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Curvy Dreamer review

Summary: Curvy Dreamer offers a rare insight into how she feels about being overweight and gradually gaining weight during the latest years. Mostly softcore content, but decent quality images.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Melissa, 2006-09-27

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Intro promises

This girl is lovely, pound for pound she still radiates with a loveliness that will make you over-look the stretch marks and just enjoy the fact that she loves her body, so why shouldnít you? They present this site as a time table effect, taking you from her 122 lb. days of modeling on the web to her now present 236 lbs of prettiness, youíll get to see not only her body grow, but also the love that she has for bringing you the images that will make any BBW lover appreciate her personal enjoyment and courage. There is also a mention of video clips, weekly updates, bonus real life picture updates, her personal email and guest galleries of other hot BBWís.

First impression

Many people all around the world have that battle with the bulge, trying to keep their bodies looking like what society expects them to be, but my hat is off to this girl, she is her own woman, she is how she wants to be and also intelligent enough to know that there is a call for what she offers ... then and now, so why not combine it all and let everyone follow her growth. She doesnít call herself over-weight, she is a curvy, amateur model, and with a name like Dreamer, what could be more appropriate then naming her site, Curvy Dreamer?


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Our opinion

I have to start out my review with one complaint, and itís not against Dreamer herself, itís about the fact that as you navigate through the site you have pop-ups ruining the journey. I know thereís some silly reason for these, but for the life of me, I canít find any that would be as important as making navigation nothing but an uninterrupted time. But that was through the tour area of the site, so membership will eliminate those issues. The one thing that really stands out in my delving deeper into this site is the fact that she is so real with the viewers, she doesnít pull any punches as to how she feels about her weight gain, how she is just like every other person in the world, and a few extra pounds doesnít make her less of a human being. A human being with feelings and emotions that get hurt just like yours when someone says something unkind, but she is overcoming all the negative emails that are sent to her and still proceeds with putting herself out there for those that love her just the way she is.

Opening up the membership area youíre given basically one page that lists everything that she has to offer. Dating back to some old pictures of her, the smaller her, from 2002 and then progressing through the months until the recent date of this month and year. Youíll find approximately 6 updates under each header month, which breaks it all down nicely, but if you are looking for mainly videos, you wonít find that here, and what you do find... isnít easily found. Dreamer is more about the pictures, but scattered throughout, your eye will eventually fall upon approximately 5 scattered clips, around 9MB in size, played only in Real Media format, and they are ok... not really appreciated by me in full screen viewing, but the normal mode wasnít bad. It gave specs as being 150Kbps and a run time of nearly 2 ½ minutes.

Each of the image galleries seems to hold 55+ numbers in small thumbs of a large, lovely lady. Some are posed, and others are captured of Dreamer while sheís doing even normal household duties, such as cleaning the bathroom, so you get to see how her rolls... roll through the domestic actions as well as having her placed in provocative positions for your enjoyment. Youíll also get some dildo action as well. Despite this, I would consider the site to be softcore since she isn't actually naked in most of the pictures. And there isn't a lot of explicit posing - especially in the latest picture series. She talks about being married, and even supplies her hubbyís email address, so Iím wondering if heís the man with the camera filming her full figured body while the world enjoys her finesse with extra-ness. Some of the enlargements will present themselves in pixel sizes such as 850x638, and the quality is high, so youíll get vivid colors, and nice shots of all those spots that interest you the most. Not all images give full body shots, some donít show her face but concentrate more on the back half-moons, while others will capture an expression that tells you how much she enjoys posing for the camera, and she does with pounds of pride.

Curvy Dreamer lets you know throughout all of her write-ups, which really make for a personalized site, that she doesnít try to gain weight, she doesnít try to lose weight, she just remains comfortable and content with how she is and who she is and will continue bringing that to the world-wide-web for your enjoyment. How can you not appreciate and admire someone that has enough self confidence to do what she is doing?


Iíve given a lot of focus to Curvy Dreamer's weight issue only because thatís what she has done. She doesnít hide anything, and Iím not just speaking of the images and the handful of video clips that are offered, I mean, she doesnít hide the real her, what sheís feeling, thinking and trying to portray. Thatís what makes this such a nice personal amateur site, she really has put every bit of herself into this. The clips were ok quality, not many of them, but they presented themselves well, while the images brought you small thumbs with some high numbers in folder quantity, and enlargements that show you the smallest of detail to this larger woman.

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