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Racquel Devonshire review

Summary: Racquel Devonshire is a hot mature lady with an appetite for sex and in particular blowjobs. Her husband TJ's cock gets plenty of attention in the roughly 300 videos in average quality that show off her personality well. Photo section is a bit disappointing however. Updates don't seem all that frequent. Part of the Aziani network with 6 sites.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-09-19

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Aziani network, blowjobs

Intro promises

- Members' only cam shows
- Thousands of high resolution images
- Hundreds of videos
- Updated weekly
- 23 bonus sites

First impression

Racquel Devonshire is a beautiful MILF who craves sex, sex, and more sex - apparently the creamier the better. Her tour features a lot of blow jobs and facials, given to her by her husband, TJ. They've been on the internet for almost 10 years, so no doubt they love showing off their sex life, which their members can enjoy.


$4.95/3 day trial, recurs at $24.95 per month
$24.95/30 days, recurring
$75.00/90 days, non-recurring

Credit cars through Nomad Media
Online check and phone via CCBill
Join by mail option available

Our opinion

Racquel has a very sensual and teasing personality, which shows through in her videos. These don't seem to be like what's on a lot of porn sites - where it's all staged and the porn star is just going through the motions. While these videos may be scripted to a certain extent, Racquel's genuine lusty sexuality shines through in every minute. She also loves to talk nasty, and she does plenty of it in her videos.

There are over 250 videos that you can stream or download in Windows Media. One thing I notice about most of the thumbnails to these videos is that there's a lot of oral sex, and that Racquel seems to have a big appetite for cum sprayed all over her face. The videos I watched opened to 480x360 (around 1.26 Mbps) or 640x360 (around 1.46 Mbps) sized screens. They're around the 10 minute mark, with very good quality videos and good sound quality as well. There aren't any dates indicated on these videos as to when they were uploaded, so I can't tell you how often this section of the website is updated.

The videos are fun and sexy. There's usually a little storyline to go with them, such as a tempting housewife needing some attention from the repairman. Or Racquel gets horny reading something sexual and just has to have her needs tended to right then and there.

As good as the videos are, the pictures are a bit disappointing in their quality. They're not something you'd call crystal clear quality. In fact, some of them are rather blurry. There are over 75 photo galleries that usually average around 50 or 60 pictures in each set. There's no set pixel size to the photos. The newer ones open to 960x540 or 854x1286 and are better quality than the older sets. The older sets open to 640x480 pixels and are decent quality. Additionally, there's no zip downloadable option or slide show option. I noticed that the earliest photo galleries list their uploading date is January, 2003. Since it appears this site has been online for 5 years, there's not much in the way of content. Since January, 2006, there have been only 20 sets uploaded. The most recent updates seem to come every 2-3 weeks.

Navigation is simple, even though there are several menu choices. These are: Home, My Videos, My Photos, All Updates, Bonus Sites, Cam Images, Live Cams, Private Cams, My DVDs, Cam Archive, and Service. As mentioned on the tour, there are other sites you have access to, but I only see 6 others. I can't find the "23" bonus sites promised on the tour. Under "Cam Images," there are well over 300 pages of cam shots from Racquel's cam shows! "Live Cam," "Private Cams," and "My DVDs" offer memberships and products that you can purchase. "Cam Archive" contains over 300 pages of Racquel's past cam shows which you can still watch.

Below the menu is a link to where you can get a live one on one show with Racquel. This takes you to a cam show site where you need to purchase a membership. Underneath is what's "happening LIVE this week." This is an area for all the bonus sites, and not just Racquel's site. Unfortunately, this hasn't been updated recently, since the webcam show listed is for something that occurred a couple weeks ago.

Scroll down further, and you'll see thumbnails to the latest updates amongst the network, as well as a preview of what's coming up. I'm impressed with the amount of well known and beautiful porn stars that are in this network of bonus sites. I don't see any link to Racquel's "Daily Diary" featured on her tour, though.


Overall, I like Racquel Devonshire's site. While she has porn star looks, she's amateur in that she doesn't seem to be following a script. She's a hot and horny MILF, as she states on her tour, and it shows in her fun and sexy videos.

I'm not sure how often the site is updated, though, since the videos have no dates noted on when they're uploaded. I also can't find Racquel's diary that's featured on the tour, while I could only find 6 other bonus sites, and not the 23 bonus sites promised on the tour. The videos are of very good quality, but I definitely wouldn't call her photos high resolution; they're not crystal clear by any stretch of the imagination. Despite this, I still like the website. It just may be because Racquel is such a sexy and engaging personality, and she doesn't seem to be faking anything.

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