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Mandi Rose Fanelli review

Summary: Mandi Rose Fanelli is a soft-core, personal/amateur site that has a photography/studio feel. Blondes, brunettes and red-heads in images, videos and live web-cam shows.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Sam Callahan, 2005-07-10

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Intro promises

Not only do you get me when you join my site, you also get access to the most beautiful women on the web. And I am talking a huge amount of hotties, over 150! Everything you could think of, everything you could want. Blondes, brunettes & redheads!

- My Live Web Cam Shows
- My Downloadable Videos
- Live Cam Show Replays
- Over 100 Naked Hotties
- Live Amateur Cams
- 90 Real Babes on Cam
- Real Life Scrapbook Pics
- Daily Updates
- On-Demand XXX Videos
- Free Live Cam Shows
- Over 180 Naked Hotties
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- Over 200,000 Images
- 2000 Downloadable Movies

First impression

Very warm and inviting - she has dark hair (black and sometimes brown) which is always a plus for me. Awesome quality thumbnails and a professional layout. I can't wait to dig in.


$24.95 per month or
$49.95 for 90 days.

Credit card through Paycom, CCBILL & Ibill. Phone ordering is also available at the same prices.

You can join by mail via check and money order at the rate of:
One month for $15.95,
Two months for $28.95 and
Six Months for $69.95 (It is cheaper because there's no credit card merchant fees.)

Our opinion

As these 38 photo sets prove, variety is the spice of life. At least 20 and up to 40 pictures in each set. A lot of kink is covered here, from foot fetishes to schoolgirl spankings to a cowgirl down on the farm. Picture sizes are either 682x1024 (and vice versa) and 724x1086 (and vice versa). A unique feature is when you click on a supersized photo, it takes you back to the thumbnail page. HOWEVER, if you use this feature, the back button cycles back through every photo you've viewed. Navigation elsewhere is on par. The pictures are of such high quality that I am tempted to get a poster printed from some of them!

Videos can be played in QuickTime or windows media player. There are thirteen videos in all. Outdoor scenes are prominent and all scenes are solo masturbation scenes, sometimes with a dildo. All movies can be downloaded and saved to your hard drive. A 3:15 clip took just under 2 minutes with broadband. Windows media stats: 48 kbps, 32 kHz, 400x300 size. You can adjust the volume, and you can fast forward once the downloading is done. Video is on the small side, but it's fast and crisp. My main qualm about the videos would have to be the cheesy manufactured techno music that drowns out sensual moans and sighs.

As for Mandi herself, her breasts are very round and very fake, and the rest of her body is great. One beef is that sometimes it seems like Mandi isn't getting off as much as she should be. Either that or she isn't acting hard enough. Either way, the action is not as hot as it could be. Overall, the vids were a little too tame for my tastes. A little lesbo video action wouldn't hurt, either.

Mandi has a live cam, but it wouldn't load for me. Links to other webcam sites worked but were choppy at best.

There are updates just about every day, but that is for the whole network of sites, of which Mandi is only a cog in the machine.

128 Video Feed Links are also included. They are your standard streaming fare - hit or miss. I will say, though, that just by the sheer volume, you will have some hits!


If you like women with dark hair, yay. If you like to watch women masturbating, yay. If you like a variety of outfits and settings, yay. If you like huge high quality photos of hot action, yay. If you're looking for blondes, nay. If you like hardcore, nay. If you like to hear screams and moans instead of techno music, nay. Because of the awesome photos, the pros outweigh the cons. The price is pretty standard. You're bound to find something you like. If you look hard enough, you'll be hard enough. You know what they say, a picture is worth a hundred kleenex. Or something like that.


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