I am 100% amateur! 100% real! 100% MILF! 100% slute wife!
- I could be your sexy next-door neighbor, the sexy woman wearing a very short skirt at the mall, or the woman flaunting what I have at the gym!

If you would like to see me acting like a slut, having sex in public, doing threesomes & gangbangs, flashing strangers, receiving cum facials & more, all you have to do is join now!

- This is a hardcore reality site. NO role playing here!
- Exclusive High Resolution Vids & Pics
- Updates troughout the week
- Wide variety of niches that include Flashing, Gangbangs, Interracial..."

The preview has a lot of naughty pics and small screenshots from videos. This looks really promising and really hardcore and underlines all the promises above. Sadly there is no original sized stuff in the preview.

First impression

A big site with lots of stuff, endless series of pictures and masses of movies. Both in good quality, lots of strip-series among the pics.


$ 0.00for (NON recurring)

Our opinion

Like most personal sites the most important question about their appeal is depending on the featured model, well, no reason to worry here: Barbi (why the heck do I think of Barbie dolls whenever I look at her...) - her real name is Barbara, is a very beautiful blonde MILF wife with a great body, nice tits , great ass and pussy. A hottie who - concerning sexual action - obviously leaves nothing out. Fucking different guys (including interracial) in any position, anal sex, lots of blowjobs, lesbian action, dildos, indoor/outdoor and whatever you might think off is familiar to her. But there are also a lot of simple strip series with unnumbered different locations, so it's not all hardcore that's here.

Many sites (both amateur and profesionals) take movies and pictures at the same shooting. That's no the case with Barbi's site - there are some picture series that have an accompanying movie, but most don't. Reason for this might be it's Barbi's husband alone who produces all the stuff. This has an interesting consequence: I estimate ~20% of all picture series are hardcore (the rest are strip scenes or different nudie pics), but around 80% (perhaps even more) of all movies are hardcore.

The pics nevertheless look beautiful and give you a chance to admire our main feature of the site on her own. They have a very good amateur quality, obviously done by somebody understanding how to do photography. No spoiled pics her, none too dark, too light, bad clipped, blurred or anything like that. Just good work. Their resolution is ~1185x800 pixel with low compression resulting in quite big files (200 - 450 KB each). At the moment the whole site presents 190 picture series of Barbi plus 12 scrapbook-series each with 50 to 150 pictures - that's a grand total of marvellous ~20,000 pictures! This number is even steadily growing - new series are added on a regular weekly basis.

The situation with the movies is about the same: Althout all movies do have the standard NTSC-resolution 640x480 pixel, they were done with a digital camera and not spoiled by too hard compression or a data rate being too low (a good 1600 kBit/s), which results in a very acceptable picture although not being HD of course. The movies can be very long (up to 50 minutes) and also can be quite big files (nearly 600 MB). They are available in three types: WMV-high resolution as described, WMV low-resolution (also 649x480 pixel, but only 128 KB/s birate resulting in a much lower picture quality) and .mov for iPod (320x240, 88 KB/s datarate). Barbi's site features a real big lot of those movies - when doing the review I counted 95 different takes. That's a respectable amount of data!

The site has some extras: At first a membership to Camhotties with Barbi doing Camshows there - sadly at a bad time for us people being on the wrong site of the pond. Furthermore links to a lot of sites like Barbi's each with some picture series or movies. Third a big bunch of erotic stories, mostly written by Barbi herself. A store where you can Barbi stuff like DVDs, used lingerie, photos and so on.

The site has a colorful design full with lots of elements, perhaps even a little bit overdone. Navigation and handling are ok - all the picture series are organized by year and the movies simply in chronological order. The picture pages present thumbnails that open the picture directly, not on separate pages. The movie sites are organized even simpler: You can replay or save the movies directly from the pages without any hassle. All content (pictures and movies) is downloadable without any hassle too. Sadly there are no ZIP-files available on Barbi's site.


The three most important topics on Barbi's Slutty Adventures are good and approved: Barbi is a great and sexy amateur performer and quality as well as quantity of the available stuff are top.

This site is good and worth improving to become even better - with some improvements I could even see a better rating than it got now: At first the site needs a better softcore-hardcore balance between pictures and videos, i.e. there should be more hardcore picture sets. Next downloadable video recordings of Barbi's camshows would be a cool feature. And in the long run the movies should be changed to HD-resolution. And what I really miss are the ZIP-files, which would improve the usability of this big site really much.

Screenshots from Barbi's Slutty Adventures

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