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Lunas Cam review

Summary: Luna's Cam is a pretty standard sologirl site. Luna is a 19 year old hot exotic brunette. The content is good quality, but too standard to stand out from the crowd. As always it depends on how much you like the girl.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Joseph, 2006-09-29

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Intro promises

“Hey you guys welcome to my site. My name is Luna and I’m a 19-year-old 100% real sexy senorita. I have been dancing for 12 years and I love to show off my Latin curves, I’m very proud of my body and yes! my breasts are real hehe.... My site has thousands of pics (over 135 sets!) and loads of videos (60+ Vids - over 5 HOURS!) for you to watch. You can even read my private journal or send me a message, id love to hear from you. Got a song that you would love to see me dance too? Then just let me know, I love to take requests from my members as long as they are not too rude!!! LOL. I know that you will love what you are about to see. Come in and join me now!”

First impression

Please allow me to introduce you to Luna, a nineteen-year-old firecracker who is “very proud” of her body and loves to show it off. She brags that her enormous breasts are real (they don’t look real to me...) and takes every opportunity to whip ‘em out... for a price... You see, Luna is a camwhore — she gets naked on a webcam and chats with embittered loners (like me) for money. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Luna’s chosen profession (aside from the fact that it will land her in hell for all eternity after she’s dead), I just wish she took a little more pride in her work. Let’s face reality here, boys: Luna’s site is a bit of a bore. Let’s just get this review over with already!


$29.95 for thirty days (recurring)
$80.00 for ninety days (recurring)

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Our opinion

The star of Luna’s Cam is Luna’s cam, obviously. Luna is a dedicated performer who does three magical shows a week. Sadly, Luna was not online any of the times I looked at her site while writing this review, thus I didn’t get to participate in any of her chats, which I would guess are real meetings of the minds. I’m sure Luna and her members have some startling discussions about art and culture in her chatroom; in fact, I bet those fuckers have already cooked up a foolproof plan to get the U.S. out of Iraq whilst saving face in the process! I am joking. If Luna’s diary entries are any indication, nothing good could ever come from having a chat with her.

The cam chats are nice, I guess, but they’re not the only jewels in Luna’s crown, no sir! Luna’s Cam also has pictures and videos! Solid!

There are currently one hundred and thirty-seven photosets on Luna’s Cam — that’s nine thousand, three hundred and thirty-three pics total! Wowsers! Unfortunately, the photos are wholly unremarkable. Bummer. Don’t get me wrong — the photos look fine, they’re just boring.

There are currently sixty-three videos on this site, most of which are about five minutes long (together that’s over five hours!). The videos don’t look that great, in all honesty — they’re either too grainy or too pixilated. What does Luna do in these videos, anyway? She dances and lip-synchs to bad pop songs, of course! No, seriously, she dances and lip-synchs! She’ll even dance to songs that her members request! Not that her generosity would make any difference — the videos on Luna’s Cam are about as hot as Minnesota in January.

If you had any doubt in your mind that Luna was a con artist, dig this: Luna has a store on her site where you can buy more pictures and videos of her for inflated prices. Not hard copies, mind you, just ZIP files of larger pics and Windows Media videos of extended movies and three-hour cam archives. Each “special set” you buy will set you back fifteen dollars! No shit. So after you’ve already doled out thirty bucks for your membership to this unexceptional site, you can toss fifteen more hard-won dollars into Luna’s g-string for even more crummy photos! Joy! I would like to meet the person who would actually buy any of these “special sets” and then I’d like to take his car away from him 'cos he’d clearly be far too stupid to safely operate a motor vehicle.


In all honesty, Luna’s Cam is boring. It’s not the worst porn site I’ve ever seen (that dubious honor goes to Transsexual Smut), but it’s definitely the least interesting. My advice? Go look at Luna’s Cam and check out the sample pics — if you’re even remotely attracted to Luna, who kinda resembles a Jamie-Lynn Sigler (with gigantic tits), and have thirty bucks burning a hole in your pocket, give her a shot.

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