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Deep Sabrina review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Deep Sabrina is a British hardcore amateur who is quite eager to show off her deep-throating skills as well as her squirting ability. The organization of pictures lacks a little, and video quality could be improved, but overall the site delivers its promises of kinky and hardcore amateur sex.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-05-26

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Intro promises

- Thousands of hardcore high-res exclusive pictures
- 10 GB of full length hardcore videos
- Gangbang live webcam action
- Updated regularly
- At least 9 live hardcore cam shows a month
- Videos also in MP4 format

First impression

Sabrina Deep made herself famous by having the largest webcam gangbang ever. On September 8, 2007, she had 8 hours of gangbanging with 80 men (or 77, as noted elsewhere). With "credentials" like this, I imagine her paysite is going to be full of a lot of raunchy and raw sex. One look at some of her descriptions on the tour - "ass2mouth," "extreme deep throat," "double penetration," and "pee" - pretty much says it all. This is one kinky and hardcore housewife!


$24.95/30 days, recurring
$60/90 days, recurring

Credit card and online check through CCBill.
Direct Pay for Europeans who don't have a credit card.

Our opinion

Latest Videos and Latest Galleries are the first things you see, in addition to a photo and a streaming video. These latter two change whenever you return to the home page. The one I saw was of Sabrina riding a horse; there was nothing sexual going on - thank goodness! At any rate, it was a nice touch to see her enjoying something non-sexual.

I decided to dive right into the videos; I watched the first video offered - Cum On Her Face. Wow, I could barely watch it because I think the camera person was running in place or something; it was really jerky and moving around too much. I actually had to fast forward it a lot to the action, so I wouldn't have to watch it too much and get a headache. It played in a 640x480 sized screen and was almost an hour long. The action was very hardcore and amateur. Sabrina, a female friend, and several males had one big gang bang. The one who was banged the hardest and longest was Sabrina. If you like you seeing women banged - literally - you'll love this video, although you need to take some motion sickness medicine before you view it. At the end, as you can imagine from the title, the men all jerk off on Sabrina's face. I don't think I've ever seen a face so totally plastered in cum. Sabrina's other videos had a better camera person, so they provided steadier viewing - no camera man on a pogo stick. Plus, the screen was slightly bigger - at 720x480 pixels. These other videos showed just as much hardcore action, but they weren't as long - around 20 to 30 minutes.

The video uploading dates were listed as May 21, 12 and 6; and April 30 and 27. Latest galleries were updated on April 17 and 8 and March 25, 19 and 15. The galleries contained pictures that opened to 1355x907 or 1152x768 and were pretty good quality. The amount of the photos in the galleries varied from 66 to 283.

On the homepage, there's also a countdown - right down to the second - on where Sabrina's next webcam show will be. There's a calendar off to the side that lists when her shows and bonus shows will be airing. Additional offerings include a DVD Theater and webcam show archives. Sabrina also writes about how her members can meet her in the flesh. She does date some of her members. If you want more of Sabrina, there's a Windows Vista Gadget that you can put on your sidebar so you know whenever she's on instant messenger, what she's doing that moment, etc. At least there's something nice about Windows Vista!

Sabrina also has a forum and blog. Lately the blog has been updated maybe once every week or two. Under Galleries, you'll find Sabrina's private albums. Pictures open to 614x819 pixels. They're just decent quality, and some are blurry. There are 76 albums with 5363 files. From what I can gather, that means there are 5363 photos. It is a bit hard to find what's new, but it seems that you need to go to the last gallery page to see the newest sets. She also has albums of her amateur and porn star friends, which are 3 albums and 237 pictures.

Under Videos, there are over 50, which are offered in WMV and MP4-iPod format. These are handily laid out with a title and a description. I suppose Sabrina could have added a thumbnail of she wanted to make it perfect, but the description will do. In here is where you'll find her "Record Gangbang" in three extracts. All of her videos, except for one, are downloadable. The one that isn't is in flash format and has deep throating, anal, objects, and pissing. She also shows bondage, bukkake, cum swallowing, penetration with all sorts of objects, double penetration, and squirting in her various videos.

Yes, Sabrina is one kinky woman, and she's proud of it.


Sabrina Deep is a very hardcore and raunchy website. If you like amateur porn with a woman who has absolutely no inhibitions, you will LOVE Sabrina Deep. The updates are regular, and the videos are full length - as in over 20 minutes. No advertising "full length movies," and they're only 10 minutes long. Many of these are well over 20 minutes in length.

Both pictures and videos are decent in quality, and shot in true amateur style. All in all, if you love hardcore, amateur porn with real people, Sabrina Deep is a great representative of this niche and this is one site you need to check out.


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