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Hotwife Rio review

Summary: Hotwife Rio is a very hot amateur housewife with Brazilian looks and a body to match. Solid quality content, lots of regular updates and an extensive archive of everything posted on the site, makes this a great amateur site.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Uli, 2006-05-01

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Intro promises

"Hotwife Rio - let me fullfill all your fantasies!" "Here at Hot Wife Rio, amateur sex pics and movies are our speciality. [...] My husband Tommy and I want to share all our sexcapades with you. Whether I'm sucking his cock, fucking him, or playing with someone else. My hot wife site is dedicated to role playing, dirty talking, hand jobs, blowjobs and facials, fucking my husband in every way, and having some of my hot busty girlfriends join in on the fun once in a while." "I do it all! Hardcore Sex, Oral messy facials, Anal, Swallowing, Girl-Girl, 36D-Titfucking, Blasting Handjobs and more!"

- Hundreds videos inside, playtime 15-20 minutes
- Thousand's of full size pics in my members area - very sharp, crystal clear, and very graphic with great closeups
- Live Cam admissions to Amateur Cam House, Amateur Camz Girls and Sex Cam Central Girls
- Platinum video feeds as bonus

First impression

A great amateur site! Seriously, what do you expect more: A very beautiful girl, very hot action, lots of content at good quality - a site worth to give a closer look! Well, so let's give it a try:


$29.99 30 days recurring
$59.99 90 days non recurring
$89.99 150 days non recurring

Payment processor is CCBill

Our opinion

You will all agree with me that there's no interesting site without interesting girls, because that's what it is all about. And Rio is definitely worth being mentioned when talking about beauties. A great slender body, great tits, nice ass, very sexy! A nice and impressive face with a slightly both girlish and exotic look. Did you read "my story" on the free parts of the site? There's mentioned that Rio is Brazilian - well, could be an explanation for the great look!

Second point of key importance is the action performed on the site. Rio's site is definitely hardcore. There is nearly the full range of sex shown on the site. Starting with hot lingerie, strips, showing it all, dildo play up to severe fucking (vaginal, oral, anal) and especially cum shots. My impression is detailed cum shots are sort of a hobby to Rio and her hubby Tommy. Rio takes them wherever they come, but obviously prefers them getting into the mouth and face. She even plays with the cum - there's one scene doing a cum-swap with another girl! There's of course more hardcore like having sex with several other amateur girls like Anna and Alysha and many more. Rio's limit seems to be extreme hardcore - no severe BDSM or kinky stuff like pissing.

As mentioned in the introduction, there are three types of stuff offered by this site: At first there are the pics. There's a real bunch of them. The site exists since 2003. Each week a new picture set is added - never saw a site with such regular and constant updates! So there are now around 170 picture series provided (there were some bonusses among them). Each series has between 50 and 80 pictures, some less, but quite a lot even more. The picture quality of the newer series is very good, "very sharp, crystal clear, and very graphic" is not exagerrated. The resolution of the newer pictures goes up to great 768x1024, the real old ones only have 500x400, and the less old ones are in between. That's a normal situation at sites with long uptimes.

There's a special with the picture series that should get mentioned. So far I only have seen this on Racquel's site (Racquel's World) in a comparable manner: Most series start with photos but then while the action gets more hot switch to screenshots from videos, which of course don't have the resolution and quality of the normal pics. I think that's typical for couples not wanting to use an explicit photographer. On the other hand it's a little bit sad that quite a lot of the hard action shots thus are not top quality. Of course it's more difficult to catch a great cum shot with a photo camera than on video.

The second big part of the site contents are the movies. You might have guessed it reading my explanations about the pics - many movies were taken during the photoshoots and thus have the same or very close content. The videos are of good quality, the newer ones have an acceptable resolution of 640x480 at a datarate of ~700 Kbit/s. Their playtime is around 5 to 10 minutes. This makes for relatively big files - the biggest ones have more than 35 MB of data. For those with a slower connection to the net there is a smaller version of each videofile available, which has around half the size and resolution of the big version. Since each picture series also has a corresponding movie series, there are about 170 movies available - some of the older ones are separated in several parts.

The third important categorie are the cam systems. Rio offers weekly cam shows on three systems: Amateur Cam House, Sex Cam Central and Amateur Camz. If you can't watch her camshows like me there's an additonal chance for us: The site offers at the moment nine reduced records of such cam shows. Of course such camsystems are good additional value, because you can watch the shows of all other girls too.

There's some bonus content on the site like a bunch of video feeds, some video journals showing Rio in her daily life, some fun-stuff (=games) and a scrapbook. Rio also runs a store where she sells her own stuff like videos, custom videos, lingerie and photos.

Last chapter to handle is the site design and handling. I think with its basic green/orange appearance it looks professioally nice and works well - at least I nowhere had trouble handling it. All pics open on javascript-sites - there's also a well working slide-show-feature if you don't want to watch the site manually. All content - pictures and videos - is downloadable. Videos don't have DRM. I just miss the zip-feature, which would make the comfort of a modern site complete.


Well, you already might expect it - I am quite satisfied with Hotwife Rio. The lady is great and especially the newer content has real good quality - as well in amount as in action and photography level. If you are into amateur sites, you won't get dissappointed with Rio's site. And if you like cumshots, this site is nothing but a must. The downside is the quite high price at $29.99 which in my opinion would at least make you expect zip-archives on all picture-series.


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