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Temptress Lilith review

Summary: Temptress Lilith is a BBW offering a membership to her site for the modest price of $4.95 a month. She provides around 100 photo series and a similar amount of low res videos as well as cam shows and and audio welcome.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Melissa, 2008-04-25

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Intro promises

I could think of a lot of words to describe what Iím finding already Ė through the tour area of Temptress Lilith. Personality for one, beauty for another and also the word personable seems to fit, she is determined to be one of the last ladies standing in the world of self expression.

Being a BBW amateur, I must admire her courage to do what she does, sheís catering to a fetish that is always in demand. Thereís not a lot of spectacular footage upfront, but there doesnít need to be, sometimes the most fun is found in the more simple sites.

She does promise photo galleries and video clips, along with a bio area, and a big focus is put on the fact that she will do one on one webcam shows with you.

First impression

They call this a fetish site because it is the amateur account from a lovely BBW, but in my opinion, this is much more mainstream than what many will admit to. There is a love for a woman with a few extra pounds, and this lady is flaunting the flesh that many will be interested in viewing.


30 day $4.95 (non recurring)
90 day $12.95 (non recurring)
180 day $24.95 (non recurring)
1 year $39.95 (non recurring)

Live Webcam One on One Chat

15 min $22.00
30 min $45.00
45 min $67.00
60 min $90.00

Credit Card, Check

CC Bill, Tickets Club

Our opinion

Ok, first off, I want to say that I like the idea of this being presented as an amateur site, since thatís what it is, so many times the pages donít reflect the niche, but this one is doing a nice job, nothing fancy, just personal touches. I like the way Lilith is all about being personal with her members, just a conversation, some sharing of thoughts and getting to know one another, thatís what a lot of sites are missing and sheís caught on to that aspect. Clicking on the main membership picture will give you an audio welcome message, which might not be a good idea if the wife is in the other room, but thereís plenty to read as well.

There is an area on the first page where you can send quick messages to Lilith and others, so she really is keeping things personal.

It amazes me how comfortable this woman is with her body, she is definitely a BBW, but she embraces each ounce and shows in her posing and actions that what she has to offer is just as hot as some super model. Opening up the image link we find 4,628 photos (excluding guest models), and should you want to ZIP the files, all you need to do is request and she will make it happen for you. There are 90 galleries listed, and when opening, the thumbs are bordered and popping from a black background page. In scanning through the sets, Iím finding a little bondage fun, a lot of masturbation with fingers and toys included, she shows her talents of oral sex on hard erections and there is also penetration. She is covering the BBW bases nicely here.

Her pubes are closely cropped, looking in some of the sets as if she had shaved completely and then there was about a weekís worth of growth coming in to shadow her mound. I do like the way the camera seems to be at the right place at the right time. For example, one of the most recent sets has her spread wide with a hard cock ready to make entrance, and you can tell from an aerial type of angle, the camera is close enough to steam up from the heat between her thighs. The enlargement will bring 1024x768 pixels. They are clear, nicely done, and they do continue to keep that amateur-ish look going nicely.

Going into the video section of Temptress Lilith, the first thing I found was a note letting me know that all videos are in WMV format, with a 320x240 video size, and done in 400Kbps. The earlier clips donít have as nice a quality as the newer, but a different camera was used at that time. These are catering to broadband, so if you need a smaller sized clip or a different format, she said just let her know and sheíll take care of your needs. Another nice touch!

Each clip has an advertising shot, and itís a little confusing at first because the frames are butted up to one another, so that might be something they want to change in the layout, but they do give you the information as to which camera was used, the title of the set and the length of run time. There are some falling around 2 minutes in length, but it seems the overall average comes in at, 12 minutes, with some of course being a bit longer than that, and some a bit less. Of the 132 clips found on this page, youíll get to know Temptress Lilith very intimately, from putting on her make up to shaving that puffy mound of hers, oh and she does some glory hole face banging as well. You can tell sheís a lady that enjoys being naked and even more than that, enjoys sharing it all with you. The clarity for the videos was actually pretty good, and the download times werenít bad, and the sound came through nicely.

I found 10 stories listed, and from the sound of things these may have been written by members, because she does ask for submissions. There is the audio blog area, where you can get to know more about what sheís doing, and doing it to. A store link will take you into Lilithís private little area of doing phone sex with her, of course at an additional fee, and then there is the one on one private webcam chat I mentioned earlier, those prices will be posted in the membership pricing area. You can even buy her panties if you so desire!


I want to say Temptress Lilith is an entrepreneur, but I am much more leaning towards her just being a proud BBW, with a few years of age under her G-string that enjoys getting naked on film. I say that because she seems to not be doing this site so much for the money aspect, as youíll see from the very low pricing for membership, and the big business boom seems to come from the live webcam action, which again, tells me she really enjoys showing off her body.

Thereís a nice amount of material to this site, itís done with simplicity, itís amateur all the way and yet the quality was good. Itís softcore, hardcore and just plain fun to watch in some places.

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