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Temptress Lilith review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Temptress Lilith is the personal site of brunette BBW Lilith. It is a decent site with a good amount of blog posts, videos and photos and regular updates. I'd give it higher marks, but many of the older videos only come in the small size of 320x240. During the latest year videos are 640x480. The content is pretty good though (discounting the small video screen size) and there's some original and authentic BBW action found here.

Score 75.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2009-09-07

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Intro promises

- Exclusive content
- Over 12,500 photos
- Over 300 videos

First impression

Temptress Lilith features a mature BBW fetish Goddess with tons of curves and goodies to share. The site definitely has a home spun, amateur feel to it, so if you like the earthy BBW next door, you may just like this site.


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Our opinion

Temptress Lilith has simple enough navigation, with menu choices along the top that include bio, blog, updates, and contact. (The blog, by the way, is updated pretty regularly, which is refreshing). Along the side are links to the photos, videos, and house cam. The updates are regular, with something new uploaded 3 times per week.

There are around 300 videos, divided into over 30 categories. Such categories include food, anal, spanking, underarms, face sitting, ass worship, masturbation, and phone chat. You can stream or download the videos, most of which play in a 320x240 (approx. 512 Kbps) sized screen in WMV. Upon occasion, there are different sized videos, such as 640x480 (approx. 2.25 Mbps). (The newer videos are apparently in this larger size).

The quality is decent, though it's hard to see much in such a small screen. It's a shame that the screen isn't larger, since porn fans rely on visuals. Having such a small resolution greatly diminishes the quality when enlarging it. In particular, if you want BBW porn, you won't be able to see as much of the jiggling and dimpled mounds as you would if the screen were larger. Additionally, the sound is generally pretty good, although in one video, the sound didn't work, even though Lilith was talking to the camera.

Streaming is hit or miss. One video I tried to stream took so long, I finally gave up after a few minutes and just downloaded the video. Another video buffered right up and there were no pauses during the length of it. The videos generally last a few minutes in length, although there are some shorter and longer in length.

There are over 200 photo galleries, many of which are divided into various categories, such as special effects, guest model, webcam still, and casual. According to Lilith, there are over 12,600 photos within her site. The photos are pretty good quality and open to various sizes, such as 800x600 and 768x1024. It appears that the newer photos open to the larger size.

Lilith understands the giantess fetish and does it very well in her giantess videos. Unfortunately, there are only a couple of them. I hope she makes more! Her other content is pretty good, although the videos could be a lot better in a larger screen. Luckily, she's made a commitment to do her newer videos in a 640x480 WMV format for better viewing pleasure. With a larger video screen, you'll be able to see more of those shakes and quakes that only BBWs can do. Lilith definitely has a ton of round and puckered skin that jiggles. She also has the most dimpled skin I have ever seen on a BBW. If you have a hankering for those cellulite dimples, you'll love getting lost in Lilith's very ample backside.

As a side note, Lilith does seem to go out of her way to please her members. She actively solicits members' requests for content and often sells the clothes or lingerie that she is photographed or filmed in.


Temptress Lilith is a decent site. I'm not one to like videos that play in a small screen (i.e., 320x240), so I can't give higher marks for this site. Lilith has noted that her newer videos will play in 640x480, which will give BBW porn fans much better viewing pleasure.

The updates are regular at 3 a week, and the quality of the content (discounting the small video screen size) is pretty good. Lilith also has a good grasp on the giantess fetish and what BBW fans are looking for. I'd like to see the majority of the videos playing in a larger screen; when that occurs, I'd give this site higher marks.


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