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Chicas Place review

Summary: Chica and her husband Dave love to film their sexual escapades on video. They seem to truly love each other and it shows in their videos. And there is a lot of video on the site as well as plenty of pictures. A good personal amateur site.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Joseph, 2006-10-13

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Intro promises

“Chica loves to have her picture taken right before a hot movie shoot... it’s like foreplay! Visit her high quality digital galleries. Chica’s exclusive videos are some of the hottest on the web. She will do anything on camera to make you cum! Chica loves to make daily entries into her private journal. Find out what she’s doing, when she’s fucking or even when she’s just hanging out. Chica shares her intimate thoughts with you.”

First impression

Meet Chica, a twenty-six-year-old woman living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Chica’s favorite movie is Interview with the Vampire and her favorite food is beef teriyaki. Chica weighs one hundred and ten pounds and claims that “polite and friendly people” turn her on. Oh, and she also likes to suck her husband’s mammoth cock while he videotapes her. Chica is one well-rounded individual!


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Our opinion

Chica is a petite raven-haired beauty with small perky breasts. Her site is called Chica’s Place, as I’m sure you’ve already gathered by now, and it’s rather easy to navigate (it should be noted that Chica’s Place is currently being redesigned, so it will probably look and feel completely different by the time you read this review). Chica’s Place has only been online since November of 2005, thus the site is somewhat lacking in content at the moment. Thankfully, though, the content here is fairly decent. Phew! We dodged a bullet there, people.

Chica’s Place is updated once a week with new material, which consists of videos of Chica masturbating and fooling around with her husband as well as still photos taken before each video shoot. There’s also a journal in which Chica shares her most profound and innermost thoughts (sample: “I’m almost embarrassed by how many times I masturbate”), a slightly amusing “Ask Chica” section where members ask Chica incredibly mundane questions about her sex life and a couple of links to offsite “sex personals,” live cams and an adult toy store where one can procure a new glow-in-the-dark vibrator to replace the one that Fido ate last week (bad dog!).

There are currently sixty-two photosets on Chica’s Place. There aren’t a lot of photos in the photosets — the earliest galleries average about ten pics per set and the later galleries average about fifty pics per set. The overwhelming majority of the photos feature Chica posing solo, but there are also a few hardcore sets. The pics look fine, but they aren’t terribly remarkable — the hardcore videos are the real draw of Chica’s Place.

There are currently two hundred and fifty-one video clips on the site — sixty-four pages of videos in all. The videos load quickly and can be viewed with Windows Media Player. The videos are cut up into short clips that usually clock in at around ten minutes or less. All the crystal clear videos were shot by Chica’s husband and he costars in most of ‘em. The clips mostly depict Chica blowing her husband or jerking him off, but there’s also plenty of solo masturbation and straight fucking to liven things up. Because Chica and her man are married, the videos are charming as fuck — you can tell these two lovebirds really like each other and the pair seems to genuinely enjoy making porn together. These two aren’t acting like they’re having fun, they actually are having fun! Most participants in porn are strangers who fuck for money but not Chica and her chico — these lovers fuck to express their tender feelings for one another...and also for money. It’s a beautiful thing.


Chica’s Place is endearing to even the most jaded of hearts (mine) — this is the kinda porn site you could look at with your significant other and not feel weird about afterwards (but if you actually had a significant other, would you really need to look at porn? And if a tree falls in the forest with no one around to hear its fall, does it make a sound...?). Chica and her husband are clearly in love and it’s sweet to watch them fuck the shit out of each other. Give this a site a year to grow and I bet it’ll be a real blockbuster (if Chica and her husband haven’t gotten divorced by then).


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