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Liandra Dahl review

Summary: Liandra Dahl is a unique, pretty girl with some strong feelings about her sexuality. Her site shows that there's nothing to be afraid or ashamed of when it comes to pleasure and fun. She enjoys time with men, women, couples and gender benders in videos and photo galleries she puts together herself. She's also available to members in her forum and through live webcam chats you can set up on the side. The site is growing, and aside from being a little short of media options, it's a fantastic collection and example of what a single girl's site can offer.

Score 80.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-04-23

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Intro promises

"I am NOT a hostess for a hidden webmaster - I'm in complete control of my site."

- Videos
- Pictures
- Comics
- Blogs
- Stories
- Interaction with Liandra

First impression

Liandra Dahl's homepage is really unique and unlike most every other porn site I've visited over the years. That's intentional, and right from the get-go she wants to make it clear that her site isn't just another porn collection. She's the designer, programmer, and star of it, and her idea goes beyond just giving you naked pics to wank off to. She wants to celebrate sexuality in all its shapes and flavors, tasting from every cup: lesbian sex, couples sex, fetishes and games, etc.

The introductory video gives a good amount of information about her, the site, and the content - which involves some hot homemade porn scenes, female orgasms, couples fucking, and hairy pussies.

The tour is unique but I wasn't totally sure what to expect from Liandra (called 'Li' among friends), as she asks us to call her. I signed up to find out more. You can read this review for all the information you need to know about her site and its content.


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Our opinion

Liandra Dahl's site is one that is intensely personal - she's not only the star, but the programmer and designer. She runs everything, and she does so exactly as she likes. She has a clear idea about what sex means to her and what she enjoys (everything and everyone, natural hair, among other things) and her videos and pictures are fun, natural, and very real expressions of her passion for sex and lovers of all types - male, female, or gender benders.

Exclusive Lesbian, Masturbation, and Hardcore Porn
All of the content at Liandra Dahl is homemade, produced by Li and her friends. For the most part, she tends to focus on Lesbian or solo masturbation scenes and galleries. She's been with several different girls over the past two years, but there are two or three that show up often. Like Liandra, they are really into what the site is all about, and get into the action. You'll see girls rubbing and fingering each other, kissing and using sex toys. Li also films couples fucking, has sex with men, and in at least one episode fucks a gay man with a strap on.

Li likes hair, so she often has a hairy pussy and asshole, as well as armpits, but sometimes she shaves herself smooth.

A Unique Experience
This really isn't your run of the mill porn site. Li makes it way more personal, for one thing, but more than that the content is so much more genuine. These aren't movies made for money. The girls aren't having sex together to make some cash. They do it for fun, and because they have real feelings towards each other, be it love or friendship. They explore, play with and pleasure one another. In the middle of it they might break into a laughing fit at something one of them says or does. It is very rare to see that sort of honest joy and excitement in porn of any type, and it makes every scene and gallery here a very unique and worthwhile experience.

Good-Looking Videos
Though the scenes aren't HD, they do look very good. The quality of the image is very good - good color, sharp resolution, good lighting, etc. The download is a QuickTime MOV file with a 720x486 screen (3-4mbits). This format can also be streamed in your browser - it works similarly to an embedded Flash video player.

Super High Res Photos
The pictures you see in the online gallery won't be that large, but if you download the zip-archive of the gallery you'll have the huge, super high resolution versions for the pictures. These are 3888x2592 pixels in size. Like the video, the quality of the photos is excellent, both from a technical standpoint and content standpoint. They come at a price, though; the images are large file downloads, each around 10mb in size, which makes the zip file downloads 100-200mb or larger at times. Most sets had a 50-100 images.

Liandra Participates Everywhere
Liandra is all over the place here. She's active in all of the content, she writes long and thoughtful blog posts, and she's always hanging on the forums. The forums have quite a budding community there of fans and likeminded people. She posts regularly, answering questions and just taking part in the topics and chats that come up there. She personally welcomed every single person who posted in the introduce yourself thread.

Regular Updates
Liandra updates several times every month, about once a week on average. There were 104 total updates at the time of my visit, mostly from 2011. So far 24 videos and 18 galleries were added in the first 3 months of 2012.

Cool Design, But Average Navigation
Liandra's website looks cool, but some times it isn't the most effective for surfing through her porn. She needs to find a better way to organize the archives - using a different layout than browsing by month would be a good place to start - give us categories, let us sort scenes by date or views or ratings. Just make it easier to see what's available to view and download.

Limited Video Options
Liandra uses the one format - the QuickTime download described earlier - and no others. It wouldn't be a bad idea to include a few other formats - for iPods, etc.

Only 2 Comics So Far
The comic book theme is a big part of her site's design and tour, but the actual comic has just 2 pages online. I guess the artist is taking his sweet time! To be fair, the comic is drawn by an artist friend, and not by Liandra. Either way it'd be nice to actually get the full story.

Cam Shows $2 a Minute For Now
There are no cam features yet, but you can schedule a private cam show with her for $2 a minute using Skype. She is apparently working on bringing a cam2cam feature sometime in 2012 that will be part of the members area directly.


A different, positive and sexy mix of amateur, lesbian and fetish porn from a pretty girl with clear ideas about what sex means to her.

Liandra Dahl has a site unlike any others. Though she has lesbian, hardcore, solo and fetish movies and pictures online, they stand out as being very real and authentic. The quality is excellent and the amount of interaction and contact members can enjoy with their host also set this site apart. For those looking for something more personal and real, Liandra Dahl has it.


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